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Online Casino Gambling in NJ Nears $1 Billion in 2023

Online Casino Gambling in NJ Nears $1 Billion in 2023 (July 14, 2023)
Online casinos in New Jersey are way ahead of last year's record-setting pace with data released on Friday by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement showing the activity generated $149.3 million in revenue in June, an increase of 12.1 percent year-over-year for this month.

Online casinos netted more than $930 million in revenue, which represents a 12.1 percent year-over-year clip growth compared to 2022.

June’s numbers are coming in below May’s $161.4 million. Casino gambling to some extent will likely come down with fewer people betting sports during the last spring and summer months.

The DraftKings-owned Golden Nugget has reclaimed the top spot for all NJ online casinos, knocking off Borgata, which is part of the BetMGM group of casinos.

Golden Nugget took in over $41.7 million.

Half of the Recent 850 Referred Gambling Addicts at One Clinic Are Children (July 14, 2023)
More than 850 people have been referred to a clinic for video game addicts since it opened in 2020 and half of those were children, according to a report appearing in the Guardian on Friday.

The National Centre for Gaming Disorders (NCGD), a London clinic, was originally given NHS funding based on seeing just 50 people a year. That nunber, however, ballooned to 30 people a month since the end of March this year – more than seven times anticipated demand.

Loot boxes were among the chief culprits and accounted for about a quarter of those seeking treatment. These comprise of gambling-style features offering randomised rewards.

Almost 12% of patients who played video games compulsively referred to playing Fortnite, with 10% citing Minecraft, 8% mentioning Call of Duty and 4.7% using the gaming platform Roblox.

Of the 855 referrals, 408 were gamers, of whom 227 were under 18.


Maine's Head of Sports Betting Claims White Supremacist Sympathizing Tweets 'Meant to Be Humerous' (July 12, 2023)

Maine's top gambling law officer, Milt Champion, returns to work on Monday after serving a 40-hour suspension. He was also expected to undergo in-person state training on workplace harassment and social media policies.

This all stemmed from a series of tweets back in May deemed to contain racist and misogynistic subject matter.

"While the two tweets were intended to be humorous, I recognize they were anything but. They were a mistake and an error in judgment, and I apologize for my actions," Champion said in the release. "I thank the employees of the Unit for their hard work and commitment in my absence."

On May 6, Champion expressed frustration about being told “ladies” was an unprofessional term for females, and suggested “Bitches” would be more appropriate.

Sure that could be viewed by some perhaps as a bad attempt at humor.

But as also noted at the time, Champion somehow felt compelled to defend a tweet by Brian Krassenstein describing the Patriot Front as a "hate group in the United States that espouses white nationalism and neo-fascist ideologies".


Kentucky Sports Betting to Go Live September 7 (July 10, 2023)


Steve Bittenbender breaks things down following today's meeting in Kentucky regarding the upcoming launch of regulated sports betting in the commonwealth.

"Monday was really just a checkpoint for Kentucky officials responsible for rolling out sports betting statewide. They still have 59 more days of work ahead of them and that's just to get brick/mortar sportsbooks up and running and 80 to get online apps live."

He had a few key takeaways:

1. Tracks and operators will be able to start applying for sports betting licenses in Kentucky as soon as tomorrow (July 11, 2023).

2. The Sept. 7 brick/mortar launch date appears to be universal, according to the KHRC, if the tracks are ready.

3. The KHRC also tells me that tracks could theoretically have one brick/mortar operator at their track and another at their HHR satellite parlor. Remains to be seen how many (if any) may take advantage of that.

As many as 27 licensees could have the ability to operate in Kentucky apparently. It's not likely we'll get anywhere close to that number.

Unibet Vows Fixes Following Gambling911 Scathing Reports (July 10, 2023)

Unibet appears to have finally recognized it can't keep allowing its website and retail sportsbook business in Pennsylvania to keep going down and making as if nothing is wrong.

The company advised its PA customers over the weekend that "site improvements are on the way".

It's about time.

Unibet has already switched over to proprietary software in neighboring New Jersey.

Our own Thomas Somach had highlighted how folks were unable to place bets with the Unibet mobile app over extended periods of time in the state. The walk-in book at The Downs at Mohegan Sun in the Lehigh Valley, which is run by Unibet, also was shuttered during this time.

The company appeared to be more concerned about customer cleanliness than they were about keeping their website and sportsbook operational.

Somach also reported on how the company’s facility at the Downs at Lehigh Valley had erected signs warning customers that if they don’t get the smell out, they can get the hell out.

Man Charged With Riding Motorcycle Through Vegas Casino (July 6, 2023)
A motorcyclist is facing numerous charges after doing wheelies along Las Vegas Boulevard and riding through a casino, and on stairs and escalators.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police posted the arrest on one of the department’s social media accounts. It said R.A.I.D. officers took the man they referred to as the “reckless rider” into custody.

The rider is yet to be identified. He was wearing a shirt that read “Till the (expletive) wheels fall off.”

“The rider thought he would never get caught,” the police post stated.

He is facing the following charges:

3 felony counts of driver disobeying police officer, endangering person or property

4 gross misdemeanor counts of disregard for the safety of person or property

4 misdemeanor counts of reckless driving

1 felony count of assault with a deadly weapon

1 felony count of child abuse and/or neglect

1 felony count of coercion with force or threat of force

Pro Sports Care More About Gambling Than Violence Against Women and Racism (July 6, 2023)

Deadspin's Carron J. Phillips writes that "if you’re talented or rich enough, it’s becoming clear what will and won’t be forgiven in sports."

Gambling on games or in team facilities will not.

"Greg Hardy got to play football again. Antonio Brown keeps hanging around. Donald Sterling and Robert Sarver made millions after selling their teams," Phillips writes.

He points out that the Titans Hassan Haskins was arrested last month for allegedly strangling his girlfriend.

"Society didn't blink," he writes.

Wouldn’t it be great if sports took racism and violence against women this seriously from the jump? Imagine where we would be if that happened.

But, for something like that to occur it would mean that society, let alone sports, would have to take a stand against both transgressions — and we know that’s a pipedream.

Now, it seems like the rest of the sports world is following the NFL’s lead — as it often does. And once you realize that the NFL is usually a mirror of society, it becomes quite clear why racism and violence against women are easily forgiven while “gambling” is a blasphemous offense.

Last week, the NFL suspended indefinitely more players for violating the league's gambling policy. They included Isaiah Rodgers, Rashod Berry, and Demetrius Taylor.

“The gambling policy, which is annually reviewed with all NFL personnel, including players, prohibits anyone in the NFL from engaging in any form of gambling in any club or league facility or venue, including the practice facility,” read the NFL’s statement after the latest round of suspensions.

