Personal technology on Media Man agency radar; Business ramping up across Sydney's eastern suburbs says Media Man agency

Personal technology on Media Man agency radar; Business ramping up across Sydney's eastern suburbs says Media Man agency; New breed of sports tech entrepreneurs U.S and global vision

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by Greg Tingle

Chances are you or a friend are using a smartphone, and very well have a smart watch, and perhaps your mum or dad uses a Fitbit - that's how prevalent personal technology has become.

Media Man friend and associate Ken Shamrock (former UFC champion) is also doing business with at least one personal tech brand, with more deals on the way. Full details are currently not in the public domain as Shamrock business partner Des W Woodruff holds the details pretty close to his chest.

Sports entrepreneurs and professional athletes such as Shamrock have realised that their name can be gold in the high stakes world of personal tech. Shamrock and Woodruff even host a Podcast: The World's Most Dangerous Podcast, where every week they discuss not only wrestling and MMA, but also business topics such as technology, media business and more.

The Dream Team's (our term) podcast has a Shark-Tank like segment called 'Lion's Cage' where they air pitches from start-up businesses. Team Shamrock has a fairly uncensored approach, yet friendly enough whereas teenagers, as well as fans and tech business folks will all get something out of the broadcast.

For the record their tech company is entitled Grok Global Technologies, LLC, and something tells me we are going to be hearing alot more about them.

This has given the professional sports world quite the shake up, and recently the Media Man agency has learned that a number of Australian and international pro surfers and free surfers are looking to get on the Podcast bandwagon, like sharks smelling blood, or like a red flag to a bull. Oh, yes, Red Bull is getting in on the action also.

As a former Business Solutions Manager at firms including Telstra, Optus, PSI Net Australia and WaveCam (ID Media), I for one see tremendous vision and opportunity in the Shamrock - Woodruff business venture, and on the surface I would be very interested to explore business opportunities with these cutting edge sports and technology entrepreneurs.

I ask you - who in the world wouldn't want to wear a Shamrock branded or World's Most Dangerous Smartwatch. I'll make a prediction right now. Should Team Shamrock release such a product you can foresee the likes of WWE and UFC following suit, with their own branded personal tech. Will it be a case of First Mover Advantage, or will one sports tech marketer take the leap first, only to experience a few ripples, with other's to follow suit with a Mark II product release.

Media Man has traditionally done more b2b with tech related companies such as Google, Apple and Nokia, however this new breed of sports tech entrepreneur has really got our attention.

I can just see the Media Man website network sporting advertising and product reviews for the upcoming line of personal tech, be it smartwatches or some other related widget.

Watch this space, and soon enough, we might just be saying Watch your wrist.

Stay tuned to the Media Man website network for more details on this developing story.

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