The Best and Worst Moment of WrestleMania 26

The Best and Worst Moment of WrestleMania 26

When the WWE universe starts discussing the Wrestlemania, there is only one Wrestlemania that will come up into their minds. Wrestlemania 26 produced a lot of historical significance that will go down in the history of WWE. Some of the moments produced during the event include Shawn Michaels retirement match against the Undertaker, Bret Hart making his comeback with his first match in nearly a decade. Above all, no one will ever forget the showdown of John Cena and The Animal Bautista. All in all, it wasn't an all-time great Wrestlemania night, but the show produced its fair share of memorable moments.

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Best Moment at Wrestlemania 26: Shawn Michaels v Undertaker

The HBK has always been the fans favorite. A charming guy and he brings life into the ring. But Shawn Michaels took a step further into his Wrestling career when he opts to battle the dead man for a rematch of Wrestlemania 25. When the rematch was confirmed HBK's career v The Dead Man's streak there was a lot of mixed feelings. But the match went on to prove to be a worthy Wrestlemania 26 main event match.

Maybe for some reasons Shawn and Undertaker delivered an encounter that was not quite good. But consider the blur performances from other wrestlers it was the best pick for the best match of the night.

However, Shawn Michaels went on and lost the match after The Dead Man finished him with a jumping version of the tombstone.

Worst Moment: Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon

Bret Hart will always be an all-time greatest WWE legend and his come back to the WWE enticed a lot of Euphoria amongst the fans. His match against Mr McMahon came as a surprise. Was that even a good idea to start with? Maybe, maybe not. But for some reasons, we believe Bret Hart and McMahon wasn't a sure bet. Both players were past their physical prime and they were only a few notable moments. Maybe it's time The Hall of Famer is honoured with an aussie online pokies game based on him. The best moment was when Hart gave Vincent a few punches before twisting him into submission through a Sharpshooter.