UFC President Dana White Calls WWE “Fake S***”

UFC President Dana White Calls WWE “Fake S***” - August 2015
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Seth Rollins responds.

By Grahame Herbert

source: wwe.com / twitter

UFC President Dana White has called WWE “fake s***”, leading to heated responses from WWE and TNA personalities.

White was tweeting in the build-up to UFC 190, where Ronda Rousey successfully defended her belt against Bethe Correia. You would have thought that White would’ve been focused on his own event, but instead he responded to a fan who had tweeted “I wish I could watch the Rousey fight tmrw night. Vince got you beat there @danawhite. Our PPV’s are only $9.99.”

Dana responded by tweeting “I hear u bro but fake s*** should be 9.99.”

In fairness to White, he then backed the comment up “@RKORollins not disrespecting what they do. All the WWE guys I have met are awesome people but yes it’s fake.”

White is good buddies with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and employed CM Punk after striking up a good relationship with him.

But the wrestling community were not happy with the fake comment. TNA’s Jeremy Borash responded to White, tweeting “Legit cancelled my UFC buy for tonight. Instead sending $50 to @NikBali, a UK wrestler paralyzed during a fake wrestling match. @danaWhite.”

White obviously had no clue who the TNA personality is, responding with “@JeremyBorash it’s free in the UK goofball.”

The “free in the UK” comment isn’t actually true. People need to be subscribed to BT Sport or BT Internet.

TNA’s Bully Ray then got in on the action, tweeting “Good thing you had ‘FAKE’ @BrockLesnar in @ufc to be your biggest PPV draw of all time. Sir, ‘do the right thing’ and apologize to THE industry that laid the groundwork for YOUR industry. Have a great show tonight.”

Finally, WWE Champion Seth Rollins had something to say, “Guys, cut @danawhite some slack. I mean he’s had a million matches, so his opinion is super valid and should be taken as gospel.”

It is a bit of an over reaction from the wrestling world. White is correct, WWE is fake. That’s just a fact. WWE and TNA are also a lot of the times “s***” in that they regularly book absolute nonsense and terrible matches. The internet wrestling community are saying that all the time.

But the context of White’s comment has been taken as an insult, when it was probably meant to be just a throw-away reply.

It doesn’t give much hope for Ronda Rousey wrestling at WrestleMania 32, not when her boss views WWE as “fake s***.”

Nevertheless, WWE remain optimistic on working a deal out with White for Rousey working next year’s Mania.