Maroubra Beach, NSW, Sydney, Australia

Maroubra Beach, NSW, Sydney, Australia


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Richie Vas, Jesse Pollock and Luke ‘Nudge’ Beardmore. Bondi Lifeguard Jesse Pollock and others are reviving the North Maroubra Boardriding Club. Picture: John Appleyard


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Maroubra's Greg Tingle MC'ing the Maroubra Fun Run



The word 'Maroubra' comes from an Aboriginal word meaning 'like thunder' - an apt description of the sound of the waves pounding on the shoreline. These waves have made Maroubra one of the most popular surfing locations in Sydney and Australia's second only National Surfing Reserve. The beach is serviced by two surf life saving clubs, and is patrolled all year by Randwick City lifeguards. Volunteer lifesavers patrol the beach on weekends and school holidays during daylight saving months.

Maroubra Beach is popular with visitors given its easy access and large kilometre-long expanse of sand.

Maroubra Beach is surrounded by open space. To the north of the beach are Jack Vanny Memorial Park, Mahon Pool and the rocky headland. Arthur Byrne Reserve and headland are to the south, and Broadarrow Reserve is to the west. Beyond these, the area is surrounded by the Maroubra Beach town centre and residential properties.

The beach is popular with surfers given the regular good swell and wave conditions. The beach can be very dangerous and swimmers are strongly advised to only swim between the flags, swim during patrol hours and to not swim alone. Weaker swimmers should consider visiting more sheltered beaches located nearby.

There's lots to do at the beach with a free outdoor gym, a skate park and a large kids playground. Free BBQs are located in the central part of the beach and towards the south of the beach near South Maroubra Surf Club. There are outdoor showers, a large changeroom and toilet and lighting.

There is also a cafe/kiosk area at the centre of the beach and more restaurants and cafes are located in Marine Parade directly opposite the beach.

There is free parking surrounding the beach, including a car park adjacent to the main beach, a car park north of the beach at Jack Vanny Reserve and a car park at South Maroubra Beach.

The beach is patrolled year round by Randwick City Council Lifeguards and is serviced by two surf life saving clubs during daylight saving months. (Credit: Randwick City Council)


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