UFC star Daniel Cormier advises he is going to try out at WWE Performance Centre

UFC star Daniel Cormier advises he is going to try out at WWE Performance Center -
21st October 2018


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by Greg Tingle

Daniel Cormier mentioned during a UFC 230 media day that he pushed back a WWE tryout as a commentator after he got booked for UFC 230.

“If I didn’t have this fight, I have been talking to the WWE, because they wanted me to go in and do an audition as a member of the commentary team. That was my private little thing. But because of the fight, I had to push it back. So there might be some DC in WWE s–t coming.”

He mentioned that after the fight next month, he will go to the WWE Performance Center to do the tryout.

Regarding WWE commentary, he said “I like it. I want to freak out. I want to freak out next to the thing with Vince in my ear saying, ‘Say this, you ass—e!’ Because I heard Vince tells you what to say. I’m like, ‘OK, Vince.’ Don’t be surprised if I’m on TV and a couple times I go, ‘OK, OK, OK, OK.’ And just say it.”

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