Top Ten Greatest WWE Matches of All Time

Top Ten Greatest WWE Matches of All Time

Wrestling is arguably the mother of all entertainment. It can either be SummerSlam, Wrestlemania or the Royal Rumble some fights are worth recapturing. While you may want to play for real money online, we are sure you enjoy as much watching your favorite WWE matches.

The Top Amazing WWE Matches Ever

So, which were the top WWE matches in history? Here is a list of the ten greatest WWE matches of all time.

#10. The Rock vs Mankind- I Quit Match

The I Quit Match was documented as part of the Beyond the Ring matches. It runs down history as one of the most violent events in history. The Rock hit Mike Foley with a steel chair on the head eleven times. The worst part is that Foley's family was watching from the ringside.

#9. Bret Hart vs British Bulldog- SummerSlam 1992

The British Bulldog overcame Bret Hart in the latter's backyard. The Webley Stadium was packed with fans for the Intercontinental Championship. The British Bulldog was able to counterattack Hart and pin him to win his ever first Intercontinental Championship.

#8. Steve Austin vs The Rock- Wrestlemania X- 2001

Wrestlemania X-Seven was held at Astrodome Houston and was the first Grand Spectacle. Before the event, Austin and the Rock had piled a lot of pressure on each other. The two were able to draw one million pay per views for the match. However, Austin walked out as the winner after capturing his fifth WWE championship.

#7. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart-Wrestlemania - 1992

The late Owen Hart and Bret Hart had one of the most profounding opening matches in Wrestlemania. Owen won the match by rolling Bret and pinning him.

#6. Hulk Hogan vs The Rock- Wrestlemania 13

This was Hogan's match in a Wrestlemania stage after a decade. The two brought some of the best performances with the crowd siding with Hogan. The two ended up shaking hands after the match.

#5. Jake the Snake Roberts vs Macho man Randy Savage- The snake bit the savage

It was not a match per se, but it was equally horrific. There was a live snake on the ring, and it bit Savage. However, the snake was defanged and depoisoned, but it was still scary.

#4. Shawn Michael vs Kurt Angle - Wrestlemania XXI - 2005

Angle and Michael have been in the ring so many time, but Wrestlemania XXI was one of the best performances from the two. Although Angle won the match after Michael failed to unlock from the angle lock.

#3. Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Great- Wrestlemania III- 1987

Hogan and Andre have one of the most high profile matches in Wrestling. It was the match that made Hulk to the great legend we know of today.

#2. Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage- Wrestlemania III- 1987

The Savage vs the Steamboat grabbed all the attention in Wrestlemania III. The two were fighting for the Intercontinental Championship. Steamboat walked out as the winner after pinning Savage.

#1. Shawn Michael vs the Undertaker- Wrestlemania XXV- 2009

Micheals and the Undertaker are two living legends who had incredible careers. The match was held in their hometown Texas with Jim Ross commentary making it more exciting. It was dubbed Heaven vs Hell match. The Undertaker won the match and marked the end of Michael's career.

Which one of these matches haven’t you seen yet?