Interview - Greg Tingle, Founder and Director, Media Man Int, Media Man Australia, Australian Sports Entertainment and more

Interview: Greg Tingle, Founder and Director, Media Man Int, Media Man Australia, Australian Sports Entertainment and more
- 2019


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Media Man is interviewed by Mario Bekes via email (Alive 90.5 FM “Thought Leaders – Men in Black”)

with Mark Fennessy (Endemol Shine Australia)


Tell us about yourself?

Well, my Name is Greg Tingle. Officially, Gregory Cameron Tingle. In my mid 40s I have enjoyed a pretty amazing and full life so far, and there's no sign of that changing. I am passionate about life and learning about the world and its people. I had played many roles in life... grew up on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Son on a truck driver who became quite a successful moderate size property developer (a good one). 'Tricky" Ricky Tingle. We used to own 24 acres down the road from here at Kurrajong, I've been married, and divorced. I have a beautiful daughter, Michelle, who I am looking forward to catching up with again soon. I have a very special lady in my life, who I actually met from community media events quite a long time ago. We are very close again now. I'm best known as a media and sports agent, and my background includes 5 years full on journalism, and 5 years doing media sales and promotions for Optus Subscriber Television, where I was heavily involved with sports PPV events and Ethnic channels. I love to see everyone get a fair go in life. I'm a big supporter of sports, mind, body and spirit, balance between work life and doing what you really love, appreciating the natural environment be it beautiful beaches such Maroubra Beach and Newport Beach, or rainforest and the bush. I have created a reality where I can either not put any time into my business at all on a particular day, or I could work close to 24 hours. Most days I do about a 14 hour day, as I love my work as a media and sports agent. The lines get crossed between my work and my personal life, as I get to work a lot with sports, media for social good, human rights and I'm a moderate environmentalist. When I find out about good and great people, I love to help promote them to the moon and make the world aware of what they are doing for society. In one word, I'm a chameleon - I adapt to the surroundings, and are equally comfortable around street kids, billionaires, or creatures of the ocean, if you follow. I am making a positive difference to the world by shining a light on important matters, utilising media for good, a break down taboo subjects such as depression, just as great folks I got to meet and speak with such as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Hulk Hogan and Richard Branson have done. Sharing your story and elevating others can take a burden off your shoulders, and can be therapeutic, and can help you become the best version of you. It's uplifting to me to help others success and overcome their own challenges. Success and happiness is largely in the mind. I'm very happy to be doing this interview with you and it gives me a greater feeling of joy and success. I feel appreciated. We can help others like the listeners by opening up about our lives - the ups and the downs, overcoming the odds... getting back on the winning path. Nature and good people have saved me on more than one occasion in my life.

What do you do?

As we touched on, I am primarily a media and sports agent with a background in full on journalism and media sales including subscriber television. I am also an agent of change. A social and community entrepreneur. I am utilising the power of sports and media to help make the world a better place. Be it consulting with young surfers at Maroubra and Bondi Beach or young boxers at Father Dave Smith's Old School Boxing Academy at Dulwich Hill. People, especially young, want to know that there are still good people in the world and that adults still give a dam about the world and are trying to help make the world better, despite their being world challenges such as environmental damage and corruption in various aspects of politics and business. I am trying to improve the world by using platforms and mediums such as sport, media and community events, and I am succeeding .Many people have told me so. Adverting dollars helps keep the wheels of the business turning over, but making a real difference in the world and helping people, one by one, is what I'm really about

Why did you start your business?

I started Media Man Australia in 2001. I had left Telstra and WaveCam, and was getting more familiar with the old Channel 31 Community TV. I decided to do News Media and Journalism at Petersham TAFE. Almost 30 of us started and 5 made it to the end! I was one of 3 people who got published in print! Since then we developed Media Man Int and also Australian Sports Entertainment. At one stage we got up 20 websites. We are now back down to 5. We consolidated to focus on niche markets and to also reduce expenses, and increase focus. Of, before all of that I was my late fathers truck and property business offsider. In life we have to learn to adapt. Incorporating a of sports business and environment and community matters into my business was a natural progression. By incorporating ones passions into world, it makes it feel much less world, but you can even be more productive, just as leaders such as Richard Branson has pointed out a number of times

Is it your passion/cause/purpose?

