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Interview: Renee Slansky: Dating and Relationship Coach; Publisher of The Dating Directory - August 2017


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Media Man continues to explore the world of relationships and communication. In this case we explore the always topical world of dating. Renee helps make sense of this often misunderstood and sometimes daunting world.

We mainly know you from the modelling, fashion and promotions world, from where you were modelling for campaigns around Bondi Beach, as well as Inside Sport projects and the like. How and why did you transition into becoming a Dating and Relationship Coach?

I started a dating and relationship blog 4 years ago as I was passionate about educating women on how to find, build and cultivate healthy relationships in their life. This then grew into the leading dating and relationship blog in Australia which allowed me the opportunity to write professional love advice for some of the largest online dating sites and magazines in the world. From there I took it one step further and moved into coaching people privately and now have an online coaching programme for women. Truth is I never planned any of it, it was a natural progression of my passion and turning it into a purpose and business.

What do you consider to me your main life and career highlights so far?

For my new career, I would have to say having one of my top articles The 5 Reasons Why You're Still Single being translated into German for the German Huffington Post.

I think also having one of my articles I wrote about the effects that technology has had on dating, is now being used as a literary piece to study in a higher education textbook all over North America!

My biggest highlight would have to be, the fact that I am able to impact women and men all over the world and change people's lives daily. It's exciting to go on TV and the radio as a dating expert, but helping transform lives is what really gets me excited. I still have so much to achieve so maybe ask this question again in a year ha!

What unique perspective do you bring to the world of dating and relationship coaching?

My mission is for people, especially women to understand their worth and not settle for an average relationship either with themselves or with someone else. I am a very practical teacher and I believe we are the common denominator in our own lives. That whilst we create our own problems, we can also be our own solution. I want to bring about Love Education into schools and change a generation. Whilst there are influences in a modern world that can impact our relationships, I still believe that the foundations to have a healthy relationships remain the same and that's what I focus on.

This isn't about having a band aid solution on the symptoms , but rather getting to the root of the cause and empowering people to overcome their roadblocks and step up into the best version of themselves so that they can build an awesome love life.

You still are extremely fashion and styling aware. Are you self taught and styled, or do you get assistance with that?

Oh wow you think so? Haha Glad someone does because I kind of just wing it and hope that I look ok! I try to copy what others are doing when it comes to style whilst still dressing to my own tastes and body shape. To be honest living overseas and just becoming more confident in who I am has really helped as well. Sometimes I get styled for appearances , but most of the time I pull it together myself and hope it passes!

You were involved in sports presenting and sports modelling sector for many years. Are you still doing projects in the sector also, or do you just enjoy to keep following sports when you can?

I enjoy playing sport and fitness is a big part of my life , but I am no longer presenting or working directly with any sports. I am still TV presenting and have been for the last 10 years , however now it's moved into more in line with my dating and relationship coaching.

What sports are you best at, and who are your favourite sporting personalities you have met?

I like to think that most sports I'm ok at. Although I love to do free weights, dancing, rock climbing and anything outdoors or adventurous. I have always loved hockey and really want to join a team one day!

I remember co presenting a TV a show once for One HD and met some pretty awesome sports personalities including Libby Tricket and Anthony Minichiello. I have also met Sonny Bill Williams and some great football legends, I have kind of lost track of how many I have met, but they have all been really down to earth.

What do you most love about Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week?

I loved the creative drama in each show! It's such a wonderful environment for creativity, passion and style. It's a big day of shooting , but the energy and vibe from everyone is so contagious.

What have been a few of the best outcomes you have achieved at The Dating Directory?

I guess having the opportunity to write for some of the largest online dating sites in the world like Plenty Of Fish, eHarmony , . Plus being able to share my advice on reputable magazines such as Your Tango, Huff Post , The Good Men Project and a few others. But being able to change women's lives for the better has been so fulfilling.

Are most of your clients finding you from word of mouth, the internet, or a balance between both?

It's a balance , some are through recommendation , especially my private one-on one clients . But a lot are also from my blog or through social media and advertising . It's starting to have a lot of momentum now so I am finding I have to advertise less.

Do you have any plans or projects in the works concerning elements of sports or fashion (other than helping make sure your clients look good)?

Not really I have moved out of that industry and more just indulge in those things for personal enjoyment.

How often do your clients or potential clients ask you for a date, and how do you deal with that, if your prepared to put that into the public domain?

I never actually have any clients ask me out, as I make it very clear that I am engaged to be married and also that I am strictly professional. My clients have a lot of respect for me and my relationship so it's never an issue. Sure there are men out there who might contact me pretending to want advice and then hoping to ask me out, but they get the hint from our first conversation about where I stand on all that.

How do you structure your fees, and gear up your clients for success?

I charge an hourly rate based on what I know my services are worth and also using the industry standard as a guideline. For my course I offer a few different payment options.

What is your most concise definition of what is Love?

Love is a choice, an action, not just a feeling or a word.

What television or other media appearances, adding to Media Man coverage, have you got in the works, and when should we expect to see you on television next?

I have some exciting things in the work but can't reveal the network as such due to network agreements , but stay tuned! I also go on Sunrise or The Morning Show as their go to dating commentator for certain stories. I do appearances on radio and will be looking to speak at a few events as well.

Tell us your candid thoughts on dating shows being screened on Australian television such as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette?

It's ironic, on one hand I'm glad that people are finally having the conversation about love and dating , yet on the other hand, it's portrayed in the wrong manner . Whilst those sort of shows provide great entertainment , they should never be taken as gospel for how to find love or build a healthy relationship. I am all about love education , not glamorising relationships.

Is there any advice you would get the producers, or the contestants, and would you be interested to appear on these shows in any capacity?

I guess for the contestants I would suggest asking themselves what their intentions are and what they hope to achieve. A lack of direction brings about toxic decisions, or if they are doing it from the wrong mindset , then they won't get the outcome they really yearn for. As for the producers, I know they are there to do a job, so it's not my place to tell them how to do it . Their intention is not to really create lasting marriages, it's to get ratings.

What led much of your business to derive from the United States, and what part of the U.S. do you like the most?

Becoming an expert on Your Tango and writing for overseas magazines such as The Good Men Project which all have a huge following . I haven't been to the US yet!

I understand you have a book out soon... what's it entitled, and who will most benefit from it?

It's called The 5 Reasons Why You're Still Single, which is based off my top rating article. Perfect for any woman questioning why they aren't getting breakthrough in their love life!

What's the biggest challenges you have overcome?

I guess believing in myself and stepping into my authority I have an incredibly supportive partner and some amazing people in my world who believe in me so it helps me overcome my fears of failure.

When you finally have time to relax, what do you do for hobbies?

I actually go to the gym to de stress! But I love reading , writing and listening to music to chill out.

What's your motto?

A woman finds her strength when she realises her value.

Editor: We bet everyone learned something good and usual from this. Even the more experienced and dating 'savvy' types. It appears that Renee would be amongst the very best in her chosen profession and we also wish her external happiness, learning of her upcoming marriage. Congrats Renee, and well done on continuing to help so many people with this important element of their lives.