Interview: Slyk Wagner Brown

Interview: Slyk Wagner Brown, Wrestler - 5th June 2003

What's your background?

I was born in Jamaica, but have spent more than half my life in America. I'm a US Citizen, so I normally refer to myself as a Jamerican.

How and why did you get into wrestling?

I got into pro wrestling because I use to watch it with my family and thought this looks like fun and it would give me the opportunity to kick some ass and talk trash while doing it. Where else can you do that?

How has the media been good and bad to you?

I don't really have that much media attention right now.

What's your stats?

6'2" 232 lbs. I'm 23 years old From Boston, Ma.

What's your finisher?

Appreciation Bomb.

How has the internet helped you?

I've managed to become a popular name on the internet by working all over, so it has worked out good for me, especially with the fact that the internet is available 24/7.

What TV shows have you appeared on?

WWE Smackdown, MSNBC, NESN, and NWA TNA.

Tell us about the WWE experience?

It not only met my expectations, but it went far beyond. These guys are making tons of money, so there's no reason for them to even acknowledge me, but they're not like that, everyone is down to earth and seems to enjoy what they do. It was definitely a positive environment, and definitely the best learning experience of my career.

Your funniest road story?

We went out to eat at Denny's before a wrestling show and I asked the waiter for some orange juice, but I wanted to make sure it was pulp free. He said that it wasn't pulp free, but he assured me that it didn't have much pulp in it either. So, after mulling it over in my head for a little, I told him ok, bring me the oj. He brought the oj and returned a few minutes later with our food only to hear me tell April that the oj was pulp free and that our waiter was a f--king idiot!

Have you ever received racist treatment in wrestling?

No doubt, but it's something that happens no matter where you go. However, I just try to ignore stuff like that, and remain focus. I have plenty of goals, and I intend on accomplishing each and every one of them.

What have been your biggest accomplishments?

Obviously, wrestling for the WWE, NWA TNA, and having the opportunity to wrestle overseas. At the moment, I'm trying really hard to get work in Japan, so wish me luck.

What's next for the Slyk man?

Getting to Japan and showing the Japanese people what they've been missing all these years, and then come back to the United States and prove everybody, who wouldn't give me a chance wrong!

What else should our audience know about you?

I'm currently doing a match of the month on my website, and the current match is Slyk vs. Mafia!


Editors comment: Slyk Wagner Brown has all the tools to make it to the top of the wrestling business. Don't bet against da Slyk man. Other than that, Slyk is a heck of a guy, and a good bloke as we say he down under in Australia.


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