NSW Government Issues Gambling Harm Prevention Grants

NSW Government Issues Gambling Harm Prevention Grants

As the online gambling industry continues to expand its reach throughout Australia, the Aussie government is responding in kind by putting more of its focus and resources towards protecting the country's residents from gambling problems. Much of the current focus is going towards addressing issues that exist among the country's most vulnerable people, that being compulsive gamblers and minors.

With an eye on helping the region's youth, the NSW government has been providing grant funding to an array of programs designed to help educate teenagers about the dangers of illegal online casino Australia gambling. Most of these funds are being distributed to local communities through the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling's Odds on Youth program.

The Odds on Youth program partners with other youth organizations throughout the NSW region. All of its efforts go towards developing projects that inform young people about the trappings of problem gambling, particularly online gambling. What is really good about this organization is it provides opportunities for kids to get involved with helping their communities.

NSW Office of Responsible Gambling Director Natalie Wright is the point person with the Odds on Youth program. She is the one who is responsible for making sure the program gets the money it needs to subsequently issue grants for specific projects.

According to Ms. Wright, "Research shows that people aged 18 - 24 who gamble are more likely to experience gambling harm which is why we have programs like Odds on Youth, helping provide education for these communities with a focus on early intervention."

It is worth noting that the Odds on Youth program is not an antigambling gambling organization. Their goal is to simply educate kids about the importance of being able to recognize and address gambling problems and where to get help when problems arise. They make no effort to shame anyone who might be looking for an Australian online casino list to find websites where they can play online casino games of chance for real cash.

The New Projects

In recent weeks, Odds on Youth has started four new projects, using $236,000 in funding they received from the NSW Government's Responsible Gambling Fund. Said funds are being distributed to four new projects as follows:

1. Cumberland City Council ($60,000): Funding to be used to spread local awareness about the harm online gambling could do to minors.
2. Fairfield City Council ($60,000): Funds to be used to create videos that will educate the city's youth about identifying problem gambling issues.
3. Woodville Alliance ($56,000): Funding will go towards the creation of youth friendly and culturally appropriate videos about problem gambling issues in the Vietnamese community.
4. Headspace Campbelltown ($60,000): Grant funding is being designated on resources to be used to educate kids in the Campbelltown, Camden, Wollondilly, and Wingecarribee areas. The focus of the education will be on teaching kids how to recognize rambling problems among their peers.

Note: The organizers of these new projects are primarily young people who have recently taken part in a Odds on Youth organization sponsored gambling harm education workshop.