Paul Dainty wins Media Man 'Promoter Of The Month' followed by WWE's Vince McMahon

Paul Dainty wins Media Man 'Promoter Of The Month', followed by WWE's Vince McMahon - June 2018

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Paul Dainty, President and CEO of TEG DAINTY


Paul Dainty

Paul Dainty of TEG Dainty, has won the Media Man 'Promoter of the Month' award. Mr. Dainty is an industry veteran with decades of mega success, primarily in the live entertainment sector. Mr. Dainty's key role in securing another WWE tour of Melbourne, Australia, via Vince McMahon's WWE was paramount and a clencher to see him secure # 1. Congratulations to Mr. Dainty and his world class team and organisation.


Vince McMahon. Chairman and CEO of WWE


Mr. McMahon vs Hulk Hogan. McMahon and wrestling great Hulk Hogan ruled pro wrestling together as a team in the late 80s to 90's. Hogan went onto WCW, completing the nWo in 1996, and is currently aiming to return to home to the WWE, very soon.


Vince McMahon

Runner up in promotional and pro wrestling / sports entertainment genius, Vince McMahon. The sports entertainment business was in his blood and it's sure came a long way from when he took over from his father who ruled the roost at Capitol Sports who used to promote pro wrestling to "smoke filled arenas" (Mr. McMahon's words). Today the WWE is seen in most parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, United Arab Emirates, Japan and Australia. They present over 200 shows a year and one one of the most popular and well known entertainment entities in the world. WWE is also known and respected for its community, humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors, which is quite far removed from the company it was in the 60s to 90s, depending upon who you ask. Mr McMahon has been described as many things, but he is a promotional genius, even though he is the first to admit that not every single project or idea turned to gold, something he shares in common with fellow genius entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson from Virgin Group. Nice try but no luck with the likes of World Bodybuilding Federation or Branson's Virgin Cola. Those non successes can make everyone else feel better, knowing that even the world's best have their ups and downs, and we're not even going to get into scandals, which Hollywood is still coming to terms with. The WWE's future is in safe hands with McMahon's team including the likes of Triple H (brainchild of NXT), Stephanie McMahon, heading up brand strategy and many of the organisations community endeavors, and how can we forget the likes of wrestling legends Pat Patterson and Gerry Brisco (WWE talent scout). Something tell us that WWE's John Cena will eventually end up in a non wrestling position in the promotional powerhouse. Today the WWE employees 100s of staff to keep the machine running, in additional to hundreds of sports entertainers / wrestlers. Only a small fraction are considered living legends and the best of the best, and Mr. McMahon takes his rightful spot as #1.

Our top 10 WWE legends of all time, from the top: Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino, Ricky Steamboat, John Cena, Andre The Giant, Randy Savage, Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk and Harley Race.


Max Markson

Max Markson, Markson Sparks!, might well be the king of publicity stunts - certainly in Australia, the former manager / promoter of Bob Hawke, Ita Butrose, Linda Evangelista, Greg Matthews, Belinda Green, Jack Brabham, Kamahl, Pro Hart, Jane Flemming, "Aussie" Joe Bugner and Dawn Fraser, to name but a few.

Markson Sparks! opened for business in 1982 handling publicity and PR for companies all over Australia. They still do that today... as well as manage a host of local celebrities and personalities.

The company has arranged over 200 fundraising dinners and lunches giving over $40m to charity which ha led them to bringing to Australia and New Zealand President Clinton, Nelson Mandela, President Bush Snr, Rudy Giuliani, Al Gore, Tony Blair, Mike Tyson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more guests.

Disclaimer: In the mid 2000's the Media Man Group did team up with Markson Sparks! on a number of projects, most famously a Messages On Hold - Shane Warne collaboration. Markson Sparks and Media Man have both enjoyed some projects with Australian boxing great Jeff Fenech.


Mark Mercedes, owner and promoter of International Wrestling Australia

A 20 year plus veteran of the industry. A former wrestling champion, now promoter, who takes the IWA brand of pro wrestling far and wide across New South Wales, from the outer west, to northern beaches, Sydney's east and beyond. Many insiders consider Mercedes wrestling shows to offer the best value for money in Australia. Attend when you can and you be the judge.



