Slot Games that are worth playing at least once

Slot Games that are worth playing at least once

Did you know that there are more people gambling on online slots than there are on every other gambling game combined? That sounds like a pretty ridiculous statement to make, but it's true! With things like mobile slots really coming into their own over the last few years, and other game mechanics such as Big Time Gaming’s Megaways concept, more people than ever are flooding to the online slots market - more slot online games here.

And developers are here to meet them with a steady torrent of new titles, with there now being a plethora of different online slots to satisfy every single type of gambler in the world. Whilst this is great news for slot players worldwide, it also can throw up the difficulty of actually finding a game to play. In any case, here are some slot games that are worth playing at least once.

Well Of Wonder

There is no arguing with the fact that the modern online slot gameplay mechanics of a set number of reels is incredibly popular, however it is also true that things like the classic 5 reel grid can also get boring for avid gamblers. This is why Well Of Wonder was met with so much excitement upon its release by Thunderkick a few years back, as there are no classic reels here whatsoever!
Oh no, instead of symbols ending up on a spinning set of reels, in Well Of Wonder they magically float out of an enchanted well in the middle of the screen. Wins are made through a kind of Cluster Pay mechanism, with this slot’s graphics being superbly complementary to the action on the screen. But then again, would you expect anything different from Thunderkick?


When people want to illustrate how exciting modern online slot bonus features can be these days many of them turn straight to Centurion by Inspired Gaming. This Ancient Roman themed slot game combines a classic 5 reel grid with four bespoke bonus features that all play out like genuine mini-games.

It is incredibly rare to find a better set of bonus games than on Centurion, and due to the impeccably clear HD graphics you won’t often find a game that looks better either. This really is a slot that you have to play at least once.

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix

Put simply, if it wasn’t for Barcrest’s iconic Rainbow Riches series the “luck of the Irish” online slot theme would be nowhere near as popular as it is today. Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix is by far the best slot in the series, mainly because it combines all of the bonus features from previous editions in one all encompassing game.

Gamblers are able to choose 3 bonus rounds out of a possible 9 at the start, and if they make the right choice there is a very real possibility of an eventual RTP of 98%. With that level of money making potential and excitement you really have to try Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix at least once.