What a croc

What a croc
(Credit: Lawyers Weekly - Reed Business Information)

He may hunt crocodiles for a living, but that’s no reason for internationally renowned odd-ball Steve Irwin to be denied protected species status.

The khakied one recently took great offence to attempts by fellow wildman Mick Pitman to establish an empire on the crocodile’s scales. After discovering that Pitman, who claims to have fearlessly slaughtered Northern Australia’s most ferocious fauna for decades, had the hide to promote himself as a ‘crocodile hunter’, Irwin moved to defend his multi-million dollar moniker.

Pitman received a testy letter from Irwin’s management reminding him of the fact the title was shielded by trade mark. Having initiated plans for a reptilian inspired rap CD and website, Pitman bared his teeth in retaliation.

“Now I may be a simple bloke from the bush with a swag on me back, but I am not slow,” he told the Herald Sun. “This bloke [Irwin] films [crocodiles], which is fair enough, but that to me is a photographer, not a hunter.”



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