Mark Mercedes with the championship


Pro Wrestling Australia is quickly making a name for themselves are offering some of the best Australian based pro wrestling in the industry. Stars such as world class performers Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Kai Drake, Mat Rogers and Shazza McKenzie. PWA recently put on a very successful show at Max Watt's, just around the corner from The Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, in Sydney's eastern suburbs, which is enjoying a wealth of pro wrestling talent as of late. PWA may be having a friendly promotional war with IWA, for who is the top dog in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Media Man, Maroubra Business Media and Eastern Suburbs Media will be following the developments with great interest, so expect more news stories on the Sydney Pro Wrestling Wars!. Not quite a War on the scale of the old World Championship Wrestling with the People's Army and 'Big Bad John', but its going to be fun none the less. Hopefully not too much gets spilt in the process. And, let's not forget PWA's overseas friends, Progress Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. The Australian war is becoming international, and Vince McMahon's WWE hits Melbourne Cricket Ground with Super Show-Down on 6th October this year. PWA is sharing their promotional success with Max Watt's, the site of their most recent Sydney event.



Honorable Mention / People's Choice: Michael Chugg

Chuggy is one of the most beloved promoters and music industry entities in the history of Australia. He has promoted thousands of successful events for both famous and not as famous bands and performing artists. How can you not love Chugg Entertainment. Check out the documentaries on this great man if you haven't already.

Michael "Chuggy" Chugg. Founder of Chugg Entertainment


Vince McMahon, Chairman and CEO, WWE, daughter Stephanie McMahon and son-in-law Triple H (Paul Levesque)


A younger Vince McMahon on the set on TNT (Tuesday Night Titans). Circa 1985. Credit: WWE


Max Markson (Markson Sparks!)


Some book promoting at a Markson Sparks! event in Sydney


International Wrestling Australia

Mark Mercedes, veteran Australian pro wrestling promoter. Ex wrestling champion enjoying strong success touring his IWA on the road, while clocking up thousands of kilometers per year


Mark Mercedes is an Australian professional wrestler and promoter, owning and promoting the International Wrestling Australia. Mercedes has promoted 100s of high quality shows over the past 2 decades. The IWA shows are known for excellent value for money, very talented and entertaining wrestlers, and high production values, especially for the Australian territory. The IWA recently enjoyed stellar shows at Dee Why RSL on the Northern Beaches, and at The Juniors Kingsford, in Sydney's east, although the majority of IWA's shows are in Sydney's western suburbs. Stay tuned for more on the Wild West Tour which will include Forbes and Dubbo!


Max Watt's: House Of Music


Pro Wrestling Australia



Michael Chugg: Chugg Entertainment. No agreements for People's Choice



Richard Branson of Virgin Group is in line for next month's Media Man awards!

Richard Branson has big plans for Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas, taking over the site of the Hard Rock Las Vegas



Australian pro wrestling promotions. Are there too many pro wrestling promotions in Australia? Probably, but that doesn't stop industry powerhouse the WWE with their corporate machine heading down under just about every year. Even New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Progress Wrestling gave it a go earlier this year with mixed results for attendance, despite how great the wrestling matches were. The right media and marketing are a big part of the professional wrestling business. Just ask Vince McMahon and his one time competitor, Eric Bischoff. Hulk Hogan, manager Jimmy Hart and their friend, 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair, are all aware of the importance of the right media and marketing deals. Who is the better Australian promotion? IWA, PWG or another? Only one pro wrestling promotion can hope to fill a 100,000 seat arena - The Melbourne Cricket Ground, and their name is WWE. New Japan Pro-Wrestling may aspire for these sort of numbers in Australia or Japan, but its not on the cards this year. How many fans could UFC get to a live event in Australia if they have Brock Lesnar on the card? Over 70,000? Lesnar is tipped to be once again negotiating with UFC top brass Dana White. White is understood to have interest in promoting a Brock Lesnar vs Jon Jones superfight. The Pro Wrestling - MMA war for the entertainment dollar, bums on sets and media deals continues on down under.