Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes


What is it really about? Does anyone really know the original thought behind the creation of this awesome entertainment brand? What really inspired the Pierre Boulle to come up with such an original story? One that is so frightfully close to the reality of today.

There are few movies that are performing as well as the Planet of the Apes series in recent years. This is series of films has captivated the attention of millions of fans around the world. Both those that watch via official channels and those that use the illegal sites.

The concept of fighting a monster that we have created is not new to humanity. Maybe that is why the entire franchise from the comics, books, television series have done so well. Its gross income is more than what we see at online casinos. It is probable that as a people who have been in a world ravaged by revolutions over the past centuries it is easy for us to relate.

A Projection of the Future

There is no reason to doubt that at one stage of the human timeline someone is going to experiment with increasing the intelligence of other species. If this has not already started. Even though there are conventions that try to regulate things like this. The world is too vast to make sure that everyone remains in check. And there are too many political, ideological and geographical divisions to be able to enforce any resolution agreed upon by the international community.

Technology is developing at an alarming rate. Just 20 years ago the majority of the world had never heard about online casinos or online pokie games. Most of them could not even imagine something like that. But today the bulk of the world's population has access to the internet on their mobile devices. Devices that are being used to earn the internet gambling industry billions of dollars annually.

If in 20 years a trivial thing such as online casino gaming can advance so far. How about research on life sciences?