Interview - Crocodile Mick

Interview: Crocodile Mick Pitman, Crocodile Hunter - 9th September 2004

Folks, you have heard about Crocodile Hunters. Only legit croc hunters here. Sorry, no snow or surfboards.

This interview was conducted just 1.5 hours after the police arrived on Mick Pitman's doorstep, and it was alleged that the Irwin clan had alleged that Pitman was going to "blow them out of the water"! Pitman is a Croc Hunter, not a Bomber!

Furthermore, Irwin apparently is claiming his has the trademark for "The Crocodile Hunter"! Pitman, and others like Keith Adams et al, are Crocodile Hunters, just as I am a Media Man. A plumber can be "The Plumber" and so it goes on.

Attention: Media

Greg Tingle is associated with top line croc men such as Pitman and Steve "The Crusher" "Donk" Rackman, from Crocodile Dundee fame.

Expressions of interest invited from current affair programmes - 'A Current Affair' and ''Today Tonight'

Listen to the interview (note: some audio is difficult to listen to, as this was not planned or done in a studio).


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Attention: Media - Mick Pitman writes

First it was litigation then the Bully men ( Crocodile Hunter threatens to Blow Australia Zoo out of the Water)

What a joke what next!!!!

( when you can phone up and speak to Sir Richard Branson himself and you can't even talk to Steve Irwin.) that bites personal.....


I am now being accused of being not only a name pincher but a terrorist.

Why is this...that a normal Aussie bloke can't even have a passion these days, with out getting suppressed, in crap!

Australia Zoo that holds our countries title doesn't understand the Aussie lingo, are the so out of touch with the Australian people,( when they have blown a whole conversation out of context) This is how it went... I want an apology of Steve about the litigation last year i.e. ownership of trade mark name I will take this to the media and this story will blow you guys out of the water.

Now what they reported to the police at Sunshine coast police station is that... I threaten to blow up Australian Zoo.

After yesterdays events I don't even find that funny..

Sunshine coast reported to the Bundaberg Police the allegations.

at 8.50 the police came to Question Mick on these matters, they left at 9.15 thereabouts equipped with the relative information and found them to be unfounded.

Crocodile Mick