Publicity stunt at Bondi Beach blocks out the sun...almost

Publicity stunt at Bondi Beach blocks out the sun...almost - 1st March 2009

Bondi Beach media and marketing entrepreneur, Greg Tingle, and long time Media Man friend and associate, aviator, Paul Bennet, made a gutsy attempt to block out the Sun at Bondi Beach this past Saturday morning.

Bennet took his Pitt's Special to the air, plastered in Aquasun signage, and circled Bondi Beach at least half a dozen times to show beachgoers the reverse side of his wings which featured Aquasun, the iconic Australian sunscreen.

Due to strong and extremely thick cloud formations the visual effect was not quite as stunning as what Bennet, Tingle and Aquasun had hoped for, but the message cut through none the less.

The Bondi View can report that the Bondi Beach stunt was incident free, and no sharks or white pointers were spotted on Saturday.

Bennet is the Australian Advanced Aerobatic reigning champion and is currently putting together an air stunt component for the world famous Crusty Demons.

On the stunt Bennet advised, "These sort of performances are always tricky. We can control and influence many things, but not the appearance of clouds. It was an enjoyable and safe display and everyone was happy with the ultimate result".

Bennet's manager, Tingle joked, "Well, at least it didn't rain and thank God Malcolm Turnbull wasn't able to accept our invitation to this one. The cloud incident was embarrassing enough. We don't think anyone got sunburned for the first half of the day, and we're grateful The View was able to cover it anyway due to our unusual attempt to help raise sun protection awareness. The tourists seemed to enjoy the show, but I'm only half sure about the locals. We handed out hundreds of free sunscreen packs so that's only a good thing".


Bennet's Pitt's Special shows us its wings

Agent, Greg Tingle, and the Aquasun beach babes crew


Paul Bennet

Greg Tingle

Bondi Beach