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What Does an Online Casino in NZ Have That a Land-based Casino Doesn't Have?

What are the Benefits of Gaming at an Online Casino in NZ?

In the fifteen or so years since online casinos in NZ were first introduced, online gaming has taken off. What is it about online gambling that draws more and more people to it?


When you go to a land-based casino, you have to absorb many costs that are nonexistent for the online player. These include travel, hotel accommodations, and meals. It is always possible to find package deals for gambling destinations; but there is still no denying the savings in money and time involved in gaming from home.

Convenience also involves taking the casino with you when you leave home. The image of taking a land-based casino with you is too farcical even for fantasy! But if you have a laptop or a mobile device; and is there a person in the developed world who doesn't have at least one if not several of these computers you quite literally carry the casino with you when you leave home.

Mobile gambling especially puts paid to all the arguments in favor of gambling at a brick-and-mortar emporium; Mobile interfaces were admittedly less than spectacular when mobile gaming came online; however, that is no longer the case. Modern mobile technology makes gaming on a mobile device as easy on the eyes as it is incredibly convenient!

Mobile Casino

The best online casinos in NZ have a mobile casino that you can access whenever you want to with a simple swipe and tap. Since the mobile casino is a sister casino to the larger PC casino, players have the same benefits when they play mobile that they have when they play on a PC.


Online, you can play as much as you like and take a break or stop for the time being whenever you wish. At a land-based casino, you can do the same, of course. The difference is that when you;re home, you will naturally do every day types of things like cook, shop, clean, or work on a business project. At a land-based casino, you will be enticed to take part in activities that may be wonderfully fun, such as shows, but which are also wonderfully expensive!

A Vast Multitude of Games

A land-based casino has obvious space constrictions. Online casinos also have space issues but they are far less cumbersome than at a land casino. Land casinos can;t afford to add space to the existing building in order to accommodate more games. An online casino simply adds pages. At last reckoning, online pages cost far less than bricks and mortar!

So online casinos in NZ have upwards of 500 games! There are hundreds of pokies and hundreds of other games in every imaginable category. Blackjack, for instance, is flexible enough to have spawned at least 60 variations. Good luck finding even ten variations at a land casino.

No Room at the Inn

At a land casino, you may have to wait for the table or game you wish to play to become available.
This problem simply doesn't exist online. No matter how many players in the whole wide world want to play Big Kahuna at the same time, you will never be asked to wait!


You would never play casino games in your skivvies at a land casino!; But at home, who;s there to see aside from your significant other? At a land casino, you may be bothered by someone criticizing your decisions at blackjack, bluffing you in poker, or trying to get you to relinquish the slots he wants to play. At home, your significant other may also want you to finish gambling but they usually have something else fun in mind!


Online casinos face stiff competition from the hundreds of other online casinos. One way they all try to attract new players is through an array of bonuses. The bonuses begin with your first deposit or deposits. Often these Welcome Bonuses are for 100% of your deposit. Can any land casino match such an offer?

Every online casino in NZ runs many other bonuses. Some are for cash prizes; others are for free spins or free games. Online casinos keep track of every wager you make and the outcome of each individual game you play. Every spin at pokies or roulette, every hand in blackjack, and so on is recorded to prevent misunderstandings between the player and the online casino. No land casino can offer this service.

New Zealand online casinos have Loyalty Clubs which are based on the same principle. You earn points for every wager and the online casinos computer keeps track of it all. A land based casino may offer Loyalty Points based on credit card purchases of chips but this entails rewarding you for losing! Online casinos reward you for playing, a much better deal for gamers!

New Zealand online casinos also offer seasonal bonuses. Again, these bonuses are often cash prizes or free spins but there could be a drawing for a big holiday prize as well!


New Zealand online casinos have so many games that players need a place to learn the rules and nuances unique to each game. Land-based casinos can;t spare the space; in a brick-and-mortar casino, space is simply too valuable to devote it to teaching players how to win at their games. Online casinos have the space and use it for their customers; benefit!


It is a very unfortunate fact of life that you are a lot safer playing online than at a land-based casino. Inside a casino, you;re quite safe but the areas where casinos are located do attract shady characters, vice, drugs, and crime. This is very sad but true. At a land-based casino, if you win, you can;t carry your chips with you; you convert them into money. As a result, many players at land casinos have a lot of cash on them. Not a comfortable position to be in.

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