TMZ Sports continues to be the go-to place for WWE scoop stories with wrestlers and management says Media Man agency

TMZ Sports continues to be the go-to place for WWE scoop stories with wrestlers and management says Media Man agency - 2018

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Who has the scoop? More specifically, who has the WWE sports entertainment aka pro wrestling industry scoop via video interviews with the arts biggest and best names? That would be TMZ of course.

The media powerhouse with strong ties to the legal profession (G'day Harvey Levin sir) more often than not gets the interviews (video, audio and text) that other outlets wished they got.

To their credit TMZ has continue to build upon and nurture their professional relationship with undisputed sports entertainment leader, the WWE. Even Triple H and his beautiful wife, Stephanie McMahon have appeared on TMZ, and over the years TMZ has also offered fair and balanced... sometimes perhaps focussing on positives, to Shane McMahon and his famous billionaire father, Mr. Vince McMahon.

There can be no doubt as to the success of both TMZ and WWE individually or collectively, and then they "team up" to cover hot and topical sports entertainment (pro wrestling) matters, they are largely unbeatable.

Other mainstream news media outlets also have ramped up their coverage of the mat game, pro wrestling style, including ESPN, Rolling Stone, CBS, and down under in Australia Murdoch backed and The Daily Telegraph offer decent coverage, with the occasional run by FOX Sports Australia.

Some wrestling insiders are starting to state that rival pro wrestling powerhouse, the Japan based New Japan Pro Wrestling, is starting to more aggressively challenge the WWE in a range of media and marketing spectrums including live attendance, a wrestling subscriber based streaming offering, and the all important battle for positive mainstream news headlines. A birdy told us that New Japan missed some media opportunities in Australia due to not returning the inquiries of a couple of Australian based media firms. You can bet that the WWE won't make the same mistake. Rumor is that New Japan will be taking their media and communications in-house for their future tours of Australia due to getting a few media folks off-side. News travels fans these days across the internet ala 1 to 3 seconds. It's no longer quite a 7 day let alone a 24 hour news cycle folks, and the super impressive WWE YouTube channel as well as their other social media platforms and website reflects this reality. Speaking of wrestling websites, Impact Wrestling aka TNA Wrestling has been making some upgrades of their website and social media, but its hard to keep up with what's current due to a number of Impact Wrestling talents jumping ship to other promotions.

Speaking of talent, congrats on the recent WWE signings including Rockstar Spud (Drake) and how about the mega positive splash that Bobby Roode has made. Glorious indeed Booby, with or without Charlotte Flair by your side in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge. Hot rumor of Bobby Lashey's WWE bound? He would be a heck of a fresh challenger for 'The Beast' Brock Lesnar.

It will be interesting to see if the TMZ scoops continue now that Triple H is more in charge of many aspects of the WWE machine. Legendary wrestling and sports promoter Vince McMahon has taken a bit of a breather in the day to day running of RAW and WWE 205, and is throwing much of his energy into the XFL football league, which is expected to be in full flight in a year or two.

WWE showcase event WrestleMania looks to be in safe hands, and judging by recent RAW and SmackDown televised events, its going to be hot and loaded. We will be looking to see some additional news scoops delivered by our friends up at TMZ - TMZ Sports, and once in a while the Media Man group will also provide some scoops. We promise not to piss off WWE management or talent in the progress. No spoilers on Brock Lesnar going or not going to UFC (the combat sports media world took heed of a situation between UFC's Brock Lesnar and a MMA journalist and internet publisher from a few years ago).

So TMZ, what's the scoop?... is WWE top brass and wrestlers, namely African American wrestlers, ready to give Hulk Hogan the green light to return? On the surface Mark Henry's advise to Hogan to issue an apology to all WWE African American wrestlers for his past remarks seems fair and reasonable. Good on Ric Flair for having Hogan's back on this and for endorsing Hogan's bid to return. Fans don't want to see Hogan wrestle on a weekly basis, but some appearances in a suitable capacity would be great, and maybe one more match could be in order. What do the fans want? Perhaps TMZ Sports could set up an online poll. Vote early and vote often... just kidding. I think the poll would have AJ Style's vote (Let me tell you something Mean Gene (Okerlund).

Fans, wrestlers, promoters and media analysts, that's just about a rap for this special Gonzo Journalism style coverage of the TMZ - WWE powerhouse. Be sure to check out exclusive Media Man articles relating to the business of pro wrestling, and anything else that takes your fancy.

Before closing, we're very curious to see if our friends at New Japan Pro Wrestling can infiltrate the TMZ! Sports broadcast and internet publishing machine. Triple H and George B, I think it might be best to keep them locked out or thereabout for the moment. A bit of punishment perhaps for not treating al of Australian media with the respect their deserved. Yeah, New Japan needs to take its media and promotions in-house, especially for international tours. In the meantime, WWE is going a fantastic job with its national and international media relations. Very impressed and happy in deed thanks Stanford, CT.. that used to be Titan Towers folks. Gotta love nostalgia, but not too many mentions of Australia's own Outback Jack (World Wrestling Federation circa 1997). He may have been the first Aussie to make it there, but fortunately not the last. Oh, all power to you Buddy Murphy. We hear your ready to do Australia proud, and one or two of the Aussie ladies are into NXT. We will be watching with keen interest. These Aussie's can compete with the best, and most will argue that the WWE is still The Best in the World. Sorry CM Punk, but WWE are best, but will be turning into a future UFC event to see your do your thing MMA style. Something tells us Ken Shamrock from The World's Most Dangerous Podcast will be offering up his special breed of pro wrestling and MMA converge on Punk, Ronda Rousey, Lesnar, as well as the pro wrestling landscape in general. Maybe Vince, Triple H, Shane or Stephanie need to do their own more frequently broadcast Podcasts. DTA that's don't trust anyone (else). You do know that 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin put a few noses out of joint with this WWE official podcasts don't you. Hell Yeah... sometimes in-house is the way to go. Accountability, performance and results matter. So does reach... in-house plug while we have your attention: Check out the Media Man website network for a range of media, publicity and advertising options. You will be glad you did folks. We borrowed some of the pitch from Jim Ross. Thanks J.R. There will only ever be one J.R. It would be cool to hear him call a match at WrestleMania. We will leave it with you Hunter, Vince, Hayes and Road Dogg. Love your work crew.

Stick with us as things keep gathering speed on the Road To WrestleMania and do yourself a favor and keep checking the TMZ Sports website and YouTube Channel daily. You won't want to a miss a second.



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