Interview - Tim Cullen

Interview: Tim Cullen, Citizen (abducted by Aliens): 2nd June 2004

We explore the world of aliens, in this interview with a fellow who claims to have been abducted by aliens!

What's your background?

Background-married, wife and three daughters,self-employed resident of Yuma, CO for 40 years.

What are you best known for?

Best known for-nickname of "goat" acquired in high school as to a prank.

What do you say to doubters?

Say to doubters-some people you can't say anything to, and some you interfere with their "comfort
zone".The most convincing fact that I can convey is that there are 3 other almost identical objects
removed from other people that purport extraterrestrial encounters.

What are your aim and objectives?

Trying to get out what has transpired with me over the last 4 years,esp. my approaching my elected government representation and their response to me. Getting some follow-up after my 15 minutes of fame,so to speak. Knowing that I have proper scientific studies as to what was found in my body and to what it is. As listed in my SSI file "unknown" and spoken of on The Secret World of Alien Abductions "structures that I have never seen in human tissues, before."Very strange in a world that use DNA evidence in court.

What other important information should we know?

There has been so much disinformation and half-truth's put out there for the human psyche, over a period longer than I have been alive,that I can't truly say. I believe that the creatures we are encountering are telepathic,and can "know" more about us than we know in a short span of time.

Is there are Government cover-up?

Without a doubt , but does some "faction" of our government/military operate in "cohorts" with etraterrestrials? I really can't say, but wonder as what the "aliens" would have to gain. I believe that they have been coming here longer than any human has been alive today, as I had a first-hand "family story" told to me about a woman's great-grandfather and grandfather encountering a large
UFO in eastern Nebraska circa.1900-1910. The sad thing was,she had no interest at that time in such matters so she did ask her father about where this had occurred and now she could never know.

What memory do you have of the abduction?

Memorable aspects...have "missing time" but having a premondition (of this and other things) as to aspects of this encounter. Will tell you more as to premontions as I believe this was a factor in my being

Am I alien?

I do not think so, but I am a "missing" identical twin (from infancy), have premonitions, NDE, paralyzed from the neck down for 3-5 days, abducted /implanted.

Do you have an mentors?


How have you made a difference?

Would like to hope so motto.

Do you have a motto?

I don't have one.


Editors note: As you can see, this guy in fair dinkum. Do aliens exist? We don't really know, but Tim Cullen has the guts to tell his tale.

Interview - 29th June 2004




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