Interview - Vaughan Buckland

I/V: Vaughan Buckland aka "Australian Wrestling Promoter", Webmaster Programmer & Entertainment Promoter (Sydney, Australia): 7th October 2003


Media Man finds a more controversial side of pro wrestling. Media Man uncovers some of the facts about pro wrestling, why more adults are attending wrestling events, the marketing, it's presence, and what controls the hype of pro wrestling.

Vaughan Buckland is an young enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for wrestling. His involvement behind the scenes has often left his work unrecognized. Former webmaster of IWA International Wrestling Australia and current webmaster of the worlds largest jelly wrestling campaign his work and
dedication to pro wrestling until now. Little has been known about one of Australia's backbone wrestling promoters.

Buckland is reviving a fad from the 80's and creating a federation which continues to the the saviour of live jelly wrestling "CJW Championship Jelly Wrestling".

Media Man Australia knows of the great work "Bucko" does. In fact, MMA director, Greg Tingle, interviewed him on the set of Channel 31 in mid 2002, and almost tore the set apart, comparable to the legendary Roddy Piper / Jimmy Snuka incident of the eighties. The producer, Joy Hruby was overcome and many guests were poised to call security.

The excitement is always at fever pitch when you get Greg Tingle and Vaughan together on the same card...mainstream or alternative.

Could Bucko and Greg "Media Man" Tingle be the next Roy and HG or Merrick and Rosso? Greg Tingle say's, "don't bet against us". Tingle has already be signed by Brett Clements new Reality TV program, Hi't! as a guest judge, and Buckland and some of his girls may not be far behind.

Can GT stitch a deal with Bucko, or will one of them get left in the dust, as the volatile, sometimes dangerous game of promotions, and public relations continues!

Who will get left with mud and jelly on their face? Or even worse, get dumped in a jelly wrestling ring. Perhaps it will be the Australian censors and thought police. GT and Bucko will not be censored!!!

Stay tuned for more uncensored wrestling media.

The controversy over whether wrestling is for kids or adults has been questioned for many years. Is wrestling now targeted towards the adult audience?

General pro wrestling has been targeted towards both for years as fans grow up stay fans. Any good entertainment that has been around decades is going to grow generations of fans. It is the adults buying the merchandise at any event they are only ones with cash let alone credit cards. Adults only pro
wrestling shows exist generally consisting of content more suitable for adults with show times and venues where adults only are permitted from this jelly wrestling was born so is obviously is only targeted for adults.

What's your background?

Well I have a plumbing trade have been a retail manager and a new sales person. It is about working hard and doing what you enjoy if you are to succeed with anything and I enjoy show production more than anything. I spent many years living in the same house as Mark Mercedes owner of IWA International wrestling Australia from attending his shows and developing an interest in the production he had created I chose to webmaster the IWA site.

As already a webmaster working on the web and with the knowledge of the internet purchased and with IWA have put together the finest jelly wrestling talents.

How did you get your break?

I guess I am still making my own breaks their isn't any direct money in the show for myself I have to generate my own interest with merchandise and memberships through internet sales. I have created a money making opportunity for adult webmasters and performers to market jellywrestling on their sites and earn 60% of recurring memberships so you will see the popularity of jellywrestling grow as interest in the program expands.

Who are your mentors?

I would have to say Vince McMahon on the wrestling industry as he has successfully marketed wrestling as a whole just the fact I exist is just another way he gets advertising for his business. Controlling the production of such a major show and performing in it as well has to be merited especially considering the bumps. As far as success goes WWF/WWE created their own they have won the war on wrestling to be number one having control or making money from any wrestling television event. I would also think
Tyrone Townsand and Mark Mercedes have had a great deal of influence on my perception of the wrestling industry. As far as the internet goes I would have to respect Helmy and the ASACP .The largest anti-child pornography movement. A non profit site created in 1996 by HELMY Enterprises, Inc

What media coverage have you previously received?

The IWA and jellywrestling has received a fair bit of media exposure. At the time I was webmastering the IWA we had 6 pages in Australian Penthouse magazine May 2002 unfortunately I didn't get a mention myself but hopefully they will recognize jelly wrestling has grown into its own production and will do another story. We have had our jelly wrestlers featured in Picture Magazine on a few occasions and featured an article in a LA men's magazine.

