Paul Heyman still top pick for greatest pro wrestling manager of all time says Media Man agency

Paul Heyman still top pick for greatest pro wrestling manager of all time says Media Man agency


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Paul Heyman is still the best manager in the history of professional wrestling according to the Media Man agency. Both his on screen and behind the scenes business ventures have cemented his place in wrestling history. Heyman is a fantastic talker, so much so he talks fans into arenas. He is a money draw, and he elevates his clients and talent, be it a Brock Lesnar or a CM Punk (former WWE and ECW talent). Heyman can also act as a villain and protagonist against a polarizing figure such as Roman Reigns or John Cena. Media Man gives 2nd place to Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan and 3rd to Jimmy Hart aka 'The Mouth Of The South'. Paul Ellering gets 4th, namely for his success as an in ring talent and manager, as well as for his behind the scenes business ventures with talent, namely the legendary tag team: Legion Of Doom - The Road Warriors. GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) is always a subjective matter, but few will argue with Heyman coming in at Number One. Also we remember the late, great Classy Freddie Blassie, who was associated with greats such as Hulk Hogan, The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff. Blassie also did some fantastic promo and media work with the Muhammad Ali - Antonio Inoki match promotion. We all look forward to seeing what's next to Paul Heyman, rest assured it will be mega successful.


He has been called a renegade, a rebel, a mad scientist who changed the way the world sees sports-entertainment. But ladies and gentlemen, there’s only one word that best describes the man born Paul Heyman: Dangerous.

This outspoken, brusque New Yorker first gained enemies under the guise of Paul E. Dangerously in WCW. Managing Steve Austin, Arn Anderson and Rick Rude in a stable he dubbed his Dangerous Alliance, Heyman used a Big Apple attitude and an oversized 1980s cell phone to help his charges run through the likes of Sting and Ricky Steamboat.

After WCW released the hothead in 1993, Heyman found opportunity in failure, turning a modest Philadelphia-based independent promotion called Eastern Championship Wrestling into the notoriously daring Extreme Championship Wresting. Inspired by alternative rock music and MTV, the innovator took ECW from public access to national pay-per-view through his endorsement of brutal bouts that showcased the rare combination of misfit warriors alongside cutting edge athletes.

Credited with inspiring WWE’s landmark “Attitude Era,” the controversial brand became the third-largest wrestling company in the world before it was crippled by financial problems in 2001. Heyman joined WWE as Jim Ross’ broadcast partner, but it wouldn’t be long before the nonconformists of ECW re-emerged in WWE as part of the infamous “Invasion.” Aligning himself with Stephanie and Shane McMahon, Heyman came frighteningly close to overthrowing Mr. McMahon’s empire, but ultimately failed to bring down WWE.

Time and again, however, Heyman was able to worm his way back in, forming alliances with CM Punk, Big Show, Kurt Angle and, most notoriously, Brock Lesnar, whom Heyman guided to a historic defeat of The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30, snapping The Phenom’s undefeated Streak at The Show of Shows. One thing's for sure — this New Yorker knows how to make life hell for anyone that crosses him. His name is Paul Heyman, ladies and gentlemen, and you’ll never forget it for as long as you live. (




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