Sydney based Media Man agency offers commentary on The Sydney Morning Herald (ex Fairfax Media) Archives

Sydney based Media Man agency offers commentary on The Sydney Morning Herald (ex Fairfax Media) Archives - July 2020


The Sydney Morning Herald: Flashback

The Sydney Morning Herald Archives Instagram From the Archives - SMH/The Age Facebook

The Sydney Morning Herald - Archives (1955 - 1995)

From the Archives, 1979: Packer emerges as cricket's king - 29th May 2019

From the Archives, 1919: Influenza restrictions lifted in New South Wales - 15th May 2020

From the Archives, 1979: Living the life of Henry Lawson - 17th June 2020

From the Archives, 1991: New boss right at home in the media scrum

From the Archives, 1971: Haystack leaves them gasping

From the Archives, 1974: Andre the Giant is a mighty big crowd puller




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I can imagine. If I was still working for the SMH I think I would be wrapt to work in this department also. There's no way I would go back to work the current daily news with the current global situation. But working in a virtual time machine, going back in time, that's something I would enjoy. I sometimes write and cover nostalgia sports events and cultural happenings, be it surf culture, beach culture, wrestling, boxing, eco. It's a most welcome escape from the current world. Please pass my positive response up the line at the SMH. You / we could campaign for an old style and nostalgic print version of the SMH and The Age. Nostalgia Still Sells. Subs tipped to go up. I would be delighted to be on such a project. SMH Archives Fan Club from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Thank you, until next time down memory lane. Greg : )

Great. The good old days. I love the nostalgia SMH and The Age coverage. Also the @smharchives channel is tremendous. Many people like a journey back in time, and it sure beats some of the modern day headline stiff which I have massively reduced watching. The future of media might just have a strong connection with the past, when Australians enjoyed reading the news. I'm certain the journalists and old guard editors there will understand the essence of my commentary. Also sports news coverage is great, while hopefully keeping the political elements to bill or next to nothing. Keep up the nostalgia and historical news please. Cheers from the Maroubra Beach and Bondi Beach connection. Greg



@mediamanint Thanks so much It’s a joy working with these photos!


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AC/DC guitarist Angus Young and his iconic Gibson SG electric guitar. The maker of the Gibson guitar is filing for bankruptcy protection. Photo by Mark Wilson, February 5, 1988 at the National Tennis Centre, Melbourne.



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