We had show of the week for the gig review in the Sydney Telegraph on the weekend of 14th August. We also did the Rock Patrol give away with 2MMM that day. We have had radio exposure on 2UE John Laws program as well as mentions on 2GB 2Day FM. Nova FM, 2MMM. We did a promotion on 2KY for Parramatta Eels on the NRL Rugby Grand Final day. We have had appearances on Channel V and
episodes on Under The Hammer with the last episode the hosts ending up in the jelly pit. We have had many web reviews across varied internet sites both adult and wrestling. There was also the Channel 31 appearance when the media man himself and I clashed destroying a TV set but that's wrestling!

What's some funny stories from the road?

To be an entertainment promoter you get to meet some entertaining people so I have had a few laughs along the way but one incident comes to mind. We employ a lot of wrestlers as security as well as the few that attend to watch the show and the security staff supplied from the clubs we have great security at events and make all efforts to see the girls don't get touched. The girls certainly know how to handle themselves and well when one girl was grabbed it didn't take long before she had him thrown in the pit face down in a wrist lock. Security just escorted him out she had done the job single handily. The show itself is a comedy with antics and a lot of one liners so it is a laugh all its own the show.

What is your internet experience?

Well I have run dedicated servers and virtual hosting as well as maintained the scripting associated with it I have installed every kind of script including search engine pothole traffic trading scripts top sites chat rooms etc. I have owned over 80 domain names and developed hundreds of sites I am currently hosting on our servers a few wrestling sites, adult sites and 3D virtual reality sites. I have a great deal of experience with search engines and boast to have the largest collection of search engine multi submit forms on a web site. I have been building and maintaining sites since Jan 97 which I guess makes me a veteran in this field.

What does a wrestling promoter do?

Besides spending a lot of time on the phones talking to wrestlers about personal promotions and the likes I spend most of the day editing code, drawing graphics, organizing merchandise as well as getting new affiliates and managing existing to help with the promotion of jelly wrestling. Coding can take a long time and since I have done most of the coding myself it has been the time consuming site to the business. Helping and advising webmasters can also take up a fair bit of the day. has proven to become a full time job the day is really broken down to priorities of what needs to be done first.

What would you consider success?

I guess to be making a living out of it ideally but I think there is a market in cable television for jellywrestling so I guess a TV contact would be the long term goal. Our crowds certainly would give an indication of how popular jellywrestling is becoming. Jelly wrestling the show is already a huge success my job is to raise awareness on the internet and bring that same success to the web site. By owning the .com internet extension for jelly wrestling I feel some sense of achievement however by marketing it to
the best of my ability I hope to raise the level of success we have previously achieved.

What's your motivation in life, on a professional and personal level?

On a professional level to gain enough momentum in the business so it is self sufficient and gains a cult following. On a personal level I guess I would like to have a family although that is unlikely at present. I do like to think besides the adult world I do have some morals and strong values to contribute although running an adult business can be quite costly and straining on new relationships.

What's the best and worst thing about the business?

Best: It is a great perve. I have improved my camera skills I am sure since I started. I meet a lot of pretty girls and get a lot of enjoyment out of working on the internet it beats any other job I have ever had.
Worst : Having people think there is something wrong with jelly wrestling or thinking adult entertainment is solely underworld related. Not realizing we are a production show in all the clubs.

How exactly do most people find out about your web site?

Fans telling fans about their experiences at events, friends telling friends, search engine search results and our affiliate program. We actually offer 60% to promote We have one of the highest paying affiliate programs on the internet this is our strongest tool of our marketing campaign.

How many website visitors do you have?

We have about 10,000 visitors at present a month that is to our main page we would have tens of thousands more though on our promotional pages.

What would you like me to tell others about you?

Tell them about I'm just the guy that puts it together I am sure jellywrestling is an easier name to remember than Vaughan Buckland.

What are your future plans?

Keep on clicking I have still got some prime domain names to develop some registered since 1998. I am sure will out shine some of the others but with the value of domain names again rising I still may have a future with some of my other projects my current project is

How has the Internet helped and hindered you?

Both I certainly know the do's and dont's and you may be surprised how simple it can be to run or ruin an online business simple mistakes can be costly. My business is internet based so I would have to say it has helped and I will continue to rely on the internet for my business ventures.

What other information would you like to share with our audience? Subscribe to now or come along and see the action and spills live at our shows!


Media Man Australia's Greg Tingle say's, "along with myself, Vaughan "Bucko" Buckland is one of the new breed of Australian promoters to watch. We have only just began to leave an impact".


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