Although Online Casinos will never replace the Land-Based Casinos in the US and Australia, they have certainly proven their worth while continuing to innovate and revolutionize gambling trends. We have seen the progress from the original online casinos, which were 3-reeled classic slots playable only on your PC, to the 3D video slots which can now be played on your smartphone or tablet device. With the option to play these pokies and casino games for free and real money, the demand will continue to increase as more players opt for the convenience of online play.

What are the features for the future Online Casino?

Who could have foreseen the development of the iPhone in 2007? This device revolutionized mobile phones to the point where there is hardly anyone in the Western world or beyond who doesn't have a smartphone. The purpose for mentioning this is to reinforce the idea that predicting the future is futile especially in the world of technology. With this being said there are specific indicators that portend areas of growth and development in the real money and free pokie industry as well as options for the loyal pokie players.

One of the growing mediums for all those who love to play games and search online is the smartphone. The mobile device is taking the lead over PC/laptops as the go to "computer" with pokie players of all stripes playing on the go. We have seen specifically developed casino and pokie apps for smartphones and tablets and will continue to see the growth in this sector. Expect to see more games and casinos adapted for the mobile sector and the selection of these games continue to grow.

We have come very far from the days of the 3-reeled classic pokies with the bonus being a few free spins and maybe one or two wilds thrown in to spice things up. Nowadays the bonuses that are on offer more resemble a PlayStation or Xbox and provide players with more interaction. Most casinos games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Craps, etc., are limited as what can be added, but online pokies can incorporate the latest technology and build the games around this.
These skill-based casino games will most likely see more of live play with live dealers and will most likely incorporate another player to compete with. In the future, you will be able to sit at your table on your PC/Tablet or Smartphone and play against Holograms of other online players with a 360° view of the gameplay. The purpose of all this augmented reality is to bring the casino experience directly to you without the cost and time expenditure of travelling.

What does the future hold for the popular Online Pokies and Slots?

The popular online casinos for Australians such as and are constantly looking for ways to compete with the other casinos. Developers have heeded their call for better free pokies and real money pokies with new and improved games. As we are experiencing the adoption of more bonus features, many developers are using movie themed slots to expand this technology. Movies offer the platform to slot games to add clips of the film to enhance interactive bonuses and to give online players more options to win.

All these new features take us to the next playing iteration of online casino games which is VR (Virtual Reality). VR has been around for quite some time, but as with any new technology has suffered from teething pains. From the awkward and cumbersome headgear to the graphics, it has been a long uphill battle. But as with anything that has potential in the world of gaming, there are those who will find a way to make this technology work.

For gaming platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation, VR is a natural evolution to bringing play closer to reality. With online casinos and gambling in general, developers will have to be creative in adapting this technology to increase player demand. More doesn't necessarily mean better, and sometimes keeping it simple is what players enjoy the most. Remember, the most popular games at both land-based and online casinos are the pokies, and in this segment, the classic 3-reeled games still hold the top spot.

Could there be technical surprises for Online Gambling?

Absolutely! Necessity is the mother of invention, but sometimes we ourselves are not quite sure what we required. The iPod and iPhone are two perfect examples of devices, which at the time of their creation, were something we never wanted or needed. We must also consider predictions of future technology which were never adopted and after the fact seem ludicrous.

Moore's Law which states that the number of transistors that fit into a chip, double every 2 years, meaning that computing power doubles in that time. Taking this into consideration, it is a fool's errand to try and predict casino technology without making some mistakes. But whatever happens, in the next few years we will see features that make 3D online pokies look like the classic 3-reeled of the 1800s.