Phillips does note that the New York Yankees suspended relief pitcher Jimmy Cordero on Wednesday for the rest of the season for violating Major League Baseball’s domestic violence policy.

ASA Bans Jake Paul Ladbrokes Tweet (July 5 2023)
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has determined that a Ladbrokes tweet violated its terms and conditions.

They claim that boxer and YouTube influencer Jake Paul was featured in the tweet and that his appeal is too geared towards minors. It's not immediately clear now many of his more than 20 million subscribers are actually teenagers. Paul does appeal to adults as well, thanks in no small part to his boxing skills.

Of course the irony in all of this is that Jake Paul now has an ownership interest in a sportsbook, Betr.

The tweet in question appeared back in February.

"@TommyTNTFury beat @JakePaul by split decision last night. So, we've got to ask the question… What's next for Jake Paul? Vote here now."

At the bottom of the tweet, the gambling company also linked to a poll with the options: "Win the re-match", "Head to the MMA", "Return to YouTube" and "Join the WWE".

it's not immediately clear what fine, if any, will be imposed.

Churchill Downs Extends Baffert Ban Through 2024 (July 3, 2023)

Churchill Downs Inc. has decided to extend Bob Baffert's two-year suspension for at least another 18 months, per a release. That would keep the Hall of Fame trainer from running horses in next year's 150th running of the Kentucky Derby.

“Mr. Baffert continues to peddle a false narrative concerning the failed drug test of Medina Spirit at the 147th Kentucky Derby from which his horse was disqualified by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission in accordance with Kentucky law and regulations," Churchill Downs said in a statement. "Prior to that race, Mr. Baffert signed an agreement with Churchill Downs which stated that he was responsible for understanding the rules of racing in Kentucky and that he would abide by them. The results of the tests clearly show that he did not comply, and his ongoing conduct reveals his continued disregard for the rules and regulations that ensure horse and jockey safety, as well as the integrity and fairness of the races conducted at our facilities.

"A trainer who is unwilling to accept responsibility for multiple drug test failures in our highest-profile races cannot be trusted to avoid future misconduct. Mr. Baffert will remain suspended from entering horses at all racetracks owned by CDI through 2024. After such time, we will re-evaluate his status.”

Ohio Will Reportedly Double its Tax Rate on Sports Betting (July 2, 2023)
Mobile gambling analyst Steve Brubaker tweeted this weekend:

"Lots of chatter about Ohio doubling the tax rate on the already nearly destitute OSBs. Boo hoo. Don’t forget that this same industry marched all over the country telling legislators that the hold was only 5% and to keep taxes and fees low. Hold rate is now 8% and climbing. 60% (up arrow)."

His tweet comes after that state's House and Senate reached an agreement on a budget for the state and that budget with the budget conference committee agreeing on a version doubling the current tax rate of 10% on sports betting to 20%.

Jessica Wellman had this to offer:

Alex Cane, CEO of Sports Trade responded:

"Horrible precedent. What other businesses in Ohio are taxed by revenue, much less *over 1,000% of revenue*?"

These costs will almost certainly be passed onto gamblers in the form of less competitive lines and bonus offerings.


West Virginia House Minority Whip Foresees Sports Betting Content Creator Oversight Bill Passing in Next Session (July 2, 2023)


West Virginia House minority whip Shawn Fluharty foresees the sports betting content creator oversight bill passing in the next session.

This is proposed regulation that applies to content creators in the industry. Such concerns were in the spotlight over the past week after it was revealed that an NBA insider, Shams Charania, forced a line change based on his wrongful information while employed by a sportsbook.

Maryland already requires disclosure and independent evaluation of influencers and media partners by its regulated sportsbooks.

Fluharty tells Legal Sports Report this is bigger than the Shams controversy.

“I’m not saying FanDuel had any unclean hands here. But if they wanted to, they certainly could. That’s because there is no regulatory boundary in place,” Fluharty told LSR on Monday. “… This is kind of the forecast of what’s next in the regulatory and legislative realm. And it shines a light on something we’ve been talking about for months. You just needed a clear example, and this is a clear example.

“I think really what the Shams thing did was it blurred the lines of influencer and reporter,” Fluharty said. “ … It used to be, in Las Vegas, the public drove the lines. Now, the sportsbooks are driving the lines 100%. They have the ability to do that now. Because they can influence the public using their own people.”

Casino Theft Cage Scheme Involves at Least 3 Properties, Mexican Phone Numbers (June 30, 2023)
A scheme to dupe casino employees into thinking they were transferring money from cages to a legitimate business involves at least three casinos and Mexican phone numbers, the 8 News Now Investigators have learned.

Documents the 8 News Now Investigators obtained Friday reveal the allegations involve thefts at Circa Hotel & Casino, Eureka Casino Resort in Mesquite and the Golden Nugget in Laughlin — as well as federal investigators, including the U.S. Secret Service.

SpankOdds Free Indefinitely (June 29, 2023)


SpankOdds to be Free for All Eternity - Well, at least indefinitely. At some point the nearly one-year-old line service is likely to begin charging, but its founder, Gadoon “Spanky” Kryollos, announced via Twitter there will be no charge entering this football season (2023) at least.

SpankOdds is one of the few line services incorporating US regulated books and those out of Vegas along side offshore mainstays.

The platform bills itself as "a real-time odds monitoring and injury alerting software that gives sports bettors an advantage".

CBS Sports: Isaiah Rodgers Among Those to be Suspended for Violating League Gambling Rules (June 29, 2023)
Colts veteran Isaiah Rodgers is one of several NFL players facing full-season 2023 suspensions as part of the league's latest investigation into gambling allegations, according to CBS Sports NFL insider Jonathan Jones - Read More
Kim Zolciak’s Estranged Husband Has His Own Issues Amid Controversial Claims (June 29, 2023)
Kroy Biermann claims he and Zolciak's financial debts are because of her gambling problem, but he has his own personal gambling bills to worry about. Zolciak appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Biermann, she claims, owes the Baha Mar Casino in the Bahamas $52K in unpaid gambling debts. The casino filed suit and the complaint has since been obtained by TMZ. According to the suit, Kroy obtained a $100,000 line of credit for use at Baha Mar Casino in advance of a November 2021 trip, and he ended up using $52,500 to gamble. The company in charge of handling Baha Mar Casino's credit line allege the reality TV star and NFL player drew $52,500 in chip markers at the casino and didn't repay the amount before leaving. Ugly divorce allegations continue. The couple's marriage fell apart after 13 years. Read More
More Gambling Suspensions Coming: Colts Isaiah Rodgers Among Them
(June 28, 2023) - Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk (an arm of NBC Sports) has been doing an admirable job of covering the hypocrisy surrounding the National Football League's gambling policy and its attempts to reign in players while reaping the rewards of US regulated sports betting partnerships.

