Interview - Bob Winstead

Interview: Bob Winstead, Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur$ Creator & Founder: 27th Nov 2004

Media Man Australia continues on it's quest to interview many of the world's top entrepreneurs and reality TV entities. In this amazing interview we achieve both, with a gentleman the world will be hearing a lot more about...thanks in part to Media Man Australia.

What's you background?

My background is sporadic at best. Most of what I have done includes at least one of the following:
Real estate, Business Development, Marketing Strategies, and Philanthropy, but everything has been driven by FUN.

One of my favorite business strategies is to find a building I can buy for $.40 on the $1.00 roughly 10,000 square feet, start a business in it that supports the community of a 3 mile radius. Once I get the business operating at a profit, I sell it and keep the property to become landlord. (Don't tell anyone my game!)

Heck' I am a typical Entrepreneur.

What motivates you?

Opportunity, failure, and success.

What are you passionate about?

Family, Religion, and making money doing what I like to do.

What are you best known for?

Finding a way to get it done!

Not taking NO for an answer.

Turning voids and missed opportunities into money.

What are your current plans?

To initiate the World's largest charitable campaign ever "Unity 2005".

*Raise $1 Billion for Charities World wide in 2005 *100% of money raised is passed on to the charity *and for the campaign to hinge on the collective participation of media, advertising mediums, businesses and individuals world-wide in an effort that will unify us as ONE.

Already, we are getting great support form United States, United Kingdom, India, and Australia's favorite media son Greg Tingle.
More information will be coming soon to

What is "Entrepreneur$"?


PARTICIPANTS: Anyone over 18 years old with the desire to own their own business or have a television career.

COMMUNITY PROJECT: ENTREPRENEURS is much more than a Reality Show. It is an unprecedented year long "project" that allows us to partner with the University system in a creative effort that provides students and professionals with a real life business experience that will prepare them for post school opportunities and/or assist them with their entrepreneurial goals. Aside from creating a "working" Business, the contestants will also experience the importance of philanthropy and community service, by initiating campaigns that will enable "The Company" to raise up to $250 Million for charities , Nationwide in 2005. Televising the project allows us to reach past our goal of leadership development and preparation for future endeavors, and allows us to assist organizations such as the Kauffman Foundation and other entrepreneurial development programs in the promotion and awareness of the opportunities available to individuals at their Universities and in the public and private sectors. Part of this project will involve the incorporation of a company entitled READY (Real Entrepreneurial Applications & Development for Youth).

SYNOPSIS: Contestants will create and operate an International Business. They will participate in various projects, ranging from idea to operation. Each project will contribute "in real life" to the overall functionality of the company (TBA). Group dynamics will continue to change until the final 16 contestants have been chosen. Eliminations will be determined by excusing the least productive contestants and the group dynamic will continue to change until there is one contestant remaining. A well-known Host, various twists, conflicts, group mergers, challenges, (local millionaires, Business Executives, and celebrity guest), the elimination process, the "Real Time" creation of an International business, and the GRAND PRIZE CHOICE will draw in a variety of viewer demographics and hopeful participants for the next season.

REGISTRATION: Live Auditions were held at Jillian's, Raleigh NC USA July 17, 2004. Afterwards, hopeful participants registered online through August 13, at entrepreneurs' website, . Potential participants sent in a resume, a business or academic recommendation, and a 3-5 video illustrating why they would be a good "Entrepreneur".

QUALIFICATION: The first couple of tasks resulted in reducing the contestants to (7) teams of (10). The next task will require each team to consolidate to (2) teams of (8).

PARTICIPATION: The "Final (16)" will compete and be given the chance to politic, strategize, and prove their worth to be the "last one standing". [Most filming will be done with these (16)]. These finalists, no matter when they are eliminated, will continue to participate in the group challenges and functions of the company. One of these individuals will have the opportunity to re-enter the contest via a "wildcard" vote.

AWARDS: The "Winner" will have the choice of: 1) owning their own business, $75,000.00 operating capital, company automobile, and a corporate condominium or 2) $50,000.00 CASH. Group perks are awarded for the team that best completes the "Challenges".

HOST: Bob Winstead

STAFF & OUTSOURCES: The CEO, Business Consultants, and the Entertainment Expert, will assist with the challenges and appear in each episode. The other service providers, who are actual agents of the company, will have special appearances throughout the series.

Host- Bob Winstead
Lead Business Consultant- (Gary Tomlinson)
Business Consultants - Mike Olander, (Applebee's, Burger King, O2 Fitness)

Entertainment Promotions- Omar McCallop, (O Ent)
Attorney - David Mannheim (Wyrick, Robbins)
Accountant - Kent Geer (Ernst & Young)
Bank - Jim Hyler (COO First Citizens Bank)
Sales and Promotions - John Gibson (International Sales Director, GE)
Internet Service Provider - Jack Given (Evise, Inc.)

CREW & SUPPORT: Director/Filming/Editor- Guerilla Productions- Wil Kazari
Executive Producer/ Content & Financier- EventsLeader- Bob Winstead
Executive Producer/Management & Editing- O Ent- Omar McCallop
Photography- Baribeault Photography- Michelle Peterson
Hair & Make-up- Avenue Salon- Kathy Hudson
Snack Trays at shoots- Chick-fil-A - Terry Butler

SPONSORSHIP: Promotional packages for investors and sponsors include the commercial inventory during the airing of the show, product placement, and exposure at all events.
* First Citizens or Bank * Car Dealership
* Chockey's or clothier * Dental
* Ernst & Young or accounting * Kinko's

MEDIA SPONSORS: (see above), exclusive for their medium, the media sponsors will be granted the first interview with each ousted contestant.

