No Download Instant Play Cloud Gaming Could Just As Well Be The Future Of The Video Games Industry

No Download Instant Play Cloud Gaming Could Just As Well Be The Future Of The Video Games Industry

Avid video gamers are used to seeing evolving gaming technology. Starting from the 70s arcade games to modern-day PS4 and Nintendo consoles, this has always been a part of the excitement when new and innovative video game gear rolls out in the market. But in the near future, a lot of that excitement is going to change as gamers may not even need any gaming gear anymore because we have now entered the era of Cloud Gaming.

With cloud gaming platforms, video games can be streamed online across smartphones and PCs, using the internet, much like how Netflix works. No need to buy expensive gadgets or download bulky software.

Today, the one industry that has been using Cloud Gaming technology to its fullest potential is the online gambling industry. The biggest gaming platforms like VulcanVegas Casino entirely run on a cloud-based platform. It frees users from downloading, installing and dedicating drive space to run a game or an entire casino. Moreover, the process has also made it simple for online casinos to streamline the userbase. AAA-status slots and graphically enriched table games require graphic cards and high-end device capacities, which are expensive. Online gamblers typically go for long sessions. If you don't have Xbox or Switch, by allowing online streaming that only needs high-speed internet, cloud gaming can turn even low-budget smartphones into a full-fledged gaming console supporting uninterrupted sessions - all night! How cool is that?

But apart from the gambling industry, nowadays there are other areas of video gaming that are ready to endorse this technology - for what we know as multiplayer games. Though still at a nascent stage, multiplayer gaming still baffles a lot many users. But as they dig deeper, it's as simple as it can get.

Cloud Gaming - Seamless Access to Online Games Across Every Screen

Facebook recently launched the Facebook Cloud Gaming, which is an add-on to the FB Play Games section, wherein they have released a bunch of instantly playable video games that can be easily accessed by Facebook users via the mobile application and browser. The games won't need any downloading or special gear. This is for everybody. That is the whole point. In the blog post about FB Cloud Gaming, the author Jason Rubin, who is VP of FB Play, stated that Cloud Gaming is not ready to "replace" other options like Xbox or console gaming. No matter what the future holds, right now, this is just another option to open up a great gaming experience for the masses.

But it is still a good time to believe that Cloud is just as well the future, as the Global Cloud Gaming market hits the USD 0.47 billion in 2020. With an expected CAGR of at least 45% between 2021 and 2027, the prevalence of seamless, cross-platform gaming access and availability of high-quality titles are all expected to drive the market growth. Moreover, as broadband cellular network infrastructure steps up to the 5G standard, it also enables the impeccable speed and real-time streaming of XR (extended reality) gaming.

What Does the Cloud Gaming Future Look Like?

The process is run by servers that do the heavy lifting of intense computations so that your PCs and local machines are free from them. The visual game frames would be sent across to a thin client. So as it works for Vulkan Vegas Casino or Facebook - clients would have to pick a site or such an online platform that streams these games and become a member. Usually, from that point on, they can directly start playing instantly. But sometimes, there might be additional steps to access some games, such as make a purchase of paid titles. Meanwhile one can also find free instant play games, wherein no registration or money deposits would be necessary. Users can simply visit a site and start playing. That's typical with online casino slot machine games that stream the demo version for free play - a prominent feature of online gambling. Though you can't wager or win real money out of this, it is a great way to practice the gameplay.

So, a round-off of the great benefits of the Cloud technology is that it saves you money - if you don't have an Xbox you may need to buy one. It improves device compatibility: if you have an Xbox, then it is equally supported - not yet time for obsoletion for your expensive gear. And one incredible element of this system is that whilst clients can access their games at lowered costs in a non-downloadable, secure environment, this is going to stop game piracy once and for all.
Whether you are an avid gamer or need a bit of recreation - quality video games are closer to you than it has ever been. So, Game On!