ESPN warns of more suspensions coming by week's end. We don't know who or how many, though Indianapolis Colts' Isaiah Rodgers is being named in media reports.

The good news is that the league seems to be trying harder, when it comes to properly educating players. The bad news is that flaws seem to remain.

Florio writes:

And they surely will. As previously mentioned, it becomes difficult for the NFL to have true moral authority when it comes to properly enforcing “thou shalt nots” when the NFL is stuffing its pockets full of cash from those who shalt continue to lose it.

Only when the league creates a true firewall between football and wagering will the league truly be equipped to create safeguards that players can understand, honor, and accept — especially since the entire situation currently oozes with hypocrisy.


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Holy Smoke! Circa Casino Scammed Out of $1 Million

(June 27, 2023) - A popular Las Vegas casino has reportedly been scammed out of $1 million in what's being called a "fire extinguisher scam".

Say what?

Erik Gutierrez, 23, has been charged with theft of more than $100,000.

He is alleged to have contacted Circa’s casino cage claiming to be the owner of the property and said he needed $320,000 for an emergency payment to the fire department in order to check fire extinguishers and other gear.

Ultimately, a cage supervisor ended up allegedly handing over $1.17 million during off-site exchanges believing they were giving it to Circa’s owner.

While Las Vegas police have recovered $850,000, $314,000 remains missing.

The casino’s CEO Derek Stevens said, “Although I love a good PR story, this isn’t one of them. Circa Resort & Casino is cooperating with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in this investigation. We greatly appreciate their efforts to date and cannot comment further due to an ongoing investigation.”

Joe Theismann Backs NFL's Gambling Crackdown
(June 27, 2023) - "We can't have fans believing games are 'fixed'," said football legend Joe Theismann, noting that he supports the league's crackdown on sports betting.

The NFL policy reinforcements and "re-education" come in response to the sport-wide surge of athlete suspensions for violating gambling rules. Sports analysts like Mike Florio still point to the hypocrisy.

"It better work. I think the NFL, because of the stringent nature of these rules that have been put in place, realizes that you just don't want to let anything seep into the game to give people the perception that the games are fixed, they're really trying to make sure of that," Theismann said Thursday during an appearance on "Varney & Co".

"From an NFL player standpoint, you think of the millions of dollars that the players are making. If you wanted to go into a facility, I guess in the off-season, it might be okay. But I don't think they're going to say if you play in the NFL, you can't gamble. But they certainly want to protect the integrity of the game as much as they possibly can. And I can certainly understand it," he continued.

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PrizePicks Sued

(June 25, 2023) - PrizePicks has fast become a behemoth on the Daily Fantasy Sports scene with its hybrid DFS product that comes the closest to sports betting without requiring a license in most US states.


Now that the company is so big, it's also a target for what some say are frivolous lawsuits.

Case in point, a lawsuit filed this week alleges PrizePicks stole technology to use on its prop product, an accusation the company denies.

“After years of trying unsuccessfully to get us to buy its technology and intellectual property, Vetnos has now apparently resorted to a frivolous lawsuit to change our minds. That is not a good business or legal strategy. We intend to aggressively defend against this lawsuit and point out its many errors and outright falsehoods,” said Jason Barclay, Chief Legal Officer and Head of Public Policy at PrizePicks.



Australian Kids Copy Parents Gambling; Gambling Crocs Again, by Greg Tingle - 8th January 2011

Punters, January continues to be a huge month from the land down under in Australia. We've got kids copying their parents gambling habits, more gambling crocodile tests from Australia's top end, Aussie casino and media wars, casino haters VS casino loves and more.

Australian Kids Copy Parents Gambling...

Aussie kids are adopting the gambling and sports betting habits of their parents and guardians new academic research shows. Of course, the question needs to be asked if the data can be trusted, as the readership is well aware of many "junk science" reports from academic institutions that service to act as propaganda, if delivering results and data the the Australian Labor Party wants to see, and many times sponsored educational programs doing the research! Think Japanese "scientific research", but on with the story. In a the latest report, 60% of 13 to 17-year-olds reveal that they have gambled at least one time in the year. The Australian Psychological Society study states that household exposure to gambling by adults, especially dads, increases the risk that kids will become passionate punters and will develop gambling problems in later life! We hear you shaking your head already. Report co-author Associate Professor Paul Delfabbro gave a stern warning that there was already frequent exposure on the www. "All the time they are reminded of the opportunity to gamble and this awareness, in addition to opportunities like at poker machines or betting at the TAB, can pose risks for young people," Prof Delfabbro said. It's currently being debated that interactive gambling services such as online casino games are prohibited in Australia, but many operates such as Betfair, Centrebet, PKR and PartyGaming offer a range of games, some for free play, some for money. Prof Delfabbro warned that even everyday pastimes such as card games could normalise gambling for young people. "All the evidence shows that we do what our parents do, and if kids are learning casino-style card games that teach them how to gamble, they will repeat that behaviour elsewhere," he said. He encouraged parents to have mature conversations with their kids about the risks involved in gambling and the likelihood of success. "The important thing is that young people should recognise the nature of the industry is to make a profit like any other business," he said. "The industry knows how to ensure that they make money from your behaviour." Prof Delfabbro cautioned parents against telling young people that they won't win in the short term. "In order to lose large amounts of money, most people have to win big first," he said. "The problem is that gamblers can't win in the longer term," he said. UnitingCare Wesley spokesman Mark Henley said young people were particularly susceptible to online gambling. "Young people are much more tech-savvy than their parents and with online gambling you don't even need to leave the house," he said. "The fact is if parents are gambling in any form, children are more likely to gamble too." Henley said children should be educated at school about the dangers of gambling, just as they are taught about sex and drugs. A Media Man spokesperson said "Fair and balanced information on gambling and the risks involved are the way to go. We advise to stick to strong and trusted brands when possible, like PartyGaming, Betfair and Centrebet. Stick to brands and sources you can trust, and keep things fun. If the gambling stops being fun, you know you have a problem".

Tabcorp Business Split Up Speculation...

There is more solid info coming in about the split up, although no one is betting on either arm surviving as a stand-alone operation for long, with predators already getting hungry for both divisions. James Packer's gambling operation, Crown Limited, has been cited as a likely purchaser of Tabcorp's casinos while Tattersall's chief executive, Dick McIlwain, has a noted interest in the wagering and gaming business, which would put all Aussies traditional wagering pools under one roof for the first time in history.

Northern NSW: Internet Gambling Study From Southern Cross University...