2004-2005 School year. Start Date: June 2004. End Date: May 2005

(13) to (15)-:30 min episodes to begin airing on FOX 50 February to May 2005. Will push for International syndication beginning Dec 2005

How did you think up such an ingenious idea?

It was part of the getting it done mentality. "Entrepreneurs" is the product of a Business I have been working on for approximately 5 years, Eventsleader

The short version is: It was going to take a minimum of $30 Million (US Dollars) to get EventsLeader started. By being creative, and using some unconventional resources and ideas I discovered a way to launch the company by way of a Reality Show and only spending $2 Million (US Dollars). It sounded like a FUN idea so I'm off and running with it. Who new the show itself would be so popular?

Why is a strong team of people so important?

Greatness is achieved by teams not individuals, and anything that I do, I expect greatness. "Much is achieved by those who work together".

I give seminars on this subject so as not to get too lengthy in my explanation allow me to state: My mission in any of my companies or projects is to recruit, nurture, support, and work with leaders. If I can create a culture that allows these leaders to work together, a team is born. When we attach that team to an idea the result is the kind of SUCCESS that is unattainable for any individual.

Why is it important to give back to the community?

First of all, I give back to the community because I have the heart to do so. However, I do not feel it is our obligation, as some governmental programs may suggest (yes, I am also very politically minded). It is just like your giving to the church, if you don't do it with a compassionate heart, then your giving is in vain.

I give because I feel responsible to do so, and I feel good about doing it.

My experience has been when you give to your community; your community will respond ten fold.

Who are your mentors, and why?

1) Jesus Christ because during his time on earth he was repeatedly challenged. He refused to be negatively influenced by adversity. He never accepted no for an answer. He took advantage of every opportunity he found. He was steadfast in his mission, and he always conducted himself in a peaceful and loving manner.

2) Greg Tingle would have to be my second because he motivated, he makes things happen, and he is so darn good looking.

Who was been most supportive of your endeavors to date?

Mother- Jan Crane
Wife- Amy Winstead
Children- Hunter, Peyton, & Brock

What can you disclose about the stage that things are at, and the overseas expansion?

I am in the initial stages of expansion. My feeling is that I will have a lot more to report in a couple of months. I am excited and amazed at the interest we have for "Entrepreneurs" around the world, without anyone seeing the final product yet.

What sponsors and supporters are you chasing (that you are comfortable to disclose)?

I will not begin sponsorship drive until mid December. We will have a finished product "in the can" at that point and I will be able to show them the finished product of at least two episodes at that point.

Who is your preferred telecommunications supplier - Virgin, Vodafone, British Telecom or other, and why?

My preferred telecommunications supplier will be the company that best supports "Entrepreneurs" The Reality Show

What is your definition of success?

Finding the positive in failure.

One of my "coined" phrases is "The measure of your success is what you do with failure".

What do you like best about golf?

1) It the only gentlemen's sport.

2) It is the best test of character. What you put on the score card, how you react to good and bad shots, whether or not you use the "foot wedge" etc. will let you know all you need to about yourself and others. I have hired and most importantly not hired allot of people based on their actions on the golf course. But most of all

3) It's a lot like my view on life. No matter what just happened, each new shot is your opportunity to start over and do better.

Whereabouts would you like to visit in Australia? (may I suggest Airlie Beach and Proserpine - golf and yachts)

I think all of Australia is beautiful. Everyone I have met from there is so nice and I can't wait to visit. I am a beach boy, so no matter what part of the world I am in I will generally gravitate to the water and/or beaches. Airlie Beach it is!

Do you have any tips for "The Shark" Greg Norman?

If Mr. Norman ever asks my opinion of his affairs, I would certainly put my best foot forward to accommodate him. However, because of my admiration and respect for his achievements both in golf and business it would be counter productive for me to offer any unsolicited tips to a man that has already made it.

My tip when his does ask will be: Realize you are already a winner, continue to respect those around you but walk with an air of confidence and when you begin the final round on Sunday whether you are one stroke up or one stroke down. Know that you will not be beaten this day!

What's you motto?

1) Go Big or Go Home

2) If you want it, you can have it.

Are you working on any other projects?

1) My new book "To The Point" will be ready for distribution in February 2005
2) In negotiations for my first role in a Motion Picture (MOVIE)
3) Contemplating being a co-host on a new national Talk Show
4) Deciding on Business idea for round 2 of "Entrepreneurs" The Reality show.
5) Most importantly, introducing EventsLeader to the world as the Brand for "what to do and where to go"

Finish this sentence...If I could change the world I would.....? (I know this question is a little out there, but think big)

I would come up with a non-intrusive charitable campaign that ingeniously had all nations working together for a good cause.

I would probably call it "Unity 2005" with a subtitle like "Making a difference"

I would also make sure Greg Tingle and Steve Cooke were on my team to proliferate this idea. Steve because he is my new brother and Greg because he is WORLD-WIDE!

Thank you Greg. As you may gather a play on my sense of humor or lack there of, but I am passionate about everything I have stated. I look forward to working with you.


Editors noter: And we look forward to working with Bob and his powerful team of entrepruners.


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