Sports, Media, Advertising and Gaming Agent: Behind The Curtain

Sports, Media, Advertising and Gaming Agent: Behind The Curtain


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It's always great to hear of successful case studies and of media, new media and marketing campaigns being done correctly.

Bet365 are very smart operators, and the way the campaign was executed was a masterstroke. And, they are still kicking major goals.

An early (internet) days example of another gambling company making a major splash is GoldenPalace. Remember the branded tattoo on the boxers back that was broadcast around the world and reported on in trade magazines and the like? In a few ways controversial PaddyPower borrowed ideas from them, especially in the shock value and "can you top this" edgy advertising and media images.

In the past few years famous and somewhat infamous gambling tycoon Calvin Ayre (Bodog) has toned it down quite a bit from what I can seen. When did he become totally "above aboard", or is there still grey area with him and his brands? Recently sighted in Antigua and Barbuda? I understand he owns quite the mansion and estate in Antigua. Funny he didn't do to Virgin Islands, Malta or Gibraltar. To his credit he's stayed clear of Bitcoin and Cryptocurreny scandals which is more than can be said of U.S boxer Floyd 'Money' Mayweather. I supposed Floyd is a financial related scandal waiting to happen, hence the name. There's no denying his sporting or self promotional skills and abilities. Image the amount of money wagered on his fights over the decades, especially in the past 5 years with the explosion of the internet.

I believe there's still golden opportunities for sports betting, igaming and even fintech related online ventures, and online based publicity and advertising in Australia, New Zealand, Macau and Canada. The U.S is obviously somewhat saturated, but there's always room for improvement and fine turning.

Our network of websites does attracted quality traffic and some sites achieved Hitwise Australia awards, as well as Affiliate Operator Of The Month awards from companies such as Virgin Group - Virgin Games - Virgin Casino. We also worked pretty closely with Digital Entertainment (now GVC Holdings) for many years).

Sports and event stadiums are an interesting area if one plugs into the advertising, sponsorship and news media elements correctly. We did a lot of reporting and had some involvement with what is known as ambush marketing. Remember the Bavarian Beer Babes at the World Cup or the Sydney Olympics brand hijacking stuff? Formula 1 is an interesting sector, but some countries have lobbied to ban the Grid Girls. Banning something is a supreme compliment, but it can initially hit you in the back pocket.

As the gaming, better and sports business keeps involving there will always be more opportunities. It's just a matter of picking out the right ones to focus on of course, and then as we know the goal posts can be moved by brands or government, so its good to be able to quickly adapt to market forces which can shift frequently and abruptly (a bit like Bitcoin's value).

Following mainstream news media, industry niche media and even online forums can be useful to help identify and follow trends. A number of creative and advertising agencies and executives have been spotted in this space, and rightly so.

We're open to doing business with other smart operators, so if you've go something for us to consider send it through via either Media Man Int, Media Man Australia, Casino News Media or Australian Sports Entertainment. Cheers.

Greg Tingle, Founder and Director
Media Man Group



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