Researchers from Southern Cross University have launched an online survey aimed at understanding internet gambling behaviour in Australia. SCU’s Dr Sally Gainsbury will collaborate with an international team to understand one of the fastest growing forms of gambling in Australia. “My hope is that it will assist key stakeholders, including governments, regulators and gambling operators to develop appropriate policies to regulate internet gambling,” she said. “My aim is that the results will give a clearer indication of the behaviour of gamblers and the participation rates in all forms of gambling.” Two members of the research team, Professor Alex Blaszczynski of Sydney University and Nerilee Hing of SCU, were appointed to the Ministerial Expert Advisory Group on Gambling last year. “The establishment of that group shows that there is increasing recognition from politicians, regulators, gambling operators and the community that we need to develop more knowledge about gambling and its prominence in society,” Dr Gainsbury said.

Central Queensland University Students And Teachers Love Gambling Crocodile Study; Popular Thesis And Fun Subject!...

Crocs are one again being used to shed light rays on the numerous factors that make punters more likely to become "problem gamblers". Psychologist, Dr Matthew Rockloff and Nancy Greer of Central Queensland University in Bundaberg, reported their findings in the Journal of Gambling Studies. It is well known that gambling is often exciting and causes measurable symptoms of physiological arousal such as increased heart rate, says Rockloff. In the gaming environment, players often interpret such excitement as a "lucky feeling" and there is significant suggestion that this makes them more likely to take higher risks. Like "double of nothing" or pressing the "gamble" button on a pokie. Rockloff says casinos already use methods that cause excitement, including ringing bells, flashing lights and an open gaming floor. It's a bells and whistles type environment, and never boring! "They don't know why it works but they've noticed that if they have small gaming venues that they don't make as much money as larger gaming venues," he went on record with. Rockloff is interested in testing whether excitement really does cause you to lose yourself and take greater risks, and if so under what circumstances! In previous experiments, he blasted white noise at people who were gambling. This caused people to gamble more intensively, playing faster and placing larger bets. "If you do that in a casino environment, you're going to lose more money more quickly." Next up, he wanted to find a more clever and secret way of getting people excited, so he could see whether the same thing happened. So, enter 'The Crocodile Test' - Who is smiling? - read on...The smiling professor designed an experiment that recruited some 103 visitors to a Queensland crocodile farm to play a simulated Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) on a laptop computer. A control group were asked to play the EGM before seeing the crocodiles. The test group were asked to play after taking a tour of the farm, during which time they were told stories about crocodile attacks, saw a crocodile jumping at a piece of meat and even got to hold a live young croc. Each participant was given $20 bucks, which they could use as credit for their gambling so they felt they were gambling with their own money. No participants knew of the connection between the crocodile farm and the gambling study. "They just thought it was a convenient place for us to carry out the study," says Rockloff. Rockloff found that people with a pre-existing gambling problem who appeared to have fun holding the live crocodile took greater risks in the gambling than those who were anxious and nervous as hell after touring the crock farm. He also found some people in the control group (who had not yet had contact with the crocodiles) took more risks if they had high negative emotions, compared to those who said they were feeling happy. Rockloff says the crocodile experiment was not "highly controlled", but taken together with the 'white noise' experiment suggests there is a three-way interaction between previous gambling history, emotion and physiological excitement. He says the findings suggest problem gamblers should watch out for certain emotional states that are likely to make them gamble greater amounts. "Don't go to the casino when you're depressed. Don't go to the casino when you're feeling so lucky you're absolutely sure you're going to win." There you have it punters. As always, only bet what you can afford to lose, and for God's sake, keep it fun.

Aussie Casino And Media King James Packer Gets $43 Million Dollar Compound - Mansion In Sydney's Eastern Suburbs...

He's got 3 properties already purchased and 2 houses now demolished, billionaire James Packer is well on his way to building a massive compound in Sydney's east. It will include 13-car garage, 23m pool, underground cinema, gym and staff quarters. News Limited is understood to be first to break the news, with it spreading like wildfire on the web and across news wires. The renovations alone will cost close to $13 mill, and that's on top of the $30m already spent consolidating the three properties in upmarket Vaucluse. Although the title deeds are now in Packer's name, the paperwork behind the deals shows the three properties were transferred to him only in mid-December by a Manoc Developments Pty Ltd "without monetary consideration". The "capital investment value" will be $12.96m, according to the report, which praised the overall design process and consultation with heritage consultants, describing it as "exemplary" and "a best-practice model". In addition to the new "module", renovations and additions will occur in the main house, made out of "a lightweight glass and steel structure". Any neighbours will find it difficult to peek. At least two pedestrian entrances are to be sealed off and the only access will be via "two new 1.7m-high metal picket vehicular entry gates". Once past these gates, visitors will then find themselves facing a 2.4m-high "metal security fence". Well, casino and media types do seem to get a lot of attention, sometimes too much.

SkyCity New Zealand Enters Asia Pacific Casino Wars; Hunting High Roller Whales...

High-rolling whales from mainland China gambling at SkyCity in Auckland are up a solid 33% in the past 6 months. Not content, they are reaching for the stars and is looking to boost the market "many times over". Last year, Macau casinos reported record takings of US$23.5 billion ($31.1 billion). That's 4 time the revenues generated at the world famous Las Vegas Strip...largely because of mainland Chinese punters. SkyCity says it is keen to lure some of these high-spending players to New Zealand. An agreement had been reached with Air New Zealand for priority access to ticketing and the casino is working with Immigration New Zealand to "fast-track" visas for "known players" from the mainland, said SkyCity's international business president, Ejaaz Dean. In the 5 months ending in November, SkyCity's international business grew more than 100% - with China topping the list, ahead of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. "Most of what's fuelling the growth are from mainland China," Dean said. Regional rivals, such as Singapore, which last year opened 2 glitz and glam casinos, are competing hard for the market, but SkyCity is undeterred. "Sure, we have lost some of our Singaporean clients, who now prefer to gamble locally, and that's understandable. But we have a lot of things in New Zealand that Singapore cannot replicate," Dean said. "We have great golf courses here, we have great vineyards, and these are things that attract high-rollers here, rather than Singapore." SkyCity had already been booked by 30 high-spending dolphins and whales from China to spend Chinese New Year, which falls in early February, in Auckland rather than in Asia, Dean said. The gambling and entertainment company expects to have 4 dedicated private gaming rooms for high-rollers, up from 1, by the middle of the year, and is also undertaking several facility upgrades at its hotels, restaurants and bars to ensure they are world class all the way. SkyCity is targeting a net profit of at least $127.4 million for the year to June. Dean said having a dedicated sales office in Singapore had helped in "redirecting" some of the high-value punters to New Zealand. Macau's casinos last year cashed in 188.3 billion patacas ($31.1 billion), up from 119.3 billion patacas in 2009. That's four times higher than the US$6 billion gamblers were expected to have spent on the Last Vegas Strip in 2010, Hong Kong-based brokerage CLSA told AFP. Aaron Fischer, a CLSA gaming analyst, said Macau's revenue was largely driven by high-roller gamblers, including many wealthy Chinese tourists riding high on the country's surging economy. The biggest spending punters are in order from highest: China, Thailand, Singapore / Malaysia, Australia and then Pacific Island nations.

