The Coolest And Best Things To Do In Las Vegas

The Coolest And Best Things To Do In Las Vegas

Whenever your friends and family go on vacations, they usually rely on you to do the itinerary and show them around. Now is the time to step things up! If you're going to Las Vegas, it is recommended to visit the most iconic tourist destinations that really live up to the hype, a few under the radar places that only the locals know, and several seasonal activities that are perfect for the city's warm weather. Fortunately, we have made this article as your comprehensive guide to eating, drinking and enjoying the city without the hassle.

Bet At A World Class Casino

With a few necessary renovations at 50 years old, Caesars Palace has become one of Las Vegas's most iconic destinations. It is one of the city's remaining old-school hotels and only a few can match its ambience. However, before you go running down to the unforgettable places here, better be knowledgeable in betting correctly. In downtown Las Vegas, The Gamblers General Store is selling beginner's guides on casino games as well as souvenir gifts. If you think you have the skills to compete on poker, visit the Bellagio where you can fight among the world's best poker players, or you can head to the illustrious Golden Nugget where you can gamble with random casino veterans who seems like they haven't stood up from their seats in years. If you would rather settle at the video poker and slot machines, visit the Palms where the payouts are great or at the Circus Circus which provides a glance at the city's historic past.

Ride A Gondola At The Venetian

The Venetian Hotel is situated at the heart of the Strip just across Treasure Island. It is one of Las Vegas' best resorts and has several impressive tourist attractions. Inside of the resort, you'll find a shopping center themed to look like the city of Venice including iconic features of the city such as blue skies, gondoliers and canals. The hotel also has similar tourist attractions found in Venice like the Rialto Bridge, Bridge of Sighs and others.

It is recommended to ride the Venetian Gondola Rides because it is a great and non-tiring way to tour around the whole establishment. It is located in front of the hotel, near its sidewalk, with boats waiting for passengers that are taken on a ride by a private gondolier through the shopping mall inside the hotel.

Play Video Games Like A Pro

It is time to say goodbye to your little apartment and play video games inside Luxor's Esports Arena. It features a massive 30,000 square foot multilevel playing venue which is loaded with huge HD screens, high-tech gaming stations and a broadcast center where fans can watch tournaments online. One all-day gaming ticket costs $25 per person and there is also food served by one of Jose Andres' culinary team. If you are a true gamer, this is the best place to go and test your skills!
Watch A Celebrity Live

A changing trend in the entertainment business means that the Las Vegas Strip is populated with lesser production shows and more of residency headliners. These headliners are some of the world's best musicians and bands that setup shows inside casino showrooms for long run that convert most of the production value into a better and more intimate experience. Whenever you visit Las Vegas, there will always be a celebrity putting on a concert. Better check your calendars and book your advance tickets if you want the best place to experience a breathtaking show by Elton John, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, The Backstreet Boys and more.

Watch An Erupting Volcano

The Mirage Hotel is one of the most distinguishable hotels in Las Vegas because in front of the resort is a man-made volcano that erupts every few hours. During nighttime, the glowing red liquid shooting out of the volcano is one of the most unique experiences visible from the hotel's sidewalk. Inside of the hotel, you'll also find two other famous tourist attractions: The Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. At the Secret Garden, you can find numerous exotic animals such as the albino lion. On the other hand, the Dolphin Habitat is home to various trained dolphins inside a 2.5million galloon pool. Never forget to visit these two since they are one of Las Vegas' perfect places to entertain you and your family.

Dine and Drink At Chinatown

Las Vegas has an amazing understated Chinatown that is just a few minutes away from the Strip along Spring Mountain Road. The short distance makes it easier to travel via Uber for anyone staying at a big hotel. This place of cuisine and culture has lots to offer you might just get overwhelmed. Some of the restaurants worth visiting here are Chendu Taste which offers spicy Szechuan dishes, the robota-grill experience of Raku and Yui Edomae Sushi's exclusive Japanese food.

Shop 'Till You Drop

Go for a spin around The Forum Shops inside Caesars Palace. Here, you can enjoy shopping from countless high-end and regular retailers situated in the faux Roman shops that can max your credit limit. Just a few blocks away, Crystals is a boutique heaven where you can pick the best bags from Hermes or the latest sneakers from Nike. The malls in the city accept coupons so always get a promo code in Nike to save money when buying your favorite sneakers. For a more stress-free shopping experience, you can also visit the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian, The Promenade at Wynn and massive shopping mall at the Palazzo. There is a good reason why shopaholics love to return to Vegas for their shopping needs.

Wine Testing In A Helicopter

Book a ride with the Sundance Helicopters then fly around Mount Charleston, over the Red Rock Canyon and land at a winery in Pahrump Valley. The winery is owned by a couple who have learned the art of creating the perfect wine amidst the blazing desert. To avoid getting bored during the ride to the Pahrump, you will be offered to taste test of some of the winery's award winning bottles and eat a four course meal at the Symphony - the most famous restaurant in the area.