Vince McMahon "immensely pleased" with WWE RAW with Paul Heyman increased influence

Vince McMahon "immensely pleased" with WWE RAW with Paul Heyman increased influence - 6th July 2019

Eric Bischoff given opportunity to make SmackDown shine; EB move shows commitment says Media Man agency


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by Greg Tingle

WWE top brass Vince McMahon is understood to be "immensely pleased" with the "pacing, tone, and essence" of this week's RAW, according to S.I. (Sports Illustrated, for those who didn't know).

Now the wrestling world awaits to see what real impact Eric Bischoff will make. Bischoff is of course the only person in the wrestling industry that ever was able to knock off the WWE (then WWF) ratings dominance.

Can EB be an undisputed asset to the WWE machine this time around? Only time will tell. As the expression goes, the jury is out. There's always naysayers in any industry, but let's give the name a fighting chance. Mind you, he has his work cut out for him against Paul Heyman, but that may be just the fire and motivation he needs.

EB's 83 Weeks Podcast may or may have not been a factor in the WWE hiring, but one can not dispute the existence of AEW (All Elite Wrestling), which 'The Bisc' was frequently getting media mentions on, across the United States, and globally via the internet - which Bischoff is also a big advocate of, even though it can be a double edged sword... yep, we're Doubling Down on that also, with the Atlanta, Las Vegas and Fyter Fest connection and all.

Mr. McMahon also recently celebrated his father's life, via a social media post celebrating his birthday. The Media Man agency doubled down on the post, while a handful of others did their usual trolling - the menace of the internet, which could be a great gimmick for a WWE Superstar (unless Becky Lynch has taken over that gimmick already). Ronda Rousey could also incorporate that gimmick in her character, given her past feud with the Irish Lass Kicker, but that's another story.

Make no mistake, Vince McMahon is still the main boss in WWE. Michelle Wilson is very high up in marketing, and one George Barrios is the companies main financial wizard (Chief Financial Officer). Triple H is busy running NXT and Stephanie McMahon is the Chief Brand Officer of WWE. We though we would just join a few dots for the readership. Now the question is just how much creative control will VKM give Mr Heyman and Mr Bischoff? These questions and more will likely be answered over the next few weeks and mores.

And fans, don't kid yourself... the AEW (All Elite Wrestling) competition is at least partly responsibly for the shakeups and changes. If WWE signs up talent, both in ring and business heads, that is essence means they are not available for elsewhere - that elsewhere just happens to be Atlanta based AEW.

As is getting repeated in worldwide wrestling media circles, the AEW competition is very real, and at the same time WWE is competing with itself. Can the WWE overcome itself, and will be hiring of Paul H and Bischoff prove to be a worthwhile investment - so far Yes, but will it sustain? What's in story this October when WWE hits FOX - FS1, and AEW is due to launch something to the event of Tuesday Night Dynamite? Wrestling shows from both promotions will sometimes go head to head.. hello Evolve and Fight For The Fallen, and who will be next to fire the next shot? Who are the secret weapons and what will they do?

This is a very existing time to be a wrestling fan in our opinion, and if you don't agree maybe a chair shot to the will help you wake up and smell the roses.

Yes sir, WrestleMania for Wrestling Fans is here, even if not officially. Stay tuned for updates fans, you won't want to miss a second of the action. Don't get worked, and keep it real. See you at the matches.


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Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff



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