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by Greg Tingle

We've finally done a review of sorts on the Virgin Group website, with a focus on the Entrepreneur section. It's probably long overdue, but we have been busy running our business, doing sport, website usability testing for a number of clients, eco tourism, photography and just keeping the Media Man Group moving along in the right direction.

From the get-go, a disclaimer - yes, we have at various times over the past decade plus done a number of projects, both paid and unpaid (Virgin Unite etc) for Richard Branson's company, and yes, we met and chatted with the boss and some of the top brass a number of years ago. Years back we even won the Virgin Games 'Affiliate Of The Month' award, as well as making the finals on a few occasions. The Virgin Unite Hanger Ball in Brisbane, Australia was my favorite campaign with the firm. In the spirit of transparency, I thought it best to get that out there.

The Virgin Group is a most unique company. Born from Richard Branson's Student Magazine in 1968, where Richard had to develop his sales skills to sell advertising in a battle to keep the magazine going. Mr Branson found strong success with Virgin Records making a major splash in 1972 launching the record label with Nik Powell. The name "Virgin" was suggested by one of Branson's early employees because they were all new at business. Branson bought a country estate north of Oxford in which he installed a residential recording studio, The Manor Studio. He leased studio time to fledgling artists, including multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield, whose debut album Tubular Bells (1973) was the first release for Virgin Records and became a chart-topping best-seller. Today there's over 400 companies covering airliners, cruiseships, trains, hotels, telecommunications including subscriber television and even space travel and many more, and with plenty of additional projects and business sector disrupters on the way!

You can read the official History Of Virgin here.

Most businesses are not especially inspirational. Well, you might find something interesting, but generally alot of businesses are not so exciting. Not so at Virgin. It helps having a charismatic and daredevil leader without question, but its the match of innovation, a better deal for the public and business for social good that really gets me.

At present one of the favourite sections of the Virgin Group website is 'Entrepreneur'. You will read about Mr. Branson's trials, tribulations, philosophies on life, as well as learning about some of his friends, associates and even guest writers. The content is also intelligently (or logically - reference to Star Trek's Spok) cross promoted into the official Virgin social media channels.

I've had a mini meditate on what score to give the Virgin Group website (out of a possible 10). I'm going to give it a 9.9, only because I believe that there is always room to improve, and this is something that many switched on people believe, including the top brass at Virgin.

This is a live first edit version of our Virgin Group website review, so its dynamic and could be expanded and improved upon in the coming weeks and months. We hope your enjoyed the read and just maybe next time you read our scribblings about Virgin again we may have popped into one of the Sydney offices or shared a drink with RB. Fact is stranger than fiction which makes the Virgin Group (and our) stories even more interesting.

*the author does not work for Virgin.
*the author has participated in various projects and campaigns with Virgin Group over the past decade plus

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