Interview - Bruno Chatelin

Interview: Bruno Chatelin, COO, Filmfestivals Entertainment Group:
9th January

Bruno Chatelin (left) and friends at Cannes 2003

What's your background?

MBA graduated
With international ad agencies for 10 years (JWT)
Film distributor 10 years (marketing Dr and MD)
Internet entrepreneur since 1998

What are the main services of Filmfestivals Entertainment Group?

Syndication of festival news (web + TV +new media mobile...)
Advertising promotion online for festivals & filmmakers & large companies targeting film pros
Consulting sponsoring service during major festivals

What are you aims and objectives?

Have fun be creative stay young and innovative have enough money to continue doing these.

How do you balance being creative, with being practical?

Internet allows, that, demands that (if you want to stay alive in that business).

What are the most popular aspects of your internet services?

The bulletin board service where festivals get noticed from aspiring festival circuit filmmakers
Festivals get more than 50% of their entries through us

What are some of your personal and professional milestones?

Drove a formula 1 at estoril circuit
Built the joint venture (as managing director) between fow and UGC
French major
In charge of communication for the world cup organisation during France 98
Mastering Dreamweaver and adobe's photoshop illustrator and premiere

When did you realise that you were really onto something with the business - Filmfestivals?

When we saw our clients return for more services the following year.

What are your main challenges?

Cover 1900 festivals worldwide without having to attend them all (regretfully)
Deliver festival news on mobile
Deliver entertainment content to new media

How do you overcome them?

Invent a new business
Find corespondents
Master the art of trade, in kind, swap...

How do you capitalize on the industries premier film industry events?

We become partners of these large fests (Cannes Venice...) and use this relationship to get other large companies onboard as official sponsors
(Intel Kodak eutelsat marinastudios became sponsors of the Cannes webcafé and buyers launge

What motivates you?

Festival is a unique place where talent proliferates, I like to be around and witness simple miracles come true: a good film meets its target thanks to processional handling...

What do you do to relax?

Surf, golf and more surf (windsurf).


Editors note: If you want to know about Film Festivals, Bruno is clearly one of the most qualified persons in the world, that you need to take notice of.


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