Talk Is Jericho continues to dominate wrestling and pop culture podcast landscape: Wrestler / Rockgod puts focus on guests

Talk Is Jericho continues to dominate wrestling and pop culture podcast landscape:

Wrestler / Rockgod puts focus on guests


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Vince Russo – Booking Genius Or The Most Hated Man In Wrestling? -
18th December 2019

By James Ryder

Vince Russo makes his TIJ debut to talk about his role in bringing Chris Jericho to the WWE, what happened when Vince jumped ship to WCW, and when he knew it was the end there! Vince is also talking about his relationship with Vince McMahon, his relationship with Eric Bischoff, and his tenure at TNA. He’s sharing some of his favorite storylines and angles with talent like The Rock, Goldust, and Steve Austin, how and why Russo believes he became so hated by wrestling fans, and what he really thinks about today’s wrestling product.




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Greg Tingle

It would appear that Vince Russo may have both of those titles. He hit some absolute home runs, under the supervision and filter of VKM, had a few flops, as will happen, and the industry and internet might just have him as the 'Most Hated In Wrestling". A heel with real heat! Congratulations to the former champion! : )

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