Niche media, marketing and media campaigns the way to go, says Media Man agency

Niche media, marketing and media campaigns the way to go says Media Man agency,
by Greg Tingle


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Just how competitive is the news media and advertising business?

An ever increasing amount of my friends and associates in and around news media told me that I should start writing more about my experiences and views on the media, entertainment and technology business, given my decade plus experience, so here's another number for your enjoyment, if not education. Apparently I'm a survivor of the media business, so I guess I'm just about as qualified as anyone to write opinion based journalism - right?

Well, just pick up a (thin) Australian newspaper, and you'll figure it out pretty quick. The Sydney Morning Herald and 'The Oz' used to be almost the size of a phone book, and then the internet came along, and as the old cliché goes, the rest is history.

It was circa 2007 when my firm, Media Man Australia (before also adding Media Man Int), reached its peak in terms of high revenue campaigns. We had dozens of fantastic campaigns running and all were returning not only fantastic results for the client, but also were very lucrative. As they say, nothing lasts for ever. What I mean by that is here we are in 2017 and we still have great clients, however the profit margin has declined considerably, and there's hundreds of more niche media firms and websites not only in Australia, but globally. This is plain terms means more advertising and news options for clients / brands.

Many of the specialist areas of media, publicity and advertising that Media Man has worked with over the decade plus of doing business are: Technology, Gaming, Environment, Sports (especially boxing, MMA and surfing), entertainment (primarily movies, television and pro wrestling aka sports entertainment), corporate entertainment (mainly bodypainting, bodyart and roving entertainers), creative arts, politics, tourism and community based news and events. That's a lot of sectors, I know.

Since circa 2010 there's been this massive expansion of niche media websites, many of which either built or purchased by either News Limited or Fairfax Media. Don't get me wrong, we love both companies and have done business and collaborated with them many times over the years, but there's only some many brands with advertising $ to spend, and then you have almost an infinity of websites for them to choose from. Add to this globalization, and a "can you beat this price" mentality, and all of a sudden there goes your profit margin.

I find The Guardian's news business model quite interesting. Selected charities, non profits and the like contribute to the Guardian's bottom line, and they in turn get coverage. Now, that business model in itself may draw some controversy, if not criticism, but the paper and the charities want to stay in business right. If they have news, they get coverage - Simples, as those infamous Merkats on Australian TV would say. They have a charity established also, and readers can also take out a subscription. Now, if any of our smarter and media savvy readers want to try to correct us on how The Guardian business model actually works, piece by piece, component by component, let us know and I promise to spread the word far and wide, but the above is a simple breakdown of how they are running things from a revenue perspective, and what it means for advertisers and paid campaigns. You are the Citizen Journalists, so show us that you are my friends.

Media can be like an airline - find a way to potentially loose millions if not billions of dollars - perfect, welcome to the industry. Oh, did I disclose... I own a modest amount of shares in Ten Holdings, Crown Limited and Virgin Australia. Well, we have a pretty good idea how they are all going don't we. Just ask out unmet friends Rupert Murdoch (News Corp) and James Packer (Crown, and a former backer of Ten). Getting the picture now? Branson's Virgin isn't looking so bad after all when you compare it to the way share prices have plunged in the main, and RB's running an airline. By the way, Sam Branson (Sundog Pictures) - very smart move to sidestep newspapers and airlines, and opt for the still turbulent film and documentary business. Can't be any less stable that the later hey. Big kudo's to Sam and Richard Branson on their campaigns with the hurricane relief efforts. Some folks are going to think it's a bit ridiculous for the Billionaires to be asking for help, but they themselves have considerable resources and mega media power and influence, and can delegate tasks to help get the clean up done. Makes for very interesting reading on Richard Branson's blogs and via the Virgin Unite website. Before asked, yes, we've done business with Virgin many times over the years in various capacities.

Let's now swing across to everyone's favorite media we love to hate - Social Media. Hello Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and friends. So, are we all journalists and broadcasters now? Apparently so. So, if we see or read something on the internet it must be true - NOT. We can all be our own self promoter with ease, but if we are all famous now, non one sticks out. How would an advertiser decide where to advertise? They can put their goods and / or services on their own websites and social media and well as feed a few dollars to Google AdWords, and Bob's your uncle, until the operation...(had to throw that outdated joke in there). It wouldn't be news media if we didn't offend someone. Speaking of offended, congratulations to Australian actor Rebel Wilson, fresh off her victor over Bauer Media. $5 million dollar settlement on the cards from what little birdies are chirping.

Media Man has social media too, and we have you here let's just go ahead and list them for your interest, enjoyment, and potential campaigns : )


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All this social media gets a bit monotonous doesn't it, but everyone kept telling me I needed it, just as they told you that you couldn't live without it either. Just image the peer pressure that teenagers in school must be going through re their social media updates and such.

We could write a book on the ups and downs of the news media, advertising and publicity business, but right at the moment I haven't got the time, but we're been writing more articles on it, so that's a great start. Maybe one day that book will get written so I can sell it on Google Play or Amazon for about $9.99, which is about 10% of what it would really be worth.

Oh, since we have so many readers aka eyeballs on this article here, yet, we are making some changes to our business model. I'm also doing my best to adapt to "challenging business environment" (Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull quote), and be "agile" - thanks MT. I'm making myself officially available for public speaking, be it media panels or whatever, as well as looking at selected television, commercial and film roles. If you didn't know already, I've done television presenting off and on for over a decade, and much of that was with the old Channel 31 Community Television which went on to become TVS Channel 58. At one paint I was doing mainstream television appearances every month, but it was taking me away from my core business too much. I'm also ramping up radio interviews ago, and would certainly look at the right radio presenter gig (Hello NOVA, WSFM, 2GB, 2UE... everyone). We've appears on your shows, but never as a broadcaster... always as the guest, or the pitch guy for one of our talented clients.

What's TV, film and radio rates in Sydney paying lately? Something tells me I will be finding out pretty quickly. I might be otherwise looking at more paid gigs at the Sydney newspapers, but their are shredding staff, not putting people on. Maybe after reading this number some Ed at a major broadsheet (is that still a word) in Sydney might decide that I may be a good addition to their opinion piece section. As they say, money talks and B.S walks... something like that.

Anyway folks, that's for your time again today. Let me know what you think about these maters, and be sure to check out our ever growing articles and interviews section via the Media Man Int and Media Man Australia websites. You won't find all of our news bits in the local newspaper, so don't bother looking. Stay turned to Media Man daily.

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