Interview - Richard Bradley (Producer: Richard Bradley Productions)

Interview: Richard Bradley (Producer: Richard Bradley Productions) - 26th May 2016


Richard Bradley

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Media Man: So what is Travelers Tales?

Richard Bradley: Travelers Tales is a collection of feature length stories with a common theme. Set in places and times that we know or imagine with principle characters who must take a journey. In each journey the travellers comes against amazing and almost impossible situations which provide an inspirational and thought provoking conclusion.

Media Man: Looking at all your other work when did you put this series together?

Richard Bradley: Several years ago I wrote two scripts. With the idea for the 3rd storyline developing I sought the guidance of senior script consultants, someone able to point these unusual story ideas in the right direction to hold an audience.


Media Man: Do you mean the flow of the story?

Richard Bradley: Yes, exactly. Because of the unusual concept I needed to ensure the three act structure and turning points came together well for the reader or viewer to be hooked into the story after the set up in act one. And to stay well and truly into it during act two and wanting to know the final outcome in act three. The consultant I used was Dr Linda Seger who has international film and TV drama credits consulting to the major Hollywood studios and American TV networks.

Media Man: I notice that Dr Seger is an American, why her?

Richard Bradley: I already had a working relationship with Linda Seger from years ago. For me, she provides excellent analysis of story strengths and weaknesses. And as the stories are set anywhere and everywhere with characters of many different nationalities, Linda was a good choice from this perspective. And very importantly she is very good with confidentiality issues. After Linda’s the heavy writing with a local script editor checking scripts along the way.


Media Man: You are obviously happy with the result?

Richard Bradley: Yes – all up sixteen individual feature length stories have now been written, properly script edited and reworked several times. The script editing is so important to this – you need someone with good writing skills with a cold approach to what you have written. If this process is done properly the end result is so much better.

Media Man: Well although you may be happy, but has any of this been properly tested on the commercial market?

Richard Bradley: Yes, four selected scripts have been analysed on request – one of them had an offer of $3M to co-produce but unfortunately this did not suit Australian investors and rebates. But the offer and especially the money was on the table.

Media Man: So what is the investment strategy?

Richard Bradley: The offer is to provide a rebate of 35% on the investment which is structured in Australian Dollars to provide a favourable exchange rate as well. Secondly through my financial people they will also be able to provide long term surety of the “at risk component” suitable to investors, on top of the rebate and exchange rates. It means affordable protection – the Australian rebate for local qualifying films, which includes this series, is stated at 40% but you have to factor in non-qualifying components and this is why I state 35%.

Media Man: So you are saying that the investment could have risk free components?

Richard Bradley: It can be but work needs to be done by my financial people to look at the best options available. Once the structure is approved by the investor the funds are placed into a managed fund and drawn down to the production company in a controlled manner to make each film.

Media Man: What is your role with production?

Richard Bradley: Writer/producer – there is plenty of willing talent out there to make these films. The brief will be to deliver what my production company requires and Travelers Tales is a great opportunity for employment, especially for emerging production talent, good directors and actors from all backgrounds. This is essentially important now with ever reducing Government assistance to the Arts in Australia.

Media Man: What about the distribution?

Richard Bradley: This area has changed dramatically over the past several years with streaming of films and these changes will continue to accelerate. My production company has been active in distribution for many years with plenty of success. The series will be niche marketed through a subsidiary of my company to defray P and A costs and with sub licencing to companies already earmarked for this, it will be a matter if the series takes hold and I believe it will. The distribution structure will also be placed to ensure that the local rebate conditions are adhered to.

Media Man: Film production is such a risk – how can you overcome negative attitudes, especially at this time?

Richard Bradley: Yes film production is a real risk – always has been and always will be. This is why we have key financial people to build proper managed funds to try and eliminate as much risk as possible. Most Australian films and for that matter many American and British films don’t make any money. But if you are to be in this business you need to stay positive and enthusiastic towards your work or you might as well not even bother.

Media Man: Just on a creative note I’m interested in what other writers might have inspired you?

Richard Bradley: I reckon with these, Joseph Stefano, Rod Serling and Richard Matheson - they pushed the boundaries joining the real and imagined world and when putting these scripts together I often thought of how they would do it. I’m also indebted to the countless hours of background classical music playing whilst I was writing – it was, at times, unbelievable how music written hundreds of years ago played a part in guiding creative energy. At times after I set up after the first twenty pages the script seemed to almost write itself. The initial treatment preparation and set up is so vital to a good story.

Media Man: You say the stories are about another place, another time, are they all fiction?

Richard Bradley: Not all, some are based on historical fact and others on what might be or could be. All with a common theme – it’s a very unusual series. I think they’re unique.

Media Man: You obviously enjoyed the creative writing process?

Richard Bradley: Yes it makes life worth living.

Media Man: Okay, we’ve known each other a long time so let’s see what’s out there!

Richard Bradley: Thanks, if there is an expression of interest the first move will be to introduce investors to our financial consultants to see what can be structured for them. We know the budgets and requirements to get started, on approval of finance.

Media Man: If you are interest in this series and are a genuine investor please contact Media Man or Richard Bradley Productions and your enquiry will be passed on in confidence to the financial planners Townshend and Associates who are based in Melboune.