Interview - Dominic Bianco

Interview: Dominic Bianco, Wrestling Legend: 3rd September 2004

Australia enjoys an illustrious professional wrestling history.

We continue our interview series with the greats of Australia's mat game.

Dominic Bianco discusses the wrestling business, his career, and some of the highlights.

We are delighted to bring yet another great of Australian wrestling back into the public eye.

How did you get your break in wrestling?

I jigged school when I was 13 y/o, went to paddo p.c.y.c and meet Kevin Martin, he was training weight lifting at the time, so he took me to meet Mr Hal Morgan, and Mr Jim Deakin at Wentworth dog track, there was the gym, in a tunnel under the train tracks.

What are the highlights of your wrestling career?

There are many,I was very lucky to wrestle many fine wrestlers, there was one time when I and Mario Milano reached the main event in Japan and Korea for the heavyweight tag-team tile in front of of a full house at the Toyko dome.

What makes a great wrestler?

Discipline, respect for your body, hard training, and always thank God for want you have in life.

Why is the wrestling business one of the most competitive in the world?

Because wrestling reaches a lot of people of all walks and reaches the masses

What's the largest and smallest crowd you ever performed to?

In the Tokyo Dome full house. I think it holds about 60,000, and the leas, 24 people.

What's a few funny stories from the road?

Too many to mention. One time when Mario Milano and Haystacks Calhoun were just ready to leave to USA and Haystacks said to Mario, "I'm going to the toilet, I'll be a minute or two, when he left to go Mario put laxative in his food, when he came back Haystacks finished his food and went on to the plain, after 2 hours, Haystacks had to go the toilet and couldn't go because of his size. The att;s called the captain, he said that he had to go at the back of the plan where there's a cargo area with a curtain. Anyway, when he finished Mario was in tears laughter. The captain had to land the plane in Hawaii to air the plane.

At the pinnacle of your wrestling career, what training regime did you follow?

Running, weight training, shoot fighting.

What friends do you still make contact with from the wrestling years?

Mario Milano, and most are dead.

Who have been your main supporters over the years?


What media coverage have you enjoyed in your career?

TV, films, TV commercials

What promoters have you found reasonable to deal with?

Giant Baba and Steve Rackman.

What needs to be done to get Australian wrestling back to the success it used to enjoy?

It needs to be run my me.

What keeps you busy these days?

I have plenty on my plate.


Editors note: We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Dominic Bianco and others in the Australian sports entertainment business.


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