Rolling Stone Australia wins Media Man 'Pop Culture Website Of The Month' Award

Rolling Stone Australia wins Media Man 'Pop Culture Website of The Month' Award

Rolling Stone Australia

Rolling Stone Australia joins The Brag Media family who also publishes; Tone Deaf, Don’t Bore Us, The Brag, The Industry Observer...

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Rolling Stone Australia launches online platform; Aussie pop culture consumers rejoice
- 3rd February 2020


by Greg Tingle

Pop culture lovers, rock n rollers, metal heads, eco warriors, radicals, extreme sportsters, even you budding political analysts and future world leaders - the announcement you have been waiting for - Rolling Stone Australia is live!

Following the announcement of its return to the Australian market in November, Rolling Stone Australia has today launched its online platform. Welcome to The Matrix baby.

The website launch sees premium content across a wide range of platforms including digital, social, podcasts, custom, video, merchandising, events and much more for the cool kid in all of us.. Rolling Stone Australia features original scribblings and steams (aka "content"), plus syndicated Rolling Stone content most relevant to the down under punters er readers.

With the local content strategy headed up by our unmet friend and yours, Poppy Reid, Managing Editor, and Tyler Jenke, Editor, the website launches with news and information covering music, politics, sports, TV, film and culture. It’s "hero" launch feature is a deep dive into globally recognised Australian drill-rap act (which some may call anarchists) OneFour, which asks the question: ‘Have Western Sydney’s “realest” summoned a 21st century assault on free speech?’

The partnership to bring Rolling Stone to Australia, under a license agreement between Rolling Stone’s parent company, Penske Media Corporation, and The Brag Media, marks the brand’s tenth international edition.

The Media Man Group welcomes this news and looks forward to reading the content aka blurb feverishly, and reminds all that you never know where some of the future tip offs of strange but true stories may come from. Rolling Stone is still the world's foremost authority on all things pop culture in the opinion of the masses. Various media has plugged into the sector including friends at Web Is Jericho (Chris Jericho's - Fozzy frontman), but Rolling Stone remains the original and best. You wouldn't want an argument with Hunter S. Thompson would you? That's what we though sport. Rock on, bang your head, or just maybe increase your intellect. RSA is on the air baby so cheers to that.


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Rolling Stone Australia launches online today (The Industry Observer)


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