Queensland Gets Two Lotto Millionaires Within 48 Hours...

Queensland got two more millionaire lottery winners in the past 48 hours. The two lucky families bring the tally of millionaire winners to 5 since the year began 6 days ago. A dad on Brisbane's westside couldn't believe his luck when he found his family was $1 million richer after all their numbers came up in last night's Gold Lotto draw. "When I saw that I had won I started shaking, but quickly reminded myself not to get too excited in case there had been a mistake," he said. It took until this morning, when Golden Casket verified the win, for the family to have their hopes confirmed. The dad, who bought his ticket online, still can't quite believe it's really happening. "This is unbelievable. It means so much to us," he said. We'll pay off the mortgage and set up scholarship accounts for our children." The other division one winners from last night, a Sunshine Coast couple, had no idea they had picked up the big prize until Golden Casket gave them a million-dollar wake-up call this morning. The couple said they had been playing lotto every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday since the 1980s, and their dedication finally paid off to the tune of $1 million when their numbers came up last night. "What amazing news. We'll use some of the prize money to help our children and the rest to fund our retirement," they said. The two wins have added to Queensland's huge group of millionaire winners thus far in 2011. The earliest lotto millionaire of the year was the mystery recipient of a $1.35 million first division prize, who finally claimed her win on New Years Day, exactly 2 weeks after the draw. On Tuesday, a Brisbane man picked up a cool $10 million on Oz 7 Lotto after playing for more than five years, joking that he would use the winnings to pay off his debts, retire and top up his go card. And the identity of another Queensland lotto millionaire still remains a mystery, with a $1.6 million prize remaining unclaimed. The winning ticket was for the New Year's Eve Gold Lotto Megadraw, and was purchased at the Kenmore Tavern Plaza News in Brisbane's Western suburbs. A spokeswoman from Golden Casket said Queensland Lotto players are on a roll with close to $17 million in prize money claimed in the past week.

Embattled Australian Aristocrat Technologies Pokie Maker To Be In The Mix At London's ICE 2011...

ICE is ebing held from January 25 to January 27, the International Casino Exhibition (ICE) this year will celebrate 21 years of high-stakes gaming at the event. Australia's embattled Aristocrat is in the mix of one armed bandit makers who will exhibit. Readers will recall from last month that there's a legal situation between Aussie Aristocrat and American made IGT (International Game Technology). IGT is claiming copyright infringement and a whole lot more, and Aristocrats shares price has not been pretty to say the least in recent months. The event will see exhibitors Aristocrat Technologies, Barcrest Group, CMS, Cummins-Allison, Eurocoin, Funworld and TCSJohnHuxley represented, according to Clarion Gaming, the organiser of the event.
As well as the big-name exhibitors, more than 400 companies will be present.
The 20,000 square metres of space will be taken up by those active in the online, casino, mobile, betting, bingo, lottery and street gaming sectors who will deliver "the most comprehensive insight to the latest gaming innovations from every corner of the world." Clarion Gaming has described ICE 2011, to take place at London's Earl Court Exhibition Centre, to be "the most comprehensive and international business-to-business gaming event on the world stage." Kate Chambers, Show Director for ICE 2011, stated that "our opening ceremony will celebrate 21 years of working in partnership to provide a source of product innovation and inspirational ideas for the international gaming industry." "Few could have thought some 21 years ago that a pioneering niche within an existing exhibition would flourish in such a way," she continued. Chambers also stated that "most, if not all, of the ground-breaking and iconic gaming products to impact the sector over the last 21 years have been launched at ICE and I'm certain that the breakthrough product of 2011 will also be found at ICE, which is why the exhibition remains the immense asset it is to the global gaming industry and a must-attend event." ICE 2011 promises to be an exciting event with plenty of exhibitions to keep visitors occupied. Aussies, Yankees, Canooks and Pommies are looking forward to downing a few drinks and inking a few details together, as the industry looking forward to seeing better days, with last year being one of the worst in history as far as many firms bottom lines went. All power to those who attend, and we hope you get your money's worth. Stand don't always come cheap!

Queensland - Gold Coast Might Get 'Sin City' Kings Cross Style Make Over; `Kings Cross Strip' Surfers Paradise Prop With City Council Powers That Be...

'Real Life Underbelly' might be coming to Surfers' Paradise. Some say is already there. Plans filed with the city council on Christmas Eve for a multi-level adult nightclub in Surfers Paradise have sparked fears it could turn into a Kings Cross-type slum. Area councillor Susie Douglas said the proposal had not been discussed with her but it was the type of development the council wanted to shut out. "The Hilton will put us on the international map and we can't afford to have visitors leaving thinking we are a sleazy city," she said. The proposal, by the Hollywood Showgirls nightclub owners Duffy Night Club No 1, wants to expand the first floor and connect it to the neighbouring nightclub 21, which has approval for a second nightclub on its first floor.

Australian Bee Gees Show Hits Las Vegas Strip...

The Australian Bee Gees Show...A Tribute to The Bee Gees, will make its exciting debut at Excalibur Hotel and Casino Tuesday, Feb. 1 when the talented tribute band brings the music of the famous Gibb brothers to the Las Vegas Strip. Tickets priced at $54.95 and $44.95, plus tax and service fees, are now on sale. Performances are Tuesday-Sunday at 7 p.m. nightly. To charge by phone call (702) 597-7600. Tickets are also available for purchase at the Excalibur box office and online. The 75-minute multi-media concert event is a contemporary perspective featuring state-of-the-art sound, superb lighting and giant screens featuring video clips, live camera images and stunning graphics. It is the definitive live celebration of five decades of memorable music written by the Brothers Gibb, one of the most successful and adored acts in musical history. Adam Steck, CEO of SPI Entertainment and producer of the show, said, "I grew up on Bee Gees music so I'm especially thrilled to bring this amazing tribute to Las Vegas. They nail their unbelievable harmonies and the show literally turns into one big sing-along!" Excalibur's President and COO Renee West said, "The legacy of The Bee Gees and their music has been incredibly enduring, appealing to generation after generation. This tribute show is sure to be a fun and energetic celebration of music and memories that visitors from around the world will relate to." Since 1996, The Australian Bee Gees Show - A Tribute to The Bee Gees has performed to more than 1 million people in sold-out theaters and concert halls across the globe in more than 40 countries. The group's unbelievable resemblance and sound of the legendary Bee Gees has garnered international kudos from media and show goers alike. The show has become the world's leading Bee Gees show and Terri Bridge, president of the U.S. Bee Gees Fan Club said, "In my opinion they are the best Bee Gees tribute in the world." About Excalibur Hotel and Casino: A myriad of entertainment, fine food and comfortable accommodations make for an inviting atmosphere within contemporary castle walls at Excalibur Hotel and Casino. The resort offers 3,981 guest rooms, including 2,000 recently remodeled Widescreen Rooms, delightful dining experiences including Dick's Last Resort and The Steakhouse at Camelot, the Tournament of Kings Dinner Show, the all-male revue Thunder From Down Under and the hilarious comedy of the Broadway smash Defending the Caveman. Excalibur also offers dozens of shops, an expansive pool complex, a wedding chapel featuring costume ceremonies, the Royal Treatment Spa & Fitness Center and a convention area with more than 12,000 square feet of meeting and banquet space. Excalibur is a wholly owned subsidiary of MGM Resorts International. It's a good night, go on, get your ass in there!

