Wrestling Promoters Down Under

Wrestling Promoters Down Under, by Greg Tingle

Australia enjoys one of the richest histories of professional wrestling in the world.

We have also had some of the worlds most colourful wrestling promotions and promoters.

As is in most parts, and endeavors, things are not always as they seem.

What am I referring to you ask?

Simply put, there are those that are good to do business with, and those that are not.

For the benefit of our wrestling and media savvy readership, we are going to list some promoters that we can highly recommend, and if an organisation is not listed, there may be a good reason for it, whether it be that they don't return phone calls and e-mails, are "dodgy", don't pay for goods and services, advertise wrestling cards and performers that won't occur, or just plain rip-off artists and con men.

Some great promoters may have been or are, great wrestlers, and some great wrestlers, many be poor promoters. Examining each on their merits is clearly the best method of approach.

It needs to be emphasized that there are many great promoters and wrestling promoters down under in Australia, however it is a case of buyer beware!

The wrestling business is a small world, and word travels of who is good to deal with. This is a sometimes not taken into account by some "snakes" in the industry.

Now, with the preliminaries out of the way, here's our A-List

Wrestling Promoters

Steve Rackman
Steve Rackman blog website

Ron Miller
MMA Ron Miller profile

Amy Action
Amy Action official website
ASEP Profile

Entertainment Promoters & Figures

Michael & Kevin Jacobsen
Jacobsen Entertainment official website
MMA interview with Kevin Jacobsen A.O.M

Max Markson
Markson Sparks! official website
MMA interview with Max Markson

Harry M. Miller
Harry M Miller Group
MMA Article: The Man They Call Harry M

Paul Dainty
Dainty Consolidated Entertainment official website

Phil Tripp
IMMEDIA! official website
MMA interview with Phil Tripp

Justin Lawrence
Xtreme Fighting Championship official website
MMA interview with Justin Lawrence

Jim Barnett
Jim Barnett profile

In the right hands, the Australian wrestling landscape could once again prosper, and Media Man Australia is proud to be in the thick of the action.

*the information provided was based on our experiences and that of many good folks that Media Man Australia liaises with. No legal warranty is provided. If you think you know of a wrestling organisation that should be listed here, let us know, and we will listen. However, be prepared to hear why that are not listed! If you want a court case, deal with some wrestling promoters, and I am sure they will oblige!


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*Greg Tingle, Media Man Australia, has a collaborated with the ABC, Network Nine Australia, Wrestling.net.au, Steve Rackman, Ron Miller, Big Chief Little Wolf (via David Little Wolf), John Seru and Mario Milano. Greg is also a frequent guest on Australian radio and television programmes where he discusses sports entertainment aka professional wrestling, media, reality tv...