Media and sports are some of my passions, and some of my purpose. The sports and media connection helps me do my best to make the world a better place. I get to increase my following via media platforms, be it internet, radio or television, sometimes all of them in combination, and I can shine a light on important matters, be it inequality in society, land rights, the challenges people face in business and in the job market, the stresses of the world that can impact individuals and families. I'm a former professional level athletes in Rugby Union - Warringah Rats First 15. We won the premiership in 1987. I'm aging myself now. I also achieved fittest and Most Improved Recruit in the Australian Army Reserve out of Mosman. The Mind, Body and Spirit realm is very big for more. Health is important. I enjoy beach yoga, swimming, bodysurfing, a bit of surfing, gym, boxing and martial arts. I find that sports and exercise is good for the soul and for the mind. I perform better at other things when I am also making time to enjoy my own sports and time being close to Mother Nature. I also like to photograph some of my activities, and those who are close to me and in my media projects. Media helps also act as a creative outlet for me. My mum is an artist. I'm am amateur artist and have also be very successful as an arts and entertainment industry project manager. Creative solutions and media to help make Australia and the world a better place covers a lot about what I do.

How do you help your clients?

I help my clients, and they help me. They know I love to promote. The internet medium has helped me and them a lot to gain a lot of positive exposure. Our Media Man Australia website has been in and around the Hitwise Australia top 10 (entertainment - personalities category) for around a decade. Good seem to love our articles, interviews and photographs. If I like or am impressed by an individual or brand, I let people know. Sometimes I will seek out an interview with them, or look into doing an official campaign with them. For example, following your personal passions and incorporating them into your business can be very successful. I've done this with boxing, wrestling, martial arts, surf sports, yoga, human rights and the environment. I recently interviewed Diamond Dallas Page. A world leading teacher and authority in yoga, with a background in wrestling. Dally and I share a number of mutual friends and associates such as Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. Dallas and his yoga have helped save and enrich many lives. His yoga takes away pain, and build physical and mental strength. I got James of Suntouched Yoga at Maroubra Beach to help transcribe the interview for me. So, this helped Page, James, myself and others who want to help improve their life and well-being, by incorporating yoga and more expertise into their lives. A positive mindset can be very helpful to ones self, and also to the people around you. We have business meetings at some of our favourite cafes such as Lion & Buffalo at South Coogee, Chalk Espresso Bar and Marini Cafe at Maroubra Beach and Piccolo Bar Cafe at Potts Point. This helps our friends in business, and our clients with face to face meetings. Human contact is not to be discounted. So, news, publicity, events, media such as internet, social media, radio, television, newspapers articles... it all adds up. I can and do shine a light on thousands of things, and the internet helps make it happen 24 / 7 / 365. It's almost like I have an army working for me, Australia-wide and globally. Our audience must read or listen to 'Positively Unstoppable' by Dallas Page. It really helps set you up for success and happiness. And, keep checking the Media Man Australia, Media Man Int and Australian Sports Entertainment websites. Some of the listeners will know about these already, as they are pretty famous and our friends over at Google are well aware of them.

What problem do you solve?

I shine a light on great people (and sometimes brands) who are helping make the world better. Not all talent always gets any or much media time. Talent should be appreciated and celebrated. If they can make a living from having a gift, all power to them. I can talk underwater. I can write powerfully. I know my way around the internet. The power of media and people power can be steered in various directions... for sport, the environment, human rights, social justice, fundraising, education and re education via great books such as those by Dallas Page and Richard Branson. Great minds and their thoughts can be transmitted to others via the bush telegraph and internet. We are making the world awake again. We open to the eyes of the masses to what is good and great in the world. We shine a light on the darkness, to help expose evil, corruption. We make governments more accountable. We help make society be more fair and just to everyone... not just a chosen few. Oh, we help promote powerful documentaries such as those by amazing people such as John Pilger (The Power Of The Documentary), Lin Sutherland (Beauty And The Reef) and David Attenborough.

Education and re education of the world is important. Awareness can facilitate positive actions. The world needs more heath, well-being and eco solutions. I've been learning a lot more about the planet via people like Richard Branson (and His Virgin Unite and Ocean Unite ventures), as well as Australian Geographic and National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC Earth, as well as individuals like Lin Sutherland, Hannah Mermaid (Fraser), Al Gore and David Suzuki. Sports and being around a beautiful environment can help promote and facilitate positive outcomes on that front. High performance is sports has been linked to high performance in other aspects of life, such as business. One needs to do calculated risks. When I box I use headgear, mouth guard and gloves. When I swim and surf I take measures to protect my head and neck. Back on point, making Australia and the world aware of great people, great companies, solutions, positive and inspiring people. Becoming the best you can be by getting involved with sports, nature and following your passions. Even today with this interview we are opening up hearts and minds. People can expand their horizons to better adapt the the changing world and the pressures its presents. Adapt to the world and help others do the same. Set people up for success. It can be too easy to get down. By combing our collective knowledge and resources we help inspire others to help them find solutions in their lives, their careers, the relationships and such. I could give many examples. I am expecting to hear of stories from some of your listeners today who might say, that bloke helped me look at my life and the world in a different way. I am now reading Richard Branson books, Dallas Page books, I'm doing some yoga, some swimming..

Teaming up with other entities such as Branson's Virgin Unite or Father Dave Smith (the Fighting Father - Priest) can help us increase our power, influence and effectiveness.

Mixing and getting information from switched on people have positive impacts on lives... people will be going... I'm feeling better about myself, my work and my business.... you get the idea. Positive media can spread like wildfire! We all get uplifted together. Our jobs, businesses and projects all start better performing. Some call it The Wisdom Of Crowds.. hand the problem or idea around the round table... by the time you get around the table one or more of us have worked out the solution. Bingo!

What makes you unique?

I have enjoyed a very full life, now in my mid 40s. I've been finally wealthy, I've been broke. I've been a ditch digger, a truck driver, an interview of stars and famous people, a sports agent, an environmentalist, an award winning sales gun at Optus and Telstra, a multi-time business owner. I am a survivor. I see things from many different perspectives. I am a truth teller (to use the sort of language one might associate with John Pilger, Julian Assange or Richard Branson). I speak of truths, some which some corporates or politicians may not care to hear. I speak for the voiceless, the invisible. Being a chameleon, I can mix and learn and educate with a street kid, a billionaire, a world class athletes, or a regular small business owner. People know that when they deal with me they are doing with someone who likes to help others and has done the yard yards themselves. I am a realist, but ones who always seeks out the positives. I'm often told I could be a motivater or public speaker. I guess I am dabbling in those realms again today, so perhaps I should even further ramp it up. On a personal note, to some I'm known as Greg The Maroubra Seal. This encapsulates my love for beach culture, nature and community

What do you exactly provide?

Media campaigns and exposure. 3 main areas... Publicity / PR - news based positive exposure. Advertising - mainly online advertising, which sometimes also carries across into other mediums. News - as in balanced articles and interviews. Finally, we have ramped up our events and project management campaigns. We are very good at getting an idea to concept stage, through to executing it and it becoming a reality. Also, relationship marketing is a strength of ours. Clients and new business often seeks us out. We are busy, but are also on the lookout for good and great people and products to help promote. We get tons of pitches via email and in person. In a nutshell, we help promote people, companies, products and ideas. PR,advertising, news, events... sometimes a combination, which has to be managed carefully. We work in an ethical and responsible fashion. I only take on projects we are suitable for, and that I believe have something genuine to offer others.

At present we are involved in a worldwide news story about the rise of a fairly new American based professional wrestling company - All Elite Wrestling (AEW). They are in a way helping improve the pay, conditions and creative for professional wrestlers. Our media and business analysis of their promotion has helped further establish them as a legit contender to be one day on a level with the WWE, who we also have the utmost of respect for, and who we have helped on a number of successful campaigns over the years. Both the AEW and WWE know that we respect and appreciate them, and the performers. Better pay, conditions and creative for athletes in a high risk occupation - a form of combat sport, is a good thing. WWE and AEW are generating massive international news headlines at present, and we are part of that, helping to improve the careers of those who work in that unique form of entertainer. We are also helping a range of Australian wrestlers, boxers and martial artists. Our followers can read all about it on the front page of our websites. It's mega positive publicity around the lock. We learned some of the art of publicity and promotions from people such as Harry M. Miller, Max Markson, Michael and Kevin Jacobsen, and even Chris Jericho... meeting and even reading about masters in the business (of sports and entertainment for example) can give you more important tools and expertise in a field to help you succeed in business and life. We have also become more more knowledgeable about news media, online media and online advertising by studying Craig Newmark (Craig's List), who we actually interviewed many years ago, before he became so famous.

How does that help your clients achieve their goals?

Having a positive and co-do mindset is very important. I am going to once again reference books by masters such as Richard Branson and Diamond Dallas Page. Find the problem... such as Dallas Page had back pain from pro wrestling. Find the solution - that was yoga as it turned out. Then tell others, and help others with their pain. Show people the power of positive thoughts and actions. These facilitate positive outcomes. Mr Branson found some shortcomings in British Airways... he started his own airline.. Virgin. He made pricing more competitive and provided better service and competition. He used to have Student Magazine when he was a young journalist. He needed to create more income to keep the magazine going. Richard and his team got better as the sales and advertising business, to keep the journalism and photo journalism going. Survival and evolution by necessity. Look up Charles Darwin books. We all have to evolve in life and business. I'm back on radio and TV again soon. I have listened to many friends and associates who told me repeatedly to put my voice to good use. So today, I get to mention my business and websites where everyone can look up my clients, my projects, my interviews with others. Google, Facebook and internet rankings are going to be going off the charts today Mario. This should also be reflected in an inspired and re educated audience.. Your are probably going to be flooded by more brands wanting to advertise and more people wanting to be interviewed. Success and a positive mindset can be infectious, in a very good way. Find strengths, focus on them, if you can incorporate them into your business, or job, or both, go for it. Passion and belief means one will likely work harder and work smarter

What inspires you to keep going?

Over the decades so many people have told me, or written to me... both, that I have helped them in their lives, with their business, with their outlook on life and society. Some people in the world still care about others. My business has been further improving over the past year. My health and fitness has further improved. I've been getting invited to more really interesting and enjoyable events. I've been getting paid more to help more people with projects I believe in. I keep increasing my circle of switched on friends and associates. Each day I wake up feeling really motivated to help make the world better, one business at a time, one person at a time. Promoting and writing about good business. Shining a light on the environment and social justice. Each day a new sunrise, more steps forward on business and life projects. More inspiration and opportunities from others. We can all help and inspire others to have the best and most fulfilling life possible, even in these interesting world time. We are creating our own sunshine!

Where do you aspire to take your business?

Good question, well, we are already global, thanks to the power and reach of the internet. In business one can also aspire to increase revenue. I will say to increase revenue, to increase our already significant light shining on Australian and global challenges such as inequality in the world and environmental damage, and to help motivate and inspire others to help them.. to help other people with business, relationships, life in general. To seek out the light, to find aspects to be positive out. We will continue to expand out horizons in the sports, well-being and media for social good realms, all the time while it also being good for our bottom line to keep our business sustainable, and enjoyable

What life lessons have you learnt?

Heath and overall well-being. My late father become a Multi-millionaire via the trucking and property business. Dad didn't look after his heath, diet and family relationships quite enough. Ultimately it cost him (and I) millions and a lot of pain and heartbreak. I learnt to better look after my heath, well-being and relationships more on a daily basis. Money and wealth can be here today and gone tomorrow... my dad and I went through this. We both learnt our lesson. It wasn't too late for me to really learn and action those findings. I have amazing friends, associates and a very special lady in my life again. Love and appreciation creates more love and appreciation. We know we live once, at least as a concept and widespread belief. Make the most of that one life. Help yourself and help others. Create more joy and happiness. Follow your dreams and passion. Try not to have regrets. Team up with other good people and organisation and pool resources. Richard Branson's Virgin Unite has been great for me and a number of our clients. Try new things. Find sunshine and light in each day. Appreciate this beautiful world and do your best to help protect our plant, people and other lifeforms. Make your one life count!

What do you wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

That it would be a few years before I started to make any real money out of the media and publicity, promotions industry. That there would be some other people around the media industry that would become jealous and how to deal with it better. On a very practical level, I wish I had of being told not to invest so much of my own money in creating a successful media company. I couldn't have done it on much more on a budget, but we all live and learn. I'm now sharing that with our audience. Be very mindful of how much of your own money you invest in your ideas to become a reality. I think budgets exist for good reasons. Even some billionaires still keep a budget.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting/growing their business?

Follow your passions, your interests, your dreams. Focus on something you have knowledge and enthusiasm about. Work out a business model that can be sustainable. You won't always hit a home run the first time around, but try different things. See what works, what doesn't. The invention of electricity and internet didn't just happen in a second. Their were trails and errors, experimentation, the wisdom of crowds. Media baron Rupert Murdoch went on record many years ago, 'Big will not beat small any more. It will be the fast beating the slow". The world is continuing to move fast. James Packer of Crown Resorts said "Internet is like electricity"... things move at the speed on news. This internet will be starting to become old news in a day or two, even thought it will still be of interest and relevance and will help a lot of people into the future. This is today's internet. Tuesday is a new day, full of a whole new lot of opportunities. Oh, set immediate, short, medium and long term goals. This can be business or life goals.. Often there is cross over. Find out what is really important to you. Incorporate your business into your life. Make sure some happiness and joy is found in the business.

What’s a quote / value you live by?

"I make a positive difference to the world and to those around me, because I can".

What’s your secret to success?

Well, its no great secret. I have always worked hard, and I have already stood up for what I believe in. I associate myself with people and projects that I believe in and that inspire me. I enjoy almost all aspects of running my business. I love to hear from people who have said I have inspired them personally or professionally. As a former Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull told me and others on the Google Australia presentation day at Bondi Beach a number of years ago, all the business tools are there and are affordable. You don't need 10 or 20 thousand dollars to start up a business in these times. We all have the internet - that's the global audience and potential client base. We can and do reach everyone. Many will become happy customers. Yes, the internet helped us get a jump on News Corp and Fairfax Media about 20 years ago and we are still in business. Communicate interesting, useful and intelligent ideas and content to others. Doing good work is good for our heart, minds and souls. Helping make the world a better place, one person at a time, is reward enough in itself Treasure life and make the most of it. Finally, success is largely in the mind. Mario, today you have further emphasised to me and my friends and associates that I am successful, and worthy of others learning from me, and I am extremely grateful for that opportunity you gave to me. Make the most of opportunities, and treasure the moments. Always find things to be grateful for. I believe we have been given a lift to make a difference - make it count.