Berg's Gaming: Bondi Icebergs Club Gaming Not On Par With Other On Site Amenities; North Bondi RSL Club Much Better Pokies Plus Poker Nights...

Don't get us wrong, we love Bondi Icebergs, but the gaming facilities are a bit lacking. Granted, the pokies are not the main attraction of the club, the pool, restaurant, bar, entertainment and view are, but if you're going to have pokies, have more up to date ones (like Sinatra and Top Gun), or don't have them at all. We couldn't even find Cleopatra Queen Of The Nile, Black Rhino or Penguin Pays. Also, how about a poker and bingo night, like the other competing club down the road, North Bondi RSL Club does. For the record Media Man is a member of both clubs, but North Bondi RSL has it all over 'The Bergs' as far as gaming and gambling goes, but The Icebergs wins in just about every other category. Gaming and business tycoon is a big fan of Bondi Iceberg's restaurant, as is U2 front man Bono (Paul Hewson), even if he did have to wait for a table, like everyone else. Hey, just sayin!

Hoff Hits Bondi Beach, Sydney; Next Beach To Hit - Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Australia...

Yeah, we know, 'The Hoff' doesn't have much to do with gaming and gambling, but its big enough entertainment news to get a run. Oh, an online Baywatch slot machine was released a number of years ago, but Aussies can't access that one any way, so on with the story... Former Knight Rider and Baywatch star David Hasselhoff, fresh of his hot Bondi Beach swimming and posing with hot women a few days back, will now hit the golden sands of the Gold Coast's Main Beach to promote Streets new ice creams Splice Real Fruits. Yeah, there's the product plus. I guess someone has to do the job don't they, as who better than 'The Hoff'?! Hoff hit Bondi Beach on an inflatable rescue boat aka 'rubber ducky' wearing his famous hot red shorts, and surrounded by blonde goddesses beach babes (but no Jaime Wright - original Bondi Blonde) in Baywatch-style swimsuits. The 58-year-old's running action no longer requires editing to appear in slow motion, yet 'The Hoff' still has what it takes to draw a crowd. But if you head to check out the spectacle remember one thing: don't hassle The Hoff.

Sydney Red Hot Brothel Raided By Thieves For Cold Hard Cash...

Two blokes men have robbed a Sydney brothel, clobbering the manager with an iron bar, then robbing the female working girls. Cops say the pair burst into the business in Cosgrove Road, South Strathfield, about 1.45am last last Saturday and hit the 51-year-old manager. They snatched cash from the female staff and a till, then bolted off. The manager was taken to hospital and is in a stable condition. The robbers were described as being of Pacific Islander appearance and wore blue hooded tops. Police want to hear from anyone who saw suspicious activity around the brothel this morning. Who will talk, that's the question.

Punter Fev On Leave After Huge New Years Eve; Into Rehab...

AFL's most notorious (and nocturnal we understand) play, bad ass Brendan 'Punter Fev' Fevola has been granted indefinite leave from the Queensland's Brisbane Lions after being arrested during drunken New Year’s Eve celebrations in Bris Vegas (Brisbane), not be be confused with 'Sin City' Sydney! Feb might be trying to get Brissy a reputation for sin, but you will still have to try harder next time mate... just kidding. Fev was released from lockup about 11am after spending in excess of 5 hours in the watchhouse. You know, in "the can". He was bailed out on charges of public nuisance and obstructing police and will appear in a court of law on January 18. QLD police confirmed a 29-year-old Norman Park chap was arrested in the nightclub lurks of Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley aka 'The Valley' (where Underbelly 4 and perhaps 5 will be featured). In a statement yesterday, the Brisbane Lions advised Fevola had request indefinite leave "in order to receive professional assistance for a number of personal issues. The request for leave was made by Fevola following an incident in the early hours of this morning where he was arrested and charged with public nuisance and obstructing police in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley," the statement says. "Fevola was released from police custody at around 11am and immediately sought leave from the Lions to receive professional assistance. As a result, Fevola will not be at training this Monday when the team resumes its preparations for the 2011 AFL Season. While the Brisbane Lions AFC places the well being of all its staff as a primary focus, the club will hold talks next week regarding what action may be required as a direct result of this morning’s incident." AFL General Manager Football Operations Adrian Anderson said the Lions had told him of Fevola's latest incident, the latest in a string, with Crown Casino's antics likely being the most famous, captured on film. He advised the club was still gathering the full details and the AFL would await Brisbane's detailed report before considering any action. It’s believed Lions officials are seething about this latest incident and he now faces an uncertain future. Club officials state it’s unlikely the Lions will have an emergency board meeting to discuss Fevola’s future. However, that could change. The Lions investigated terminating Fevola’s hefty contract last year after claims he allegedly exposed himself to a mum of four at a local football club function. The club had major salary cap issues which played a major role in key midfielders Michael Rischitelli and Jared Brennan leaving to join the Gold Coast Suns. As was the case then, Fevola could also face action from the AFL for bringing the game into disrepute. An AFL spokesman said the league could issue a statement this afternoon. This latest incident is another black mark on Fevola’s chequered career. On New Year’s Eve Fevola tweeted: ‘‘Good bye 2010 thank god! Bring on 2011 lions will roar again :)’’. The Lions full-forward endured a turbulent 2010. He was accused of releasing nude photos of former lover and model Lara Bingle, who at the time was engaged to stand-in Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke. The AFL later said there was "insufficient evidence" to show Fevola had distributed the photograph. Queensland police were later unable to lay charges he had exposed himself to the mother of four because of a lack of evidence. He was only cleared in recent weeks by the AFL of bringing the game into disrepute. Fevola also confirmed he had major gambling debts, with some estimating these were as high as $200,000. In his first year at the club since he was dumped by Carlton, Fevola also endured a wretched on-field season because of a serious groin injury as the Lions, finalists in 2009, tumbled to the bottom wrungs of the AFL ladder.

Pokies Not The Only Answer To Aussie Pub Profits...

