Interview - Ric Drasin

Interview: Ric Drasin, Bodybuilder, Wrestler, Actor & Self Defense Expert:
18th June 2003

Greg Tingle interviews Ric Drasin. Who is Ric Drasin? Keep reading to find out. Many readers will be interested to know that Ric played the Demi Hulk, in the TV series, The Hulk! Ric gives a preview into his world, in this insightful, entertaining and hard hitting interview.

What's your background?

Well, that's pretty extensive. I'm from Bakersfield California, and during High School was a 'lead guitar player' in a Rock Band. We were fortunate enough to win the Battle Of the Bands in Hollywood and played the Hollywood Bowl and also received a recording contract to Capital Records. This was in 1961. I continued to play and also took up bodybuilding which consumed a lot of my time. I was the only one out of my group that got into that. As time moved on, I started competing and won Mr. California. My Dad always took me to wrestling matches at a young age and we had a lot of fun picking who was going to win. I always thought, what if, I would decide to be a wrestler?

Well, I went into the Army in 1962 and my Father passed away in 1963. I continued to workout and in 1965 took up training with Johnnie Mae Young at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. She was one tough lady and I think I was the ONLY wrestler ever trained by a woman. She taught me every style possible, Mexican, American, European, Right side, left side, shooting etc. So when I was ready to work, I was READY! Back then you really had to know how to wrestle and how to work a match, unlike today.

What are the highlights of your wrestling and bodybuilding career?

I think my highlights included being able to travel all over and work many wrestling territories which are non existent today. It's the only way to really learn the business and it's sad that the younger guys don't have that available to them. The old time promoters made sure you learned the business. As far as bodybuilding, I think the days training in Venice and working out with my training partner then, Arnold Schwarzenegger were the most fun. We trained together for several years and I also trained with Ferrigno. As a lot of people know, I was the Demi Hulk, which was the middle hulk on The Incredible Hulk TV Series. We all got along good as friends back then. It was a different world.

What's your stats?

6' 1" 220 lbs. Train 6 days a week still!! Turn 59 in July.

What media exposure have your received?

Geeze, so much over the years, all the Major Magazines, TV Shows, Series, Feature Films, Weider's Magazine, Wrestling magazines. Over 100 major TV Commercials and print jobs.

What are you best well known for?

Pro Wrestling and the Incredible Hulk TV series. Plus some memorable Acting Roles.

What's was life "on the road" like?

I had a great time and met a lot of interesting people. It's a good education to move around and live with the towns-people. Plus learning the tricks of wrestling from the old timers was a real experience.

What are the most serious injuries you suffered, and perpetrated on others?

Well, I amputated 3 fingers on my right hand and had two reattached. Still missing the pinky, which now is a 'trademark'. I also completely tore both quads a year and a half ago and had to have them surgically re attached. Went to the gym everyday in a Walker and trained upper body until I could bend them and get back into leg training. Now I'm back up to 800lbs in the leg press.

What motivates you?

I'm very very self-motivated and can't wait to get up at 6 am and start the day. I've written 2 screenplays which we are producing this Summer. One called The Job Squad and can be seen at and I also wrote two books, one called The Time of My Life and the 2nd being completed called 'So You Want to Be a Wrestling Promoter? This books all the ins and outs of running a show, based on my experiences owning the AWF.

Who are your mentors?

That's hard to say. I admire anyone who uses their brain and is self motivated. Those who sit and wait for others to do the job, I can do without.

What do you think of the upcoming Hulk movie, and what is your background with The Hulk?

I haven't seen the movie but I hear it's just so-so. I still see Lou and also the character who played McGee, Jack Colvin. It was the best working with them. The series was fun and no one can replace Lou!!! I played the 'middle hulk' known as the Demi Hulk and it's brought it's own rewards.

What are your business interests?

I have many. I teach wrestling here in my backyard in my 16' ring. I like working with others and passing on my knowledge, especially to those who will actually listen. "Old School" is so important and today's youth's just want to jump off the top rope and call themselves wrestlers. They don't even workout to build a body.

I also have a couple of new items that I developed and basically came up with. The Security Kat which hangs on your key chain and is a great self-defense item. You have to see this to actually know how it works. But that can be done on my website. and also the Security Kid. I also build and design my own websites so you'll see lots of animation on there. One of my big interests.

Who have been your biggest supporters?

Almost everyone that I come into contact with. I'm told that I'm a great motivator of people and inspire them to reach their goals. I like helping others. I also feel that there is nothing that I can't accomplish. I
put my mind into everything 200% to achieve my results and it works everytime. I proved that with my fingers and legs and didn't let those injuries hold me back.

What do you think of the current WWE product?

One word. Sucks! It's lost its meaning. It's not what wrestling is about. I don't know what you call this other than a schmazz.

What keeps you busy these days?

My film production, books, key chain, training. Spending time with my beautiful wife Randi ( my beautiful daughter Sami ( My Son's Shane and Adam and Grandson's Noah and Gavin. Whew! No time for sleep!

Updates from 8th July 2003:

My film production, books, key chain, training. Spending time with my beautiful wife Randi ( my beautiful daughter Sami ( My Son's Shane and Adam and Grandson's Noah and Gavin, and this week, I was asked to teach Cartooning ( something that I've done for years) for a Kid's Summer Camp. Whew! No time for sleep!

What other important information would like to share with our audience?

I can only say, go for your passion and goals. Don't let anyone stand in your way. Treat everyone fair and honest as you'll never have to look back over your shoulder. There's good in everyone so look for it and never for the negative. Anyone can feel free to contact me anytime. I always answer my own e-mails.

A final word from the Equalizer -

We all have 'dreams' of what we are and what we'd like to become in life.

Without a dream, you have no hope or no vision of where those roads are that lead to your dream..

No matter what, whether it be a wrestler,promoter,actor, businessman, or anything that you have the desire to do in life, always stay focused on that goal. Yes, you may have to do some jobs that you don't like, in order to pay the bills, but if you keep that goal in mind, eventually you will find that road and take it to your dream.

You don't want to look back years from now and think about the 'road not taken'. That could've been the one you wanted.
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