Interview with "The Canadian Hellraiser" Jason Helton

Interview: Jason Helton, Wrestler, via e-mail - 23rd September 2002

Jason Helton is one of Australia's (and Canada's) greatest pro wrestlers, and in some circles, the greatest wrestling secret!

Helton was trained my none other than the Hart's in Canada, and has held numerous titles in his 5 years in the business.

We are proud to have conducted part 1 of a series of interviews with Jason Helton about his fantastic career.

GT. How did you get into the wrestling business?

JH. I got into wrestling through Bruce Hart via Chris Benoit. I knew Chris casually and he introduced me to Bruce. Bruce asked if I wanted to train and I said yes. I kind of got into wrestling as a fluke but it turned out pretty well.

GT. What are your best memories of the Harts?

JH. Best memories of the Harts were sitting around having Sunday dinners with them.

GT. What are your worst memories of the Harts?

JH. Worst Trying to get them to help me get places in the business.

GT. What is your best match?

JH. Best match is hard to pick. Undertaker for biggest crowd WPG Arena 22000. Dan Kroffat for biggest event - Stu Harts 80th Birthday. Lobo at Wollongong Uni (University) for best overall match and crowd.

GT. What is your favorite move?

JH. My favorite move is the crippler cross face or cross face chicken wing.

GT. What are your short, medium and long-term goals?

JH. Short-term goals? Get in shape for the Supershow in Sydney. Medium term goal - Get more work than last year. Long- term goal -To stay healthy and to help out the new guys. Maybe open a school.

GT. Do you prefer to wrestling as a face or a heel?

JH. I prefer to be a heel. I find it easier to be a smart ass and rile the fans. I am naturally a smart ass and find it hard to change that tendency.

GT. What is your worst injury?

JH. Worst injury was a combined cracked sternum and cracked vertebrae in my neck.

GT. What do you do when your not wrestling?

JH. When I'm not wrestling I’m either at the gym or looking after my 3-year-old girl.

GT. What parts of Australia and the world have you wrestled?

JH. I have wrestled in Western Canada, Manitoba. The Eastern U.S and in Australia, Queensland, NSW, Victoria, and South Australia.

GT. How would you describe your wrestling style?

JH. I'd say I wrestle in a technical brawling style.

GT. Whats the most embarrassing gimmick you have done?

JH. Most embarrassing gimmick was Jesse Jo yellow weasel. It was a Native American gimmick. I didn’t know that was going to be my gimmick until it was announced in the ring.

GT. Do you have "heat" with anyone?

JH. I don’t think anyone has heat with me and while there are people I don’t really like I don’t have any real heat with anyone. I haven’t ever been in what I consider a shoot but I have given and received some purposely still shots and given and received a few receipts.

GT. What sports have you played?

JH. I played football and wrestled a bit in High school. I also played basketball and hockey as well.

GT. What would you do if you didn't wrestle?

JH. If I didn’t wrestle I don’t know what I would do. Something in the entertainment business I hope.

GT. Who do you look up to in wrestling?

JH. I admire Gerry Morrow, Johnny Smith, Owen Hart, Chris Benoit, and Kurt Angle.

GT. How do you cope when life can get tough?

JH. I try and have faith in God when times get tough. Plus I have a great family.

GT. How has Internet promotion worked for you?

JH. Promotion through the internet has been all right. It gets your name out there. Id say your work in the ring still counts for most of your work. I'd say its all the same for the wrestlers. If you work well internet promotion helps you out. If you can't work no amount of promotion can help you.

GT. What's next for the Canadian Hellraiser?

JH. It's hard to tell what's next for me. The Supershow is a big goal and the there's a WCWA show in the new year. I'd like to become a regular somewhere and work at least one a month.

GT. Who are you facing on the Supershow?

JH. I don’t know who I am wrestling for any of the supershows.

GT. What wrestling promoters do you respect?

JH. Promoter I respect? That’s a tough one. I don’t really hold any love for promoters as most of them are pretty dodgy people. I would say I respect Paul Heyman for his dedication to the business, and in Australia, Mark Mercedes.

GT. What do you call your finishing hold?

JH. I don’t have a name for my finisher. I just let them be know as its name. Fisherman buster, Crippler crossface.

GT. What is your opinion of Vince McMahon?

JH. I think Vince McMahon is a very smart man. Im not sure about some of the things he does but he has been top dog for a lot of years now. I think the WWE should get back to more wrestling and less stories. Vince has a problem with letting the smaller guys shine. He should let Edge, Storm, Angle, Guerrero and the like, do more on the shows in the ring.

GT. What message do you have for your Australian and Canadian fans?

JH. Message for the Australian fans. Thanks for the support. Canadian fans. I miss you guys. Wish I were there.

GT. Thanks legend. Totally awesome. Give me a day or two, and your interview will be up there for the whole world to see.

In my book your Canada's Uncrowned Champion : ) Ok, I am bias now, but so I should be.

See you up north when I get the chance, and can't wait to see you at the Supershow champ.


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