Places every movie lover needs to visit

Places every movie lover needs to visit

Are you the one in your group of friends that is obsessed with movies, and always on top of what latest blockbusters are due to be released? Are you the guy queued up outside the theatre waiting patiently to see the latest Avengers movie? If that sounds like you, there are some truly awesome trips you need to take as a big movie buff. No need to grab a holiday brochure for your next excursion. You are going to want to check out these amazing destinations and soak in the movie madness that you will find there. Take a look at the top 3 and get planning your trip now if you can drag yourself away from playing at Barbados Bingo!

1. The Making of Harry Potter: London, UK

Back in 2010 Warner bros started working on the Harry Potter studio tour which launched in 2012. They spent a whopping £100 million making it one of the most impressive studios in the world and a real treat for Harry Potter fans. J.K Rowling herself said that the tour was so realistic that she felt like she was walking around inside her own head. If that isn't an endorsement we don't know what is. You can walk through the 400 seater Great Hall straight from the movies and check out Dumbledore's office. Before you go you need to try a butter beer, have a hold of the Gryffindor sword and jump on a broomstick to get that perfect Instagram pic. However, these trips might be a little expensive, so if you're on a tighter budget why not sit back and play some new online slots over at Barbados bingo.

2. The Hollywood Museum: Los Angeles, USA

Next, we are hopping on a flight to California which has to be the top movie destination in the world. The Hollywood museum houses some of the most exciting memorabilia from the world's best and most famous films. Step inside Hannibal Lecter's jail cell, check out the actual boxing gloves from the Rocky films and immerse yourself in Hollywood glamour as you take a look at some of the most iconic costumes from the King himself. While you are in LA you may as well pop over to Universal Studios for an extra exciting movie lover bonus.

3. Hobbiton: New Zealand

Our favourite destination on the list has been kept for last and it takes us to the stunning natural beauty of New Zealand to see Tolkien's imaginings come to life. The set is placed on a 1,250-acre farm and you will be delighted when you set eyes on the 44 hobbit-holes that comprise Bag End. They have even recreated the Green Dragon inn where Bilbo meets Gandalf and the Dwarves. It is not hard to see why this film was so successful once you see the details and efforts that went into making them the Oscar winning productions they are today.

We hope you have been inspired by our top 3 movie buff destinations and we bet you are checking flights right now to head on these amazing adventures. Have the best time ever movie lovers.