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The rise of online gambling security and the measures the industry is taking

The rise of online gambling security and the measures the industry is taking

Online gambling has seen a huge increase over the past few years, meaning it is becoming more important than ever for online gambling security. In an era before online casinos were regulated, players often had to worry about the fairness of a casino and also about how safe their money actually was, particularly with the risk of online financial transactions. However, nowadays online casinos are tightly controlled and overseen by governmental agencies. If you’re looking to compare the best and safest casinos online, Best Deal Casinos has reviews and user-reviews of all of the online gambling sites available, so you can determine which the best
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Regulatory & Testing Bodies
It is important to only use online casinos that have a license issued by a credible jurisdiction – Malta, the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man are three of the most highly thought-of when it comes to ensuring online casino security. Casinos with solid licenses are far more likely to be secure than those that aren’t regulated or operate without a license.
The Interactive Gambling Act (2001) was passed in order to target online gambling operators making it an offence for them to offer ‘real-money’ online interactive gambling to residents of Australia. The 2005 Gambling Act in the UK was the first act to specifically regulate internet gambling in Britain, preventing gambling from being a source of crime and disorder, ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way and to protect children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling. This act set up the Gambling Commission to regulate commercial gambling in Great Britain and regulates betting, bingo, casinos, gaming machine suppliers and manufacturers, gambling software providers and more. The Commission has the power to remove or amend a condition to a license, suspend a license and revoke a license following a review of a casino or other gambling entity.

Random Number Generators
Random Number Generators (RNG’s) often lie at the heart of a safe and fair online casino. As online casinos use virtual decks and slot reels, a RNG is the primary way to ensure that a card deal or slot spin is truly based on chance rather than on outside interference. Reliable casinos will provide information about their RNG and hire outside companies to test and verify it, to make sure it is truly fair and safe.

Digital Security Encryption
Every high class, secure casino is supported by a minimum of P128-bit SSL Data Encryption technology which is designed to offer secure electronic financial transactions. The 128 or 256 bit SSL Data Encryption technology is almost impenetrable as it uses a complex code to jumble any financial, personal and login information, providing the same level of security provided by personal banks. This is being used more and more by online casinos. In addition to this, although the data is physically stored on hard drive servers owned by the online casino, they use cutting-edge firewalls and around the clock staff to prevent hackers and data thieves so you know that your data is safe. In addition to this, the most legitimate and safest online casinos also use reputable and licensed third-party security professionals such as Thawte and VeriSign in order to maximise their security. Casinos that use such companies are likely to have their logos visible on their site, so you can see just how secure an online casino is.

Secure Software Providers
More and more casinos are looking towards the ultimate safe and secure software providers. In the US, this is usually Real Time Gaming and in the rest of the world, Playtech and Microgaming tend to be used in order to provide both high quality gaming and optimum online software security. The sites mentioned are randomly and consistently tested by third party casino testing companies. These software providers tend to have a membership in the Interactive Gaming, Gambling and Betting Association (IGGBA) and the Interactive Gaming Council and so offer the highest levels of software security that you can imagine.