Rolling Stone: The Covers 1972 - 2010

Rolling Stone: The Covers 1972 - 2010


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The first ever exhibition featuring the best covers from the last four decades of Rolling Stone Australia.

The exhibition showcases 150 of the most famous covers of the magazine. Rolling Stone is considered the leading music and entertainment magazine in the country, reflecting both national and the global popular culture with a committed blend of honesty and attitude. The covers themselves have come to define an era not only for the artists which grace them, but thanks also to the design, photography, illustration and typography.

On display will be memorable covers featuring entertainment figures such as Madonna, Bob Dylan, Michael Hutchence, Elvis Presley, Steve Martin, Paul Keating, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Bono and The Beatles... among many others. The exhibition also features the photography and illustration of luminaries including Annie Leibovitz and Ralph Steadman.


Shoalhaven Arts Centre

25 Jan > 19 Mar
Launch: 25 Jan 12 > 2pm
An artisan travelling exhibition

Main Gallery

The cover of Rolling Stone magazine has been graced by everyone from John Lennon to John F Kennedy. Its iconic psychedelic masthead coupled with captivating images from legends such ad Annie Leibovitz, have made the magazine the reference point of popular culture.