Pokies might not the the big drawcard for Aussie pubs that they used to be. Pokies hit the scene about 10 years ago and did a roaring trade, but they seemed to have lost at least some of their appeals in the clubs. Some publicans have revamped facilities and pokie rooms, at some media reckons drinkers and those wanting a good feed, beers and other other forms of entertainment may have suffered. A Media Man spokesperson said 'When you visit an Aussie pub these days and look around the pokie machines, they are definitely quieter than they used to be. It's got the be the recession. Let us not also forget that many punters are also hitting the pokies and other casino games on the web theses days. Some Aussies got a big worried at the violence at some Aussie pubs with glassings becoming a frequent thing. Now beer is often served in plastic cups, thanks to a few morons who spoil it for everyone. Advertising, media man and bloke of business brilliance John Singleton has not being quite hitting the jackpot with the pubs as much as predicted either. That man knows beer. Oh, a few yews ago he did 'Whale Safe Beer' at North Bondi with our friends at Sea Shepherd, followed a few years late with Bondi Blonde at Icebergs, but that's another story. If Singo isn't going that great in pubs what chance does an average Aussie bloke have hey! insiders will know he recently purchased 4 pubs with his mates and is looking for return on investment. It may take longer than at first anticipated. Is Singo next to join the online gambling biz, following the trends that sees James Packer and Richard Branson making giant ways, with 2011 set to be a year it creates a massive tidal wave effect. Catch the wave and stay tuned to Gambling911 and Media Man.

Australian Gambling, Entertainment And Media News, by Greg Tingle - 23rd December 2010

G'day again and Merry Christmas punters, casino and gambling millionaires, billionaires, entertainment news junkies, insiders, outsiders, politicians, journalists and everyone else. What a year it has been. It's just 2 sleeps before Christmas hits, depending upon where you live, but the cracker Aussie news just keeps coming think and fast. We thank you, the loyal readership for your custom this year, and we look forward to continuing to satisfy your desire for the best in gambling, gaming, casino, entertainment and sports news and information in 2011. Media Man and Gambling911 with a Santa's sleigh full stocking of news. Ho Ho Ho!...

Aussie Rat-Pack Vice King Dies At 82; Secrets Of Australia Vice Dies With Da Man...

Former senior detective Tony Murphy, a king of Australian vice including the gambling and prostitution biz has died. Legend has is that he was once one of the most feared fit it and can do men in Sydney. By circa 2000 however has had assumed the position as the licensed operator of the TAB betting facility at Dunwich on Stradbroke Island, north east of Brisbane. Journey back to 70's as he was the law man now to cross, striking fear in the hearts of those who dared crossed him, and who, according to many who knew him, was the boss of corruption in a Queensland police force that was as rotten you could get. It was the landmark inquiry into police and political corruption headed by Tony Fitzgerald QC began in 1987 and concluded in July 1989, that resulting in the locking up of 4 National Party ministers as well as police commissioner Terry Lewis, and the charging of more than 250 other people, of whom 139 were found guilty. That's lot of heads, crooked cops et al. All told, 30 coppers were charged with crimes, 36 charges of official corruption laid and 10 indemnities granted to corrupt senior police who were involved in protecting illegal casino dens, brothels and unlicensed bookmakers. Yep, crooks and cops has finger in all sorts of pie. One against whom a bush tucked bag of allegations were made but who was never charged after the Fitzgerald inquiry was 'Our Murphy', who retired from his position of assistant commissioner in 1983 after a "smashing" 38-year career. The Fitzgerald inquiry was told that Murphy headed what was known as "The Rat Pack": a trio of crooked cops who organised the standover and the "creaming off" of organised crime in Queensland. The Rat Pack comprised Murphy who was the tough as shoe leather boss man, detective Glen Hallahan and Terry Lewis. Some insider say they were basically the creme and puppet masters of the brothels, gambling dens and a range of other popular vice industries. Yet another chapter of Queensland's love affair with vice and corruption has been put to rest.

Aussie Gambling And Media King James Packer And Mining King Andrew Forrest Tag Team On Resources Investment...

It's not quite the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip, or even Packer's Crown Casino, but Packer and good friend "Twiggy" Forrest have teamed up again, the last known tag match being our favorite GenerationOne indigenous employment initiative. Australian-listed Medical Corporation saw its shares surge 342.86% to 16c yesterday, after it announced it was to buy Amphion International, a private company backed by Packer and Forrest, along with a $2.8 million share placement. Packer is also understood to be a shareholder in the Twig Meister's Fortescue Metals Group and as a vocal supporter of the mining king's Generation One program. Mining vet Miles Kennedy, the head of Amphion, will head up the new project, along with Medical Corp chairman Simon Lee, who has vast experience in the gold sector. Packer, Forrest, along with ex Multiplex director Tim Roberts, have supported the power play and will take up their full entitlement in the share placement, in a vote of confidence in the team finding a resource project. It is understood Medical Corp will soon change its name to reflect its new focus on the business of mining. The purchase of Amphion and the share placement would leave Medical Corp with about $12m in cash and listed shares to seek out a "suitable investment" in the resources sector. We wish the tag team will in their hunt for their next jackpot, and we might even pick up a shares soon, in yet another show of support in the Packer - Forrest dream team.

Aussie Casino And Media Tycoon James Packer And Media Boss Kerry Stokes Now Mates!...

Having spent years, if not decades, in a war for news media dominance down under, the families are now sharing luxury ski lodge digs over Xmas. We hear that The Packer's and their two juniors are heading to Beaver Creek in Vail Colorado for Christmas where they will be the guests of Seven Network big cheese Kerry Stokes. Stokes has been buying up properties in the luxury ski resort for years and has a world class penthouse in the region which will suit fellow billionaire Packer to a tee. Earlier in the year JP and Stokes clashed, when Stokes made a hostile raid on 'Our James' Consolidated Media Holdings, but both gents have moved forward. Packer has of course bought a large bite of Ten and insiders reckon there's will be plenty of sport to go around the Aussie media landscape, should it get split up from Ten's digital channel OneHD. Afterwards The Packer's will snatch a lend of a a boat and cruise up to the Bahamas. Packer family matriarch Ros has flown to Paris, France, to catch up with daughter Gretel for Xmas. Ok, that's you first lot of Xmas media celeb goss. Stay tuned.

Aussie Shane Warne May Focus More On Cricket And Poker; Love Life Suffers Blow; Twitter-Gate...

Love him or hate him (we like him lots, but not too much), Warnie is newsworthy. Mate and biz partner or the rich and famous, like James Packer, just to name one, has a thing for poker (and ladies). Warne's romance with British babe Liz Hurley has suffered a blow out. Hurley has apparently distanced Warne the leg-spinner's loose fingers (phone and other... satire) and love for hot women again led distracted him, says Murdoch's News Of The World. The 41-year-old legend reportedly pumped out more than 100 hot texts to a married 44-year-old Melbourne mother of two, Adele Angeleri, while he was courting Hurley. The pair met when Angeleri, who runs a shop across the road from Warne's office, allegedly approached him with a business proposal only to receive a string of propositions herself. The sexy text affair reportedly spun out of control when the woman's husband, lawyer Denis Angeleri, found out and stormed into Warne's office demanding to speak to him. The following day Warne is understood - alleged to have telephoned a not happy Angeleri in an attempt to keep the affair secret. Warne, who had reportedly told friends he wanted to marry Hurley, has not been his usually happy go lucky self on Twitter recently. "Still no sleep… so got up out of bed, now staring at the water here in Perth, sulking and feeling grumpy!! Need cheering up today!" Warne said in the early hours of Friday morning. Not even Australia's comeback in the Perth cricket Test could boost Warne's spirits. He also asked why "some people enjoy being nasty, it's good to be nice to." Media Man will be checking in with Warnie's Twitter for further updates.

Crown Casino Aussie Cricket Yarns And Gossip...

Cricket Legend Jeff Thomson hit the stage at Melbourne's Crown Casino in a shirt that Yankee ex politician and pro wrestling colour man, Jesse 'The Body' Ventura would have been proud of. Pink, yeah Pink! He also sported black pants, black tie and a lovely cream jacket, with his trademark mop of white hair hanging over his shoulders. Maybe he mas been watching too many re runs of WWE WrestleMania is its heyday or something. Anyway, on with the story... the 60 year old or so veteran was straight up at them Cricket Victoria luncheon, and let loose with some ripper quotes on the Pommie batsmen. Thomson had some words of wisdom for Australia's selectors ahead of the 4th Ashes Test commencing at the Melbourne Cricket Ground this Sunday. "Don't worry about a spinner. Just keep the quicks. I think we can frighten the s**t out of those blokes." Thommo got to trade sledges with old rival Colin Cowdrey on stage. Back in the day the story goes "Jeff Thomson, I've been dying to meet you". Ex England batsman David Lloyd, who suffered a nasty blow to the groin region thanks to a Thommo thunderbolt in the 1974-75 series. Hundred of guests laughed as they crossed to video footage showed Lloyd sinking to the turf in agony after been hit in the balls. Lloyd, dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and a tie, evened the score by sledging Thommo's dress last night. "You look like a bag of s**t," Thommo responded. Thommo was supportive of the Aussie side, that have been bad ass with the sledging of late. "It's all part and parcel of the game. "You are just trying to upset the guy's concentration. You're out there for six hours, you get bored sh*tless. You've got to say something." Known for his speed in the roaring 70s, Thommo was quizzed about reports that his 160 km/h bowling had now estimated at closer to 170 km/h. "They came out pretty quick. I hit a lot of sightscreens on the full. I wanted to be the quickest and scare shit out of everybody and I think I achieved that".

National Australia Bank Reduces Gamble On Tabcorp Shares...

Gamiing an gambling giant Tabcorp Holdings advised National Australia Bank has reduced its holding in the firm. Tabcorp advised in a statement on Monday that NAB had decreased its relevant interest in the company to 34,911,845 ordinary shares representing 5.097% of its issued fully paid ordinary capital. On December 6, NAB was listed as holding 45,655, 936 shares in Tabcorp, representing 6.67%. Tabcorp said the shares were sold on December 14.

Aussie Pub And Land Based Pokie Players Loose $2m Per Day!..

One armed bandit punters are set to lose a record $800 million this year. Nearly $2.2 million a day ($200.4 million) was lost between July and September, the third-highest quarterly loss in South Australian history. If punters continue at this rate, they will lose more than the record $792.6 million they fed poker machines in the 2006-07 financial year. The last occurrence that ore than $200 million was lost in a three-month period was leading up to smoking bans in November 2007. Since then, losses steadily have decreased, with pokes recording a 7-year low $729.4 million profit in 2009-10. Last September, the state and federal governments released the findings of two pre-commitment technology trials in SA. They showed the technology, which allows people to determine the amount of money they want to spend before gambling, may be effective in reducing the amount of money problem gamblers lose. South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon said the latest poker machine figures highlighted the urgency of implementing a national mandatory pre-commitment scheme. "Voluntary pre-commitment is a joke," he said. "What it does show is the technology can work, but the only way to do it properly is there has to be a mandatory all-in pre-commitment scheme." State Gambling Minister Tom Koutsantonis said South Australia was leading the nation with pre-commitment technologies. "This can empower individuals to take control over their own spending behaviour," he said. Yep, its man VS machine, citizens VS "big brother".

Nine Entertainment Company Continues To Get New Blood Pumped In...

Nine is doing its utmost to give the business every chance of hitting mega paydirt this year, with yet another shot of new blood into the ranks. David Coleman will lead Nine Entertainment’s digital growth. David Coleman has been promoted internally to head up digital activities across Nine Entertainment, the recently rebranded PBL Media. Coleman, previously PBL’s director of strategy, will retain his original portfolio. but adds good does of digital into the nex mix of cocktail. Nine Entertainment’s assets include the Nine Network, ACP Magazines and joint venture with Microsoft NineMSN. Nine Entertainment CEO David Gyngell said "David brings great experience and understanding to our ever growing digital businesses, having worked in the Internet industry since the late 90s. That hands-on experience, and his runs on the board already with our group, make him the logical choice for the new role in what is a key growth area for Nine Entertainment Co." Coleman said "Our digital assets are the best in the Australian media sector, and we intend to build on them in the future. We see great opportunities to both grow our existing digital activities, and enter new categories. I am looking forward to working with David and the broader management team as we aggressively build our position in digital media." Coleman first joined the PBL family 5 years back. He now reps the firm on the boards of several group assets, including NineMSN, Rate City, Cudo and Sky News. Prior to joining the group, he worked like a demon at Internet companies Looksmart and dstore, as well as for one or two consulting firms. We wish Colman well with his ongoing career at Nine, part of Team Gyngell, an offshoot of what's know around Aussie media and gambling circles as the 'Aussie Gumleaf Mafia'.

Wrap Up...

Readers... er, punters, how did you like our report? Have you been naughty or nice, and what sort of Xmas present are you gambling on? Tell us in the forum.

If you have a bet, please bet with your head, not over it, and for God's sake, have fun.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911


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Macau's house take grows 23% to $8.9b - 24th January 2007

Sir Richard Branson 'bought' his cameo in Casino Royale - 11th Dec 2006

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Young Garvan Comes of Age - Viva Las Vegas @ Ruby Rabbit

Virgin's Richard Branson has a word with Greg Tingle (Mediaman)


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