Interview - Mana The Polynesian Warrior

Interview: Mana The Polynesian Warrior: 3rd August 2003

We continue to explore the often misunderstood world of pro wrestling.

Media Man Australia looks into the career of a bright young star, Mana The Polynesian Warrior.

What's your background?

I am from New Zealand ( Maori ) I lived in Matamata, NZ and lived the last eight years in Perth WA, before moving here to Allentown, PA in America.

How did you break into the business?

I always loved the Samoan Swat Team/ Headshrinkers when I was younger especially Samu. In 2000 I found the Wild Samoan Training Centre on my sister-in-laws computer. If I was going to shift around the other side at least I would have people around me similar to my culture etc. I still wasn't sure if I was going but in mid 2000 that Superstars of Wrestling show with Dennis Rodman came to Perth (No Show from Rodman ) and talked to Sionne Valahai ( The Barbarian ) who is Tongan. He pushed Afa's school and that was it, I was going.

What do you consider some of the highlights of your career?

Wrestling with my partner, now Headshrinker Samu, meeting the Polynesian Greats in wrestling such as Afa The Wild Samoan, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Samu, Rakishi, Three Minute Warning, Barbarian, Haku. Wrestling other guys I watched when I was younger like King Kong Bundy, Big Bossman, Kane, Undertaker, Terry Funk and Jerry Lawler. All Highlights of any wrestling fans.

What sports did you participate in at school?

Rugby (got as high as Waikato rep up to U/21s and made WA Seniors ) Athletics ( mainly things like Shot Put, Discus and Hammer Throw ), Basketball and Cricket.

What's your best match?

Actually I liked I did this year it was SATs ( NWATNA's Joel and Jose Maximo ) against myself and Samu in Major League Wrestling.

How do you describe your wrestling style?

Headshrinker style with a Maori style added to it ( I do the Haka and have a Half face Moko to the ring ).

What's the worse injury of your career?

7) Cracked sternum from a moonsault by a 370lbs man Hurt like hell.

What's a funny story from the ring wars?

Nothing really. There was this one wrestler who had a gimmick of being a pretty boy and I didn't know but he stuffed socks down his tights to give the impression...... you get the idea. Anyway he wrestled and after a suplex he didn't look well endowed but suffering from severe hemorrhoids.

What's your motto?

"Fear Has No Power Unless You Empower It " Fear is the biggest adversary in life but only if you allow it to consume you don't be afraid to go for your dreams.

What's your goal?

I don't want allot out of wrestling but I would love to be the first Maori ever to be in the WWE but not only for myself but for my people and for my family but if I don't I will have given it my best trying.

What was the largest and smallest crowd you have performed to?

Largest was about 8000 people smallest was the worst we traveled 6 hours to Pittsburgh for about 20 people, but same old rule, the smaller the crowd the harder you work to give that small crowd the best show you possibly can.

Who are your mentors?

Afa The Wild Samoan, Headshrinker Samu and Moondog Molsonn.

What can you tell us about Australia?

I lived in Perth for eight years and visited family in Brisbane so I know Australia as an awesome life. All this Homey crap they copy from the states is stupid Australia and New Zealand are awesome places to be raised as a child. No wrestling though.

What other important information should we know about you?

That I am really proud of my culture and my people, I am a good person that loves every single member of my family and that my Mother raised me better than I deserved . I am approachable and easy going and love to meet people. That's just me, True Blue.


Editors note: Another great wrestler with the right attitude. Something tells me will will be hearing a great deal more from Mana The Polynesian Warrior.


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