Rolling The Dice

Online Casino Trends and Gaming News in The Current Market and Past, Present and Future: Media Man Network findings

Rolling The Dice

Online Casino Trends and Gaming News In The Current Market and Past, Present and Future: Media Man Network Findings

Gonzo journalism style report: Casinos, gaming and sports betting collide with pop culture and Mr. Gonzo

It's the Year 2020, not 1984, but sometimes one might wonder as The Matrix sometimes feels more real than fantasy - be it in news media, sports biz, online publishing, gaming et al, and let's not ever get started with the FAANG Factor!

Ok, FAANGS - The Americans, Europeans, Arabs / Middle Easterners, Australians and New Zealanders are trying to get a handle on it and get it under control. It's effected so many industry and business sectors including gaming, retail, online shopping, sports memorable, television and programming broadcasts, travel / tourism, celebrity endorsements, share market investing and most certainly the small to medium size media sector - both traditional and online. It's rather out of control. But, good news - the average Joe and Jane can still get involved in the online media sector via niche media. Find your niche, and become an expert. Celebrity, combat sports, pro wrestling, gaming, community campaigning, pop art, pop culture - just a few we enjoy in our own portfolio.

We know you want to know about the online casino so here it is without further ado Mena Casino.

Significant changes in the world may confuse those who are not well versed in technology in general, but if you give it some time you will be able to see that new tech can be quite helpful.

Technology affects practically all the aspects of our lives – from how you run your errands to what you do in your spare time, it can increase your efficiency and turn every task into an enjoyable one.

As is the case is all aspects of the world, this tech also affects the online gambling arena. If you enjoy playing table games like Free Roulette, online games take a seat at a gaming machine or poker table when you have the time for it and are feeling lucks. You should follow the upcoming trends that are taking the casino and VR gaming world by storm so you will be able to turn every gaming session into a worthwhile experience.

What's In Store In The World Of Online Gaming and Gambling?

1. Virtual Reality – VR tech is not as rare as it used to be, and bit by bit gambling venues start adopting it. VR can be expected that with time more gambling venues will be able to provide you with the chance to use VR tech, which means that your gambling experience will soar to new levels. Nowadays, VR technology is more affordable, which is clearly why online gambling venues decided they should use it to better connect with the players.

2. Skill-Based Casino Games – There is no arguing the fact that luck is the dominant factor that a player needs to win most casino games. You don’t need to have any skills when you play pokies online, which is why people like them in the first place. However, some players need a game that will challenge them more than the usual pokies games. There are a lot of people that live for the thrill that comes with challenging themselves, therefore they look for games that require them to use all their skills to win. Nowadays, it seems that casinos try to come up with a bigger selection of skill-based games so those who love challenges will enjoy gambling more.

3. Live Games – Nowadays, people love to visit the casino and interact with real-life dealers and players from across around the globe. Due to the changes in the consumers’ mentality, we now want everything to be personal, available, and as fair dinkum as possible. Although there are live casino games available today, the selection of games is quite limited. In the upcoming years, there should be more live games available at gambling venues, and they are tipped to include more than the usual card games. For example, games that have include Wheel of Fortune and Cleopatra Jackpot feature will be presented by a real host once the right tech will be incorporated at the casinos.

Comon', try your luck and roll the dice with Free Roulette

4. Content is King? – Most poker machine games are quite simple - you have a selection of symbols that appear on the reels, and if the game has a theme some symbols will be designed to fit it. However, nowadays customers want to get more out of their gambling session, which means that more and more games will feature movie clips and advanced graphics to provide you with real content when you luck out at the casino. Break out the popcorn, bubbly, masquerade and crack the whip baby. Things are about to get really exciting. Even Dennis Rodman, 'The Gypsy King' Tyson Fury, Madonna, Lady Gaga and the late Andy Warhol would be impressed.

Wrap Up

Technology or Hi Tech is you prefer, evolves at lighting fast speed. James Packer went on record about a decade ago with 'Internet is like electricity" and Rupert Murdoch "Big will not beat small anymore, It will be the fast beating the slow". This means that everything around you – from the appliances you use to the online gambling venues you frequent – are bound to change as well.

Those changes mean that you can get a better, more intense gambling experience that you are bound to enjoy, so watch out for it!

As always, be with your head, not over it, and have fun.



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