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Maroubra Beach Surf and Skate. McKeon St, Maroubra Beach Great range of boards and surfwear, top service and at the right price

Golden Breed. Byron Bay, NSW

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Surfers' Code. Maroubra Beach, Sydney, Australia. Photoart by Greg Tingle



Psychedelic Surfers. Maroubra Beach, Sydney, Australia. Photoart by Greg Tingle

South Maroubra Surfer. Sydney, Australia. Photoart by Greg Tingle


Maroubra Surfer. Sydney, Australia. Photoart by Greg Tingle


Beach Breaks Carnival. Only 1 time per year at Maroubra Beach, Sydney, Australia

Beach Breaks Carnival: Maroubra Beach, Sydney, Australia (Sunday 23rd July 2017)


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Onewave Launches Surfboard Partnership for Mental Health - March 22nd 2019

Southern Courier wins Media Man 'Australian Newspaper Of The Month' Award - January 2018

Bra Boys revive North Maroubra Boardriding club to get wayward youth off the streets and into the water, By James Taylor - 10th March 2015

Personal technology on Media Man agency radar; Business ramping up across Sydney's eastern suburbs says Media Man agency

The surf carnival

The Surfer's Path

Man surfs on after being attacked by shark - 28th April 2016

Candice Warner honoured to be inducted into Surfing Walk of Fame at her home break Maroubra Beach- 19th July 2017

Bondi Rescue's Anthony “Harries” Carroll riding wave of success, by Greg Tingle - April 2016

Surf Rock, Surf Music - What's this wave of music all about?

Jump on board, by Greg Tingle - August 2002


Bianca Buitendag - Professional surfer - July 2017

Surfer Spud, Musician, Drifting Sand: 15th October 2003

Mal Jago - General Manager: Coastalwatch Technologies: 29th May 2003



OneWave Is All It Takes

Waves Of Wellness


North Maroubra Surf Riders

Media Man's Greg Tingle with Maroubra Beach surfing community

Let's Go Surfing


Maroubra Surfer by Greg Tingle

Greg Tingle Art and Photography Brand Launches - 2018

Greg Tingle Photography official Facebook Site Goes Live - January 2018

Maroubra Surfer Art by Greg Tingle


Joe Vickers Art



Red Bull Signature Series - The Mavericks Invitational FULL TV EPISODE

Fighting Fear

Point Break

Kelly's Wave