Interview - Marion Ellyard and Russell Collins, Taste Of Love

Interview: Marion Ellyard and Russell Collins, Taste Of Love (19 to 21 February 2016)


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Marion Ellyard


What are the website addresses where people can find out more about it?

Tickets purchase:


Presenters line up:

How has the new media, internet and the social media landscape assisted you with your upcoming event and promotions?

It has really helped us connect with the right sort of audience. We already have strong ticket sales and many wonderful people attending the event. People can leave their details with us, and we get back to them with more information.

How, when and why did you develop the events you organise and specifically the Taste Of Love festival?

even being a specialist on human behavior, relationships, sexuality?

I started in 2015 so it's still fairly new for me to do large events on this scale. Both myself and my business partner have lots of experience working with people and businesses over 15 years, and we enjoy the process of putting our head down and doing what needs to be done to get the best event for our clients, who become friends. It’s so unique. We really care about people and love. The event itself runs smooth and professional but doesn’t lack care, a nurturing touch, fun and relaxation either, plus we also also yummy food. There's also some market stalls at the venue itself and you can really chill out there.

Out of all the interesting topics and speakers coming up at the Taste of Love festival what main subjects do you personally find most interesting and why?

Hm this is a funny question. Russell and I and a few other people do the line up. It’s a tough criteria. W consider at least 10 key points when we select a presenter. We usually get at least 3 times more applications than what we can accept. So who gets in has to have credentials, experience, unique presentation and relevant work for us to even consider them. So in short I do love all the presentations and I am upset that I won’t be able to attend all of them. But to answer your question I am very excited about Margot Anand coming. Se has been a tantra teacher for over 30 years, she is world known, and just wrote an autobiography. Her energy is amazing although she is an older lady now, she can blow a whole audience away with her energy field, laughter and stories. I can’t wait to meet her and do her workshop. Via Skype she was already great so how much more can I expect in life!

From your vast experiences what main surprises and even misconceptions do you think may exist with the greater self development and human relationship industry as a whole? What about the Taste Of Love festival specifically?

With the Taste Of Love festival what I believe is a beautiful group of people that are willing to open up and learn about themselves and others including spirituality, self awareness, love for themselves and others, sexual beliefs and conditionings. A misconception might be that it’s an event about sex, dating or nudity. The crowd is very sincere and eager to learn and further their lives to some extend whether that is in a personal relationship, business aspects and health. Needless to say everybody attending our beautiful festival will learn a lot more about themselves and others and have a fun filled time, full of connection, celebration and growth.

In your journey thus far of running a festival of this nature what would you say have been some of the major highlights and extraordinary experiences to date?

Oh dear there are so many. I never looked back once I started to research and experience human behavior and development work. I have experienced moments where I truly met myself in my most
deepest humanity, vulnerability and all I could see was connected love in myself and others. I have experienced different flows of intense energy in my body as I was unlocking my body of
blockages and as a result of doing this work I feel confident, self love and acceptance and I am in a wonderful mature relationship now feeling inspired and aware to co-create a life free from shame, guilt and conditionings and work in a field I know helps others to experience the same.

What do you anticipate will be some of the highlights, breakthroughs and experiences that yourself and attendees will be expecting at your upcoming Taste Of Love festival.

The highlight of this festival is the experience itself. The work brings people close together you meet people make new friends and connections, even business connections. You learn so much and experience so much that your body, mind and soul feels fulfilled and rejuvenated, seen and pumped for the New year. Moments of bliss and ecstasy, of a huge crowd of people coming together as strangers and leaving as friends. Well if that is not a miracle then I don’t know what is. Shiny eyes, big smiles and fun lots of fun, great conversations over the meal times and breaks. It's going to be so rewarding and fun for everyone.


Russell Collins