Play Videogames and Gain Money: is It Possible?

Play Videogames and Gain Money: is It Possible?

Would you believe it if I told you there is something far much better than playing video games? Playing video games and making up to $50 no deposit bonus while at it. During my childhood, my parents used to tell me that video games would not help me achieve anything. But now I realize they were wrong. Parents are majorly concerned that kids these days spend most of their time playing video games online. They want their kids to study and engage in social activities.

It's high time as a parent you realized that your kids can make money from their hobby. Video games have created a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing by the day. The sector offers employment to thousands of people all over the world. Since the industry is growing by the day, you can still make money from it even in future. Video games are a great activity to pass the time and have fun. It is, therefore, a dream for most people making money while doing what they love. Video games can earn you more than most menial, office and other employment jobs because you can make up to $50 no deposit bonus.

You stand to make between six to eight figures when playing video games for money. Here is advice from experts on how to make money through video games.

Video game testing

Becoming a video game tester is one of the most guaranteed ways of making money through video games. Let me explain how this works. Game developers engage game testers. Game testers are paid to try out the games in actual player environments. They give recommendations on how to improve the game. Statistics indicate that game testers in America make approximately $68,000 annually. That is a far much better bargain as compared to the average wage in industries.

It may all sound easy, but game testing requires you to put in a lot of work. For example, you have to do a matrix test to qualify as a game tester. A matrix test is complicated since it requires quick calculations and moves. The test can consist of up to 8,000 matches. You also have to test every aspect of the game, trying to find glitches, bugs and spots. Detailed notes should be taken in the process.

If you have excellent analytical and methodical skills, this job suits you. If you cannot match up to the skills required, it is not the end of the road. There are other great options for you to get paid to play video games.

Start a YouTube channel.

YouTube is the most visual platform on social media. It is probably the biggest earner for getting paid to play video games. PewDiePie, who is a video game commentator on YouTube, started small, but he is now world-famous and earning in the big league on YouTube. To make money on YouTube, you will need to have a substantial subscriber following. Here are a few tips to gain followers on your channel;

* Make your commentary entertaining, exciting and engaging. Use special effects to captivate your audience.

* Record popular games with other YouTubers. Examples of such games are; Gary's Mod and Fortnite.

* Train your audience on how to improve their playing by using guides and tutorials. You can also use commentary to explain how you make decisions throughout the game.

* Make reviews of new games in the market and give your opinion, advising whether people should buy it or not.

Most of the money you make on YouTube will be from ads and sponsorships. If you qualify, you place an application and once approved, you start displaying ads on your videos. However, the big bucks come from sponsorships by game developers and companies which sell gaming merchandise. To get big money sponsorships, you will require to have a considerable following.

Streaming on Twitch

Twitch is a streaming platform. It enables viewers to watch as others play their favourite games. An average streamer on Twitch rakes in an annual income of approximately $40,000. That is a refreshing amount of money. According to research conducted on Twitch, most revenue on the platform is gained online. To earn on this platform you need to have partnership agreements on twitch. Here are the requirements;

* A minimum of 500 total minutes broadcast in not less than 30 days

* A minimum of 7 unique broadcast days in not less than 30 days

* A minimum average of 3 concurrent viewers in not less than 30 days

* A minimum of 50 followers

You earn money through subscribers as well as ads after the partnership. You can get also get sponsorships on Twitch.

Competing in Tournaments

Let's start with the bad news. Competing in video game tournaments is not a consistent source of money. The good news is you stand to make over $300 per year if you play consistently and perfect your game. You need to be talented for this, and it requires a lot of practice. Some of the most competitive games are; Call of Duty and Fortnite. You can simply make money through easy methods. However, it doesn't earn you much money unless you are good at it and win consistently.

Game developer

Did you know you can develop video games by yourself? Going solo is the best way to go with game developing. There are big companies such as Ubisoft and EA, which hire developers and pay them handsomely. However, working for such major companies is stressful and forces you to work for long hours and even during holidays. When you go solo, you earn through game sales and in-game purchases. You can learn how to develop video games by yourself. All it requires is passion, commitment and practice. So what's stopping you?

Get signed to an eSports Team

Players on eSports earn approximately $4,700 per month! The sport began in the late '90s and has grown immensely since. It still has a lot of promise of becoming even more prominent in the future. If you want to become a pro, you should focus on one game. Get good at that one game. Then move to platforms such as YouTube and showcase your skills. Most eSports players are discovered from such platforms. There are other ways to make money on eSports, such as;

* Being a host for eSports events

* Being a coach to online players

* Stream and commentate on eSports matches

* Being a referee

* Managing social media accounts

Video game journalist

Another channel for making money in video games is journalism. It is the lowest income earner in video games, earning around $25,000 per year. Money aside, it is still an excellent opportunity to improve your career skills and do what you love. You require at least a bachelor's degree and experience to make it in this field. Knowledge can be through a school paper or internship. Even unpaid internships can give you some invaluable experience to get started.

Creating and selling merchandise inspired by video games

It is one of the best ways to get paid, playing video games. You can create your merchandise inspired by gaming and sell it on social media platforms. Most gaming merchandise that sells includes; t-shirts and coffee mugs. Selling merchandise is building a business. You only require excellent marketing skills and quality of sale of attractive merchandise. You need to dropship goods from places such as AliExpress. You then proceed to manufacture the products yourself. Get a supplier to create the products for you.

Video game coaching

Video game coaching is a very cool way to make money playing video games. You should offer to competitive coach games which you are good at. Video game coaches earn up to $180 per hour. How much you make as a video game coach depends on the service demand and the quality of your services. To make more money, you have to be very talented in playing video games. To get started, you have to create social media accounts on platforms such as YouTube and gain followers. Your followers are your customers.

Gaming blog

To successfully run a gaming blog, you must know your stuff. Blogs are some of the best ways to make money online. The most popular method of making money from blogs is affiliate marketing. You earn a commission when someone buys a game through the link on your website. Therefore, you have to be very good at giving video game reviews. Running ads will also earn you some money when a person clicks on the ads.

The commission amounts may be small; therefore, the best approach to make more money is running more ads. When you establish your blog, you are more likely to get sponsorships from gaming companies. The gaming companies may contract you to do product reviews and sell the products on your website. To get more people on your blog, you must be consistent in putting out quality, informative and engaging content. You must be patient with the process.

Entertainer and Streamer

An entertainer career does very well, especially on visual platforms such as YouTube. All you need is a mobile phone which has a good quality camera. Start making and uploading videos of yourself in channels which are viewed by people looking for entertainment. Ensure your videos are professional, and this will require you to use reliable equipment. For streaming, you need dual monitors and two PCs. Of the two PCs, one is for playing video games while the other is for responding to fans and engaging them. You also require a video capture card. It allows you to connect the two PCs and improves streaming rates. Equipment and skills aside, your personality will determine whether you will attract a substantial audience. Remember that the bottom line is entertaining people.

Get paid directly to play.

There are several sites which pay gamers directly to play their games. Could it get better than this? However, payment is through electronic means or cryptocurrency. No cash. Cryptocurrency payments include tokens which you can turn to gift cards or prepay cards. These sites want you to play and review their games. A top-rated site which offers such services is InboxDollars.


Who would have thought you could build a life and reap big just by playing video games? You are now well aware that you stand to make thousands of dollars only by playing video games. And there are so many ways you can make this money. If you are passionate about playing video games, you can make real and big money. The best approach would be to combine most of the strategies. Go ahead and give this a shot. After all, the only thing you have to lose is time.