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Pittwater High School Solar Power Station

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3rd August 2008


Pittwater High School Solar Power Station


Dad makes school powerful - The Daily Telegraph

SYDNEY'S Pittwater High School is to become the first school in the world to become a green power station - thanks to one inspired family.

Father-of-five Bill Holland successfully converted his family home in Clareville to solar energy in 2002.

But he did not stop there. "My wife had this idea that all schools could be solar powered . . . that a whole community could be solar powered," he said. "When my sons moved to Pittwater High, I approached principal Ross Cusworth with the idea to build a power station. He was right into the idea."

Mr Holland has been the driving force ever since. Enough solar panels will generate energy to power not only the school but surrounding buildings as well.

"We will produce more energy than we need and channel any excess back into the grid," he said.

"The great thing about schools is that for 163 days a year there's no one there and most of that time is in summer. The potential energy we can supply is enormous."

At an estimated cost of $1.5 million, with a mere $12,000 government rebate, the task is ambitious. Mr Holland has been lobbying corporate organisations and businesses to raise the funds.

The power station will need 1000 panels.

Mr Holland said that by September 30 panels would be fitted.

"The more we get in before summer, then the more money we save on electricity and the more we can afford to install," he said.

His passionate crusade has earned Mr Holland a nomination for the Pride of Australia medal in the environment category.