Interview: Preity Üpala feature

Interview: Preity Üpala feature - June 2017


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Photo credit: Winny Clum

International beauty queen and Hollywood actress Preity Üpala has the distinction of being a global citizen given her remarkable heritage.

Rubbing shoulders with Jackie Chan, Hosting an awards festival in Russia, endorsing Resorts in Thailand and Greek islands, being the face of a jewelry line and appearing in numerous commercials and TV shows in Hollywood is all a days work for Ms. Üpala.

You see, Preity is a former investment banker turned Hollywood Actor, producer and TV presenter. Being crowned several beauty queen titles, she also is multi-lingual having worked across four continents and speaks 5 languages.

But still at the heart of it all, she is just a girl from Wollongong. Growing up in Australia, she is now doing big things in Hollywood and beyond. Hers is a story of a girl from a small town who took a leap of faith and followed her heart. I had the pleasure of interviewing her for Media Man:

Tell us about your involvement on a Global platform?

A global citizen of the world, having travelled to over 60 countries alone and speaking five languages, my work has always been imbued by an international fragrance. Growing up in Dubai, Paris, Sydney and New York has provided me with a wide comprehension of global cultures and values.

I have been appointed board member of the FPA- Federation of Producers Association in Asia Pacific since 2010 and was recently in Beijing for the annual FPA Meeting discussing future of films in the region. I was honored to be the head delegate for India from 2011 till 2016. I feel blessed to have had my first thrust into international limelight when I was awarded 3 major film awards in China by the legendary Jackie Chan. I have also been the official host of the Moscow Horror Film Festival in Russia where I had pleasure in engaging Russian audiences with my speech in Russian, a story that was covered by MTV Russia and turned into media frenzy. I am also an ambassador for GWEN- Global Women's' Empowerment Network and Black pumps Inc.- an African Women's' leadership organization. For a non-westerner to do so well in these foreign markets is remarkable and I feel privileged.

What sort of an artist does you view yourself as?

Although I consider myself as a global citizen, my heart is still very eastern and traditional endowed with family values and pride. These help me as I move around in Hollywood.

As an international actress, model, TV producer and humanitarian - and a former investment banker - I always strive to bring my unique perception and worldview to any project.

I am passionate about the environment and involved in several philanthropic activities. My life "Dharma" or life purpose is to inspire and empower people though her work and presence.

I started University at 16 and at 20 was offered a scholarship for a Ph.D. upon graduation. I hold a Bachelor of Technology, and a first-class honors degree in E-marketing. My corporate experience in investment banking and consulting has added business tools to my varied skillset and will come in handy in my future projects.

What inspires you the most?

Humanity does. Seeing people being lit up when they hear words I have spoken or some knowledge I may have imparted to them. I get a hit from other people being inspired by me in some way.

I'm a very curious person and always looking to see the similarities that we all share rather than differences.

Do you see yourself coming back to Sydney?

Absolutely! Sydney is very dear to my heart. My parents and my family still live there and I am always open to coming back to work on TV/ Film projects and Film festivals. I was in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide last year as a promotional campaign for Oenoviva - the premiere urban winery brand in the world.

It was amazing to explore the wine country in South Australia. Having dined at some of the top restaurants in wine country as well as Adelaide I must say, boasts excellent food, wine and coffee. I think it would give Sydney and Melbourne a run for their money any day. I Love Australia and in particular Sydney and hope to visit this year.

How can projects you are involved in bring about greater understanding and perhaps peace amongst the world's diverse peoples?

I feel it's very essential for people to come together and communicate their ideas, goals, vision and wants and needs. Forums where you have wide range of diverse representatives that come together are key as then we can get a glimpse of the other. And thereby we can deduce the similarities or differences even. By understanding each other and being empathetic can we alone be at peace amongst ourselves.

At the end of the day, we are all mortal human beings and want essentially the same things in life, to be loved, engaged, understood and entertained.

I have had the great pleasure of positioning myself as a sort of a bridge in a way, due to my background and upbringing, growing up in several countries, speaking several languages and having worked across 5 continents.

Co-production are very successful these days in Hollywood and its essential for ventures like this and forums like the FPA etc. operate to enhance collaborations and be a voice for diversity.

What in general is your message to the world as you embark upon this new journey?

The world is getting smaller thanks to technological advancements as well as the growing interest in the world for cross- cultural content and connection. Movies and shows are becoming more international than ever. Movies have also been a great connective tool. I'm excited about the future of TV and Film on an international level. I would like to see a paradigm where we have simply "global programming"- with very diverse casts and storylines. Perhaps it's not time yet for that, but the world is indeed very diverse; it's about time for TV to start mirroring that.

I am excited about my own personal journey in parallel with the paradigm shift occurring in life and art. I feel like a bridge of sorts between the east and the west and now between the Asia Pacific region and Hollywood. I highly encourage people to keep and open mind, travel and be enthusiastic about co- productions and collaboration and cross- cultural content production. It really is the way of the future and an exciting one at that!

What advice would you give a young person in the entertainment industry?

"Believe in yourself unconditionally, as if you don't, no body else will be inspired to do so! Know your worth and never compromise on your values and integrity.

Be yourself as everyone else is taken!

Finally tell us about your latest projects and where we can see you?

I am honored to present my own spiritual radio show that I Host and present called The Eternal Hour. We tape weekly at the Sunset Gower Studios right in Hollywood. You can catch it here on

I am also just about finished writing a book called The Eternal Gift- keep a watch out for that.

I am producing my own spiritual TV show, which should be out sometime soon.
In the meantime please tune into my YouTube channel as I put out a lot of content and engage with my audience there.

I have really enjoyed this Interview. Thank you so much!

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Photo credit: Winny Clum