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Feature Articles on media figures

The Virgin Files - The life and times of Sir Richard Branson and Virgin

Alan Jones: Broadcaster and Enigmatic Man - by Greg Tingle

Tony Rafty: Caricaturist and Australian National Treasure - by Greg Tingle

"Big" Tim Bristow: A personal true tale of Australia's legendary private investigator - by Greg Tingle

Feature articles and presentations on the media business

The war of the ratings: Macquarie Radio Network VS Southern Cross Broadcasting - by Greg Tingle

Reality TV - by Vaughan Buckland

Why does the media business breed jealousy - by Greg Tingle

Wrestling Book Reviews - Just an opinion!, by Greg Tingle

The stories that sell - 10th April 2004

Judy Moran signs with Harry M Miller - 12th April 2003

TV Show Reviews

Jerry Springer - Has He Gone Too Far - by Greg Tingle

H'it! TV - Real Talent to Revolutionise TV

Branson to battle the Donald

Movie Reviews

Review: Jackass: The Movie - by Greg Tingle

Review: The Hulk - by Joe Cooper

Review: Russian Ark - by Joe Cooper

Review: The Rules of Attraction - by Deborah-Jean Kantor

Review: Shattered Glass - by Greg Tingle

Review: Shattered Glass - by Anonymous

Review: Bowling For Columbine ("Looking For Trouble")

Movie Review - Cool Cool, by Anonymous

Movie Reviews - Jerry Maguire

Movie Review - The Passion of The Christ ("Blood As Fact")

Movie Review - The Passion of The Christ ("Blood, not passion stirs critics")

more movie reviews...

Book Reviews

Review: That's Life, Derryn Hinch - by Greg Tingle

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CD Reviews

CD Review - Channel Surfing with The Astroglides

Australian Surf Rock Portal - Surf Rock Reviews

Mediaman Music

More feature articles coming soon including:

Richard Branson

Harry M. Miller

Max Markson

Andrew Denton

Joy Hruby

Wrestling with his past: Johnny Valiant Tells All, By Kenny Herzog

Rupert Murdoch

Kerry Stokes

Sam Newman (Sports and Media personality)

Eddie McGuire (Sports and Media personality)

Rove (TV Host)

Kim Williams (FOXTEL CEO)

David Leckie (Channel 7)

The Great Aussie Promoters

The Great Yankee Promoters

How to spot a snake oil salesman

Sydney Olympic volunteers: Who got paid and why?

Bessie Bardot (Model and Author)

"Tricky" Ricky Tingle and the black mack (